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Author Profile ~ I'm a college graduate in Communication Sciences, I'm a radio DJ and Music is my passion. I started reading fan fiction one day and quickly fell in love with the concept. It took me two full years to gather the courage to attempt the writing thing. Oh, yeah! About the titles. There are lots of people who get inspired by everyday happenings in their lives to write songs, then there are others who get inspired by songs and live their everyday lives to that rythm. I'm both, but I'm also one of those people who gets inspired by songs to write stories, and I worship the great minds who create the sounds my muse sings to, so I name my stories after the song that gave them life. What can I say? Music makes my soul hungry. It's a Pavlovian response! So if you start wondering why all the Hard Rock in Cascade?... well, that's why. :-)

Author added 4/20/99; last updated 6/19/03 igr