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This index includes only the stories found at the Library and is subjective, according to what the Librarians consider to be an "alternate universe." To be considered an AU fanfic (for this page's purpose), the story must be strongly AU, meaning the following: 

Stories are listed in alphabetical order by series or story title and the links go to the author's Library page. And please let us know ( if we've missed any (which is very possible) or you think something should be included.

Aaron's Muse by Alicia
Description: A new menace stalks the entire West coast; when a member of the MC team becomes the next victim, Jim and Blair take it personal...leading them into a world of nightmare and myth. Crossover with Forever Knight and the Role Playing Game, Vampire, the Masquerade. Rated R for very strong language and violence.

American Revolution: Who'd You Be Today? by Arianna
 None given.

An Acre of Optimism by Allmoran
Description: Jim and Blair as private detectives. Hardboiled Jim speculates about the lighter and darker sides of their inevitable partnership.

After the Fall and its sequel New Beginnings by Rimilod
 Push everything time-wise back 15 years. Y2K actually happened. Although civilization didn't crumble on New Year’s Eve, the infections in the various systems slowly caused the complete disintegration of all vital systems. Humankind, faced without the technology it had become so dependent upon, didn't fare so well, but might have recovered if it hadn’t have been for a series of natural disasters which caused widespread death and destruction. Most of Cascade buildings have been reduced to rubble. While there are pockets of survivors, there are two basic super powers trying to gain control of the city: the Sunrise Patriots (a militia group who had predicted and prepared for the effects of Y2k) and the PDs (comprised of the surviving members of the Cascade police and fire departments).

Alchemy by Calista Echo
 None given.

Allies and its sequel Guide by Yvonne S. McCool and Robert L. McCool
 SG-1 discovers Sentinels on a distant planet, and seek the help of the world's only known Sentinel expert -- Blair Sandburg. Crossover with Stargate: SG1.

Alternate Reality series by D.L. Witherspoon
Description: A new world where Blair is an attorney and Jim is a convict. (8 stories in series)

Alternative - The Same by K-Lyn
Description: What would happen if the boys would meet under different circumstances?

Angel of Death series by Susan Foster
Description: The angel of death is an elite assassin, and now he's in Cascade. (3 stories in series)

Another Life by Sheffield
Description: There's a new player in town, and when one of Major Crimes goes undercover, he finds out that this crimelord is stranger than anyone has imagined.

The Baby Blair Series by Denise James
Description: None given.

Bitterwood Creek and its sequel Oak Creek Canyon by Arianna
Description: Situated in the Old West.

The Blue and the Grey series by AmandaC
 A Sentinel Civil War AU. (3 stories in series)

Before Dawn by Cindy Combs (see Roachia series)

Cascade Tribe series by Mele
In the 1870's Jim & Blair agree to a delivery job that brings them more than they bargained for. (4 stories in series)

The Centurion (in progress) by Ismaro
Description: A Roman aristocrat acquires a unique new slave. Rated R for adult themes and violence typical for that era.

Chaos Series by Shallan
Description: In the not-so-distant future, fate, destiny or whatever you want to call it, pull a Sentinel and Guide together. (4 stories in series)

Chronicles of Acharn series by Sealie
Description: Introducing page Jamie of the Ellison Clan. (4 stories in series)

The Clans by ljc
Description: A different meeting, a different time, (a slightly different geography!) but 'our' Sentinel and Guide should always meet and share their lives, so they do here too.

Coming Home by ljc
After separate tragedies for Sentinel and Guide, Blair comes back home to Cascade and meets Jim.

Coming Up for Air series by Delilah
Description: An AU Blair tells of finding a Sentinel a little too late. Blair's an observer with the Cascade PD. Jim is...well...not the Jim you know. (12 stories in series)

Dark Sentinel series by Susan Foster
Description: When a Rainier student bonds with a Headhunter cop, both their lives are going to change. (2+ stories in series)

The Darkening Storm Saga by De Engi
Description: Thirteen deviant Sentinel/Guide pairs attempt to gain dominion over the United States through the use of Black Magic rituals and animal sacrifices - can thirteen "good" Sentinel/Guide pairs be found in time to stop them? Multi-Universe crossover. (2 stories in series)

Dependence series by MagPie
Description: My take on the 'A world where sentinels are known' scenario. (7 stories in series)

Different Start series by MagPie
 This time the sentinel seeks help from a reluctant anthropologist. (5 stories in series)

Do Not Go Gentle (Into that Good Night) by Nancy Taylor
Description: Jim is a prison guard on death row. Blair is a convicted serial killer known as the Manifesto Murderer. The night before his execution, Blair makes a final request. Will Jim be able to honor it? NOT a death story! This story is an alternate ending to The Long Goodbye by Kikkimax.

