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~ Hi There! My name is Brook Henson. I'm a 22-year-old college student and I'm one of those people who will probably always be in school simply because I can't get enough of learning. Right now I'm studying English, History and Anthropology, AND taking night classes; training to become an American Sign Language interpreter. So yeah, I'm interested in a lot of things (just call me "the sponge" ~grin~). I've been writing since I first figured out how to string words together but fan fiction is a fairly new thing for me, as is The Sentinel fandom. Aside from writing I read like crazy, I play the piano, and the cello, and a little bit of clarinet. I've also been playing pool since I was 13 and take pride in my short-girl-in-overalls hustling routine (but I'll have you know that I never play for money -- only Butterfingers ~grin~). I just love being able to share my writing with all my fellow TS fans. I absolutely cherish all of the wonderful and constructive feedback that I have so far received and I'm sure that I will continue to. So thanks y'all! ~grin~
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