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Author Profile ~ I didn't watch more than four episodes of The Sentinel the first three years. They were good enough, but life was just too busy and I was hooked on Babylon 5 and putting up with Star Trek's multiple incarnations. I would catch the ending credits for TS when I turned on the TV to suffer through Voyager, and absolutely adored the music. Then last spring I caught the final few minutes of Sentinel Too, Part 1, and found myself thinking, "Hey, they can't kill the little guy!" All summer on the 'Net I kept hearing about the fan riot that brought TS back, and I figured it would definitely be worth my while to tune in when it showed up again. Then Season 5 of Babylon 5 turned into a yawner, and I finally got fed up with Borg Trek. I hit the 'Net, wondering if I could find out more about The Sentinel, and maybe buy the music at least. I found SOS, and a few other TS sites, and then, one dark day in late November, I stumbled into Guide Posts, and the rest, as they say, is Obsessio-- er, History. I've been creating fan fic all my life, playing out elaborate scenarios for my favorite TV shows and movies in my imagination as I grew up -- and even after I was supposed to be 'grown up.' (g) Last spring I finally sat down and tried writing something out, only to discover writing is harder than I'd expected, and more rewarding than I'd ever imagined. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I've enjoyed writing them. And, don't forget to FEED the AUTHOR!

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