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Author Profile ~ I slammed into the fan fiction brick wall about 20 years ago back when my younger brother first introduced me to Doctor Who. Up until that time I had no idea that there were 'other people' (besides me) out there who made up stories about their favorite television shows! What a revelation! I dove right in and began reading anything I could get my hands on, from Star Trek to Doctor Who to Blake's Seven, Alien Nation, Robin Of Sherwood, The Professionals, and finally, The Sentinel (with a lot of little and very strange side trips in between). Once I realized that I was not alone out there, I began writing fan fiction in earnest. I dabbled in Doctor Who, revelled in Robin Of Sherwood, was first published in Blake's Seven fanzines (under a different pseudonym) and spent a short time in the worlds of Alien Nation and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've also been published in a couple The Professional's fanzines. The Sentinel has been my favorite fandom of all. I love the characters of Jim and Blair and have the most fun bringing them to life on the page! It's so easy when the characters are so vibrant and alive that you can actually see them performing while you are hammering the words out on a keyboard or jotting them down on a piece of notepaper. As far as personal background, I grew up an Army brat who lived all over the place including Germany and Hawaii. Once my Dad hit retirement and got a job in California, though, I knew I wouldn't be leaving the state unless it was for something super important! I just this year (2000) celebrated my 22nd anniversary with the very first company I got a steady job with and if there is one thing I am grateful to them for (aside from keeping myself on their payroll for so long) it is for the introduction to the world of computers! How well I remember the days of typing stories on typewriters back when I was in junior high and high school!

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