Driving Rain by Linda3
Jim and Blair first meet when Jim picks up a hitchhiking college student while driving back to Cascade during a severe rain storm.

Echo of Drums by Elaine P.
 Western Sentinel AU.

Edge of Seventeen by Jennie Keen
Description: An alternate universe story. A young boy named Blair Sandburg is taken away from his mother Naomi, and is forced to go to a military boarding school. He must find his destiny and happiness but must go through some obstacles to get there first.

Excavation by Jayed
 Sentinel-Guide bond story.

Exile series by Java Head
A 14-year-old Blair is a rogue runaway empath in search of his true Sentinel. (4 stories in series)

A Face in the Mirror by EJKatz
 An AU in which Blair meets Jimmy during a very difficult time in his childhood. Blair is 14 and Jimmy is 17. Naomi's current boyfriend has a thing for tormenting and abusing the young guide. Can Jimmy actually help or is his own situation to problematic? Rated R for language and violence.

Falling Down by Allmoran
Description: Self-described "dumbass college student" Blair Sandburg goes out to party with his band buddies-and has an eye-opening encounter with pushing-thirty "pig" Jim Ellison. Blair's POV.

Fantasia (in progress) by Carolyn (sorta AU)
Description: Blair ends up in a strange alternate universe and begins a journey to get back home.

Fear No Evil by Ceridwen
 In Holland in 1938, a young Anthropology professor and a US embassy chief of security meet and build an unlikely friendship in the middle of Nazi occupation.

A Few Seconds and sequels by Leesa Perrie
 An accident changes Blair's life forever. (4 stories in series)

First Meetings series by Wolf Guide
Description: None given. (2 stories in series)

Footpaths Through Peru series by Rivanna Michaels
 In canon, Ellison and Sandburg meet in Cascade after Jim's time in Peru. But what might have happened if fate had decided to play its hand a little early? What if they had met in another environment under entirely different circumstances? (5 stories in series)

For a Male Guide series by Jayed
Description: A story set in alternate universe where Sentinel/Guide pairs are known. (8 stories in series)

Forces of Light and Dark series by Java Head
Jim and Blair meet under slightly different circumstances and this Universe is remotely weirder than usual. (4 stories in series)

Forces Merge by Brate
Blair meets Jim when he is several years younger, and more in tune with the shaman nature of the Guide. But the pair's connection still can't be denied.

Full Circle by TAE
 Science Fiction AU. Now that cloning is a reality, what's to stop the government from gene-splicing to create the perfect soldier? But, how do you find the gene that creates loyalty?

Games by CarolROI
A victim. A crime. A suspect in custody. It's exactly what it seems--or is it? Rated R for mature themes.

GDP series by Susan Foster (and others)
  In a world where the guide is a slave to his sentinel, one pairing is about to make a difference. (40+ stories in series)

Ghoul School series by Susan Foster
Description:  In an AU world, magic and the supernatural is common place; and for a sentinel and guide, their meeting is far from smooth. (2 stories in series)

The Glass Ceiling by Demeter
 Blair discovers the life he was leading was not quite real.

The Guide (in-progress) by LKY
 A young sentinel meets an experienced guide.

Guide War by Lindmere
Description: None given. Part of the GDP series.

Guide's Choice by Shadde
Description: Though sentinel and guides are known, equality is not something both enjoy.

Hazard by Rimilod
Description: An AU (set today) where Blair meets Jim under a completely different set of circumstances.

Herald-Sentinel series by Trishbsc
 An AU crossover with the Valdemar Universe created by author Mercedes Lackey.

Holding It In by Kathryn Andersen
 Portrait of another universe's Blair.

