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Author Profile ~ Having worked in the world of advertising for nearly half of my life, becoming an author of fan fiction was an easy step -- it was simply a matter of switching from one fantasyland to another. The fan fiction route has been infinitely more rewarding from a personal standpoint, and, as I frequently point out to my loved ones, significantly cheaper than professional therapy. I discovered the enticing universe of fan fiction at about the same point that I became hopelessly enamored with The Sentinel, and all was lost. After devouring everything I could find posted, I began to write my own. My first story -- The Gift -- was posted in the fall of 1997. It's beenn a wild ride since then. My real universe is inhabited by two delightful children, a loving husband, and a menagerie of pets. The only constant in my appearance are the brown eyes I inherited. The rest, as Anne McCaffrey would say, is subject to change without notice. Feel free to contact me for the latest changes.
K. Ryn's CL Featured Author Interview.

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