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Author Profile ~ How do I describe myself? Umm...former junior high school teacher? Former emergency room nurse? Right now I'm a stay-at-home (because of health) wife. I live in the wilds of Maine with a husband, two horses, one pony, two ducks, one bunny, one cat, two kittens, and three fish. Frequently, three nieces are added to that mix. Oh, yes! don't forget the "thousands" of books! I was introduced to The Sentinel by my late sister-in-law. She loved the show, especially Blair. (I "really" like Jim.) While cleaning out her desk I found print-outs of DawnC's Inside and Out, Beth Manz' The Inevitable, and Lois Blazer's A Different Way of Seeing. She also had all the tapes, and I devoured them. In a way, my love of the show and the fan fiction it has produced is a legacy from her.

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