Hunters' Web by CarolROI
 Pursued by the mysterious Hunters, Blair Sandburg finds help of the web-swinging variety.

The Huntress series by CarolROI
Description: An AU series in which Jim Ellison didn't get the Sentinel senses, someone else did. (2 stories in series)

I~L~A~S~C Australian AU series by Carikube
Description: A chance encounter between an anthropologist and a police detective turns into a case of being in the wrong place at the right time. (10 stories in series)

Imperfections series by Dasha
Description: If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim? Crossover with Monk. (7 stories in series)

Inhibited Trust by Xasphie
 Blair and Jim meet under different circumstances. Blair's life is not a happy one; Jim wants to help, but it's not that easy.

Into the Lion's Den by Medie
Description: The widow of an old friend comes out of the past with a unique offer. Alternate Universe story and a crossover with Earth: Final Conflict (first season). Original Character warning.

Inverse series (in-progress) by Brook Henson
Description: "It had been nearly three years since the funeral, but even faced with their staggering impossibility, Blair could never mistake those eyes..." (10 stories in series)

Irresistible Force by EJKatz
Description: AU set in the future a few years in a similar yet different world to the one we know. On this Earth, Off-worlders have lived among the Worlders for over a century. They live and work in harmony. There are two divisions of law enforcement, Elite Intergalactic for 'Off-worlders' and National & International agencies for all others. The Police Departments in each city/county all work for one central National Police Coalition although each department maintains a form of autonomy. Cases involving 'Off-worlders' are to be directed to Elite but all agencies work together. Supposedly.

James and Blair by ljc
 Another meeting. A stubborn sentinel meets a young guide that has no choice in the matter. Death of a minor character. This story takes a sharp turn to a fairy tale type ending.

The Kid by Leesa Perrie
 A 14-year-old runaway boy is in need of help and finds it.

Latchstrings by Becky
Description: In a world where sentinels and guides are known but rare, things don't always turn out the way they're supposed to.

Leave It by Rachel Martin
 Captain James Ellison inadvertently chooses his Guide before going to Peru. Rated R.

Legend of the White Dragon series by EJ Katz
Description: For generation upon generation the tales have unfolded. The tales of a mythical hero with armour of white, a sword of gleaming gold, and a shield of purest fire, possessing eyes of the hawk, hearing to rival the bats, a gift of scenting that the wolves alone may boast, to be able to taste the smallest amount of poison and to be able to sense the existence of the enemy with only the feel of his body heat. The hero is unknown, he has no name. But every boy from the age of understanding is taught of him. (4 stories in series)

Lineage of Lies series by LKY
 Jim and Blair find themselves on the run, unable to ask for help... (9 stories in series)

The Long Good-bye by Kikkimax
Description: Prison guard Jim Ellison tries to stop the execution of serial killer Blair Sandburg, AKA the Manifesto Murderer.

Lookin' for Eight by Fidus Amicus
Description: Jim and Blair meet in Amarillo, Texas under much different circumstances. Blame George Strait's Amarillo by Morning for this one.

Mark of the Beast by Donna Gentry
 What if Blair had found another Sentinel before he met Jim? PG-13 for language and violence.

Meltdown by Arianna
Description: Crossover with Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Miracle of a Brother's Love by EJ Katz
Description: Blair's mom is having a baby boy who Blair loves very much. Complications arise and little baby Jimmy isn't going to make it and all Blair wants to do is sing to his little brother. Based on a true story.

My Sentinel Universe series by Arianna
Description: Future AU. (3 stories in series)

My Soul To Keep by Donna Gentry
Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found.

Myth's Quest and sequel Myth's Understanding (AU) by Donna Gentry
 In another time and place, one man searches for a myth, while another seeks his freedom. Together they will find a destiny that could destroy all they thought they knew and change their world forever.

Night Eagle and its sequel Night Eagle: Homecoming by Donna Gentry
 Set in America's old west, Night Eagle explores the emerging friendship between a white rancher and the half-breed Indian that saves his life.

Nom de Guerre by Taleya
 During the Second World War, OSS Officer James Ellison is airdropped to make contact with a group of Maquis fighters in occupied France, becoming part of the French Resistance. Rated R for violence and disturbing, adult issues.

