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Jamie Ritchey
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Author Profile ~ In my personal life, I'm a pharmacist, and a mom and grandma. I share my home with my daughter, granddaughter, 3 cats and 4 gerbils. I've always loved to read and discovered science fiction in Junior High when I picked up "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" by Robert Heinlein. As far as fannish activity goes, I lurked for a long time, attending Houston, TX area conventions in the late 70s and 80s, but I didn't really know anyone and was too shy to try to introduce myself to other fans there. It wasn't until I attended a Blake's 7 convention in New Orleans that I started really getting to know other fans, and that was my first introduction to zines and fanfic. I loved it and craved more. A local fan club I joined decided to publish its own zine, (Standard by Several), so my first attempt at writing was for that. Since then I have written several zine published stories for Blake's 7 and Highlander. I was hooked on The Sentinel from the first episode. The story was interesting and I thought the sidekick was a real hoot. It's the first fandom I've been in since I got online, which is another fascinating experience. The fanfic available online is staggering in number and, with The Sentinel in particular, amazing in quality. The most important thing I have discovered in fandom is the friends I've made, here in Houston and everywhere else. It feels like I have a great big, extended family all over the world, and sharing my fanfic and participating at cons and online is like coming home.

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