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April 1999
Author Profile ~ I originally discovered the world of fanfic in the fall of '98, when I was looking for an X-Files fix. I wanted to try my hand at writing, but I was too intimidated by the immense volume of stories. In January '99 I ran across some Starsky and Hutch stories, and eventually wrote three stories for that fandom (as a 'warm-up' for writing X-Files fanfic, or so I thought). Then, a couple of listbuddies told me about TS (CindyR and Kate: see what you started!); I checked out some of the stories and was hooked in short order. I still haven't gotten back to the X-Files. My favorite kind of story, to read or to write, is a longish tale with a fully developed dramatic plot that includes suspense, smarm, and angst... but with bits of humor and lighthearted moments. My favorite fanfic authors are Lois Balzer, Aggie Mage, Iris Wilde, DawnC, and Tate. Collectively, they taught me everything I know about the care and feeding of Jim and Blair. In RL, I'm a pediatrician; I've got a husband, three cats, and an old house. One well-kept secret: when I was a kid, I wrote fanfic for Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, and The Dukes of Hazzard (and other shows that I've blessedly forgotten about). Thank God I can't find any of it!
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