Nothing is What it Seems by Susan Foster
Description: In a future were the supernatural is a reality, only one unit and one man can keep the peace. Warning for supernatural topic.

Obfuscator by Besterette
 An AU based on The Pigeon by Judith L., posted in the March 1992 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.

One Path by ljc
Description: What if destiny plays its part a little differently and their paths merged before they even met. Now for their future... it's not TSbyBS.

Outside These Walls by Jael Lyn
Description: Set in Cascade, with the usual cast of characters, but most would consider it an AU.

The Panther Adventures series by Brate
 What if superheroes were real? Cascade has one... (3 stories in series)

A Part of Me series by Jess Riley
Description: A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide. (5 stories in series)

Passing the Torch by CarolROI
 A "What If" twist on the episode The Killers. Warning: Death Story.

Path Overgrown by JadeBear
Description: What if the path two lives were to take had gone unused? Warning for character death.

Predator or Prey (in-progress) by Kathy
 Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances.

The Promise and its sequel Promises Fulfilled by Java Head
Description: A reclusive sentinel comes to the aid of a runaway Guide in trouble.

Psychic by MagPie
 Detective Ellison is forced to work with a young psychic to solve a case.

Pursued by Jael Lyn
Description: Narcotics Detective Jim Ellison is under a cloud of suspicion. Will a chance encounter save him?

Raising Ellison series by T.W. Lewis
 Blair Sandburg's life is turned upside-down when he meets ten-year-old Jimmy Ellison. (3 stories in series)

Reflections in the Mirror series by Susan Foster and Maedoc
 When a new captain arrives in Cascade to take over the IA Department, nothing is every going to be the same again. Crossover between the GDP series and The District. (6 stories in series)

Riding the High Toby by Susan Foster
Description: When a sentinel's would-be guide is a highwayman riding the high toby, then life has just got very interesting.

Roachia series by Cindy Combs
 During a losing war on an alien planet, an untrained sentinel hopes that an injured young man will help unlock his talents to save their colony. (4 stories in series)

The Road Series by Fidus Amicus
 An AU series in which Jim and Blair didn't meet in the Switchman. Instead, Jim blames himself for the death of those killed on the bus and leaves Cascade, yet Fate still finds a way to bring a certain long-haired graduate student into his life. (3 stories in series)

A Sense of Honor series by Besterette
 An AU series which places Sentinel and Guide in the world and situations created by Lois McMaster Bujold in her Vorkosigan Adventure novels. (2 stories in series)

Sentinel: 1999 series by Blair Kennedy
Description: When an accident sends the moon hurtling through space, it is up to Commander Ellison, visiting scientist Professor Simon Banks, CMO Megan Connor, Security Chief Rafe and the mysterious metamorphic Blair from the planet Psychon to guide the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha on their unexpected journey and hopefully find a way home. (5 stories in series)

The Sentinel Affair by Panik
 It's 1969 and someone is kidnapping burned-out Sentinels. Jim Ellison, PROSPECT's last sane Sentinel, has to find out who, what, where and why. But first he has to travel to San Francisco to elicit the aid of hippie flowerchild, former mental patient and discoverer of the Temple of the Sentinels, Blair Sandburg.

The Sentinel at War series by Trish
 What if Jim and Blair first met under the stress of war... say 50 years ago in the Pacific of World War II? (5 stories in series)

Sentinel of Bajor by Donna M. Smith
Description: Crossover with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. With his strange abilities slowly destroying his Starfleet career and his confidence in himself, Lieutenant James Ellison transfers to Deep Space 9--his last chance. Little does he know that a young Xenopologist studying Sentinel myths is also headed for the station. Can Dr. Blair Sandburg teach Jim how to control his abilities in time to save a Bajoran Vedic from assassination?

The Sentinel of Darkover by Sealie
Description: Science fiction-fantasy; crossover with Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover novel series.

Sentinel Pirate series by Susan Foster
Description: When a sentinel Thief Taker finds his guide, it's just the beginning of the adventure. Crossover iwth Pirates of the Caribbean. (4 stories in series)

A Sentinel Western by Denise James
Description: None given.

