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November 2000
Author Profile ~ Born in 3018 b.c. in a tiny village next to the inland sea, fyresong was mistaken for a sacrificial lamb, and narrowly escaped incineration at the age of 14. Running to Egypt where she lived as a street rat and spent her free time painting rude hieroglyphic graffidi on the pyramids, she fought to survive in the cat eat cat world of Thebes. Scrounging through the burnt remains of the Great Library she taught herself how to read and write in Latin and Greek. After the fall of Rome she avoided the now Catholic Europe which kept trying to burn her as a witch. Hitchhiking by ox drawn cart and fishermen's boats to England, she made her debut as the Village Insulter. Disgusted by the lack of hygiene rampant throughout Medieval Europe, fyresong eventually made her way East to study in the finest learning establishments of Asia. Crossing over to the Americas some 300 years ago, fyresong spent her time communing with various native grasses, and singing with the wolves. An ambulance driver during the two world wars, she became an American citizen just eight years ago. fyresong has written and posted for both Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Star Wars before attempting to enter The Sentinel Universe. A consummate traveler, she is an immortal reality hopper by trade. Armed with her trusty towel/cloak and hidden sword she is ready to brave Vorgon poetry, evil mutant-hunting sentinels, hydras and enforcers with hunters and demigods before breakfast. After lunch she is more than ready to dodge psychopaths, maneuver straight down this trench with Sith at her back and yet she still can't order her muse to cooperate!

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