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Author Profile ~ Ok, I'm embarrassed to admit this, but when The Sentinel first started airing on UPN, it didn't interest me at all. Or rather, the ads didn't -- I never bothered to watch the show. But I have been an avid fan of The X-Files for the last three years, so I followed "Divine Intervention" to Laura Picken's fanfic page. I loved that story, so I looked for any other XF fanfic she'd written. The only pieces were crossovers with The Sentinel. Oh well, I thought, I'd give it a chance anyway. By the time I was halfway through Someone to Watch Over Me, I was hooked and really wanted to see this show. So, when I found out on the Highlander-Richie list that TS had been picked up by SciFi (there's a lot of Blair fans on that list -- wonder why? ~g~), I made up my mind to watch it. The second episode I saw was the one where Dennis Christopher guest stars -- I took it as an omen, since he played a slightly similar character on one of my other favorite shows, Profiler. (I'm working on a Profiler/Sentinel crossover, BTW, as soon as I see a few more episodes.) Anyway, in spite of the fact that I didn't realize Laura's stories were AU, and therefore was seriously confused for the first few episodes I saw, I'm still hooked. I can't wait for it to come back in a few weeks so I can catch the two-thirds of the series that I still haven't seen. :-) And believe me, you haven't seen the last of me in the fanfic realm either, although it probably will take a little while for me to feel comfortable enough with the characters to tackle the other ideas I have -- a crossover with Highlander, two Profiler crossovers, and an AU set during WWII, as well as an expansion of A Novel Solution. Other shows I follow -- in case anyone cares -- include Quantum Leap, Strange Luck, The X-Files, Profiler, Forever Knight, Highlander, Harsh Realm, Lois and Clark, and Touched by an Angel. (Oh, and have I mentioned I'm very talkative? ~blush~)

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