SENTI-ONE Universe by K-Lyn
Description: What would happen to clones if we started to create them? What would happen when we tire of the 'fad'? What would happen to those no longer wanted? (3 stories in series)

Silver and Black series by Susan Foster
Description: Crossover with Charmed (also AU). When a Silver Blade Sentinel, a warrior for Good and his Demonic Guide have a partnership that someone is willing to kill to stop. (4 stories in series)

Small World by Calista Echo
 What if during Switchman Jim had not found Blair? An alternate introduction of Sentinel and Guide.

Southern Cross series by Blair Kennedy
Description: On the distant planet Glory, the Army of the Southern Cross defends its world against the alien Zor. Led by Lt. Blair Sandburg, the 15th Squadron is the ASC's brightest hope. Additionally, Blair must help Captain Jim Ellison adapt to humanity after he is reengineered by the alien Zor. (9 stories in series)

Star Rangers series by Crystalphoenix
Description: On a hostile planet Black-Jaguar sentinel and Wolf guide finally meet. (6 stories in series)

Steps Universe by K-Lyn
Description: Jim and Blair meet in a very different way. (5 stories in series)

The Sunday Strangler by Mele
Description: An AU version of Jim and Blair's first meeting. Rated PG to R for language/violence.

Terminus by ljc
 Everyone agreed. It was too late for them to meet.

Thief Taker by Susan Foster
 Murder on the street brings a sentinel and guide together for the first time.

Throwback by Susan Foster
 When Agent James Ellison meets Dr Blair Sandburg, nothing is ever going to be the same again. Warning for some language. Crossover with Stargate: SG1; inspired by Men in Black. (3 stories in series)

Time Gate Series by Fidus Amicus
 In a future world where guides are owned by sentinels, the small but fierce Freedom group is fighting the Confederate for equality. Their plan is to send a sentinel and guide team back in time to change the outcome of the war. (2 stories in series)

To Love Him by ljc
 Katie's and Carolyn's thoughts on the love of their life. Song fic. Death fic, but not for the guys.

True Dreams Series by Kathryn Andersen
 Jim wakes up in the hospital, and finds things aren't quite as he expects.

Twice Again by Donna Gentry
Description: In a world where sentinels and guides are recognized and celebrated, one sentinel's painful past leads him to avoid guides at all costs, while one guide struggles to hide the dark secrets that caused him to be branded an outcast.

A Twist of Fate and its Epilogue by Rhianne
 What if Jim had never gone to meet Blair at the university during Switchman? How would everyone’s lives have been changed?

Unexpected by ljc
 Unrequited Guide finally bonds with stubborn Sentinel.

Unforseen by Arnaa
 In a world where Sentinels and Guides are known, a Sentinel finds his one true Guide. Of course, things are never that simple!

Upgrade series by Yvonne S. McCool
 A continuing AU series set in the future. Artificial Sentinels protect the public and from their ranks, a real Sentinel emerges. (30 stories in series)

Upside Down by Demeter
 Blair works as a consultant for the District Attorney Alex Barnes - unofficially, as a Guide to a Sentinel. Their newest case might just change this partnership forever.

Vietnam series by Elaine P.
 Series featuring Lt. James Ellison and the young wounded prisoner he saves. (4 stories in series)

Werewolves of Cascade by Susan Foster
 Crossover with Logan from X-Men. When a young woman starts to see the legendary Werewolves of Cascade, it's the time to recruit the help of a certain TA from Rainier.

What Could Have Been series by majik
 An AU where Blair and Jim never met in that doctor's office and a year later Jim is struggling to survive with his senses out of control; until Simon finds someone who just might be able to help. (incomplete series)

Where I Can Rest My Head by Jade Bear
 In a divided world, two Guardians desperately try to escape to freedom on the underground railroad.

Wind Whispering by Panik
 Blair has a mission, and a secret. A hippie traveler, he's lived his whole life on the road with no plans to settle - till he breaks down in an upmarket resort town, high in the Cascades, and becomes the object of Sheriff Ellison's obsession.

A Wolf's Cry by Kateri
Description: Detective Jim Ellison must find a young boy named Blair before it is too late.

XJ-Fuga and its sequel XJ-Fuga 2 by ljc
 A sentinel and guide in space.

AU fanfic not listed at Cascade Library

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