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Author Profile ~ This is my first Sentinel fan fic, but I have written about a dozen stories based on the 70's TV show Emergency, two of which have been recently published in a fan zine. Those stories are currently archived at: I am currently a dispatcher for the Seattle, WA police department... although I've only been with Seattle about 2 years, I have been dispatching for 14 years. I started while working with the U.S. Army Military Police, and kept it up after I was discharged. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, I now make my home in Auburn, WA (which, for those of you who remember trivia from The Sentinel series, is the location of the warehouse that was blown up in the Switchman, where Jim's senses first came back on line)... my full name is Pat Charleville, but I go by "charli"... it's a nickname I picked up in the Army and it's still hanging around, and I like it, so I kept it... that's about it in a nutshell...

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