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LadyNiteRaven ~ Stories found at LadyNiteRaven's Domain (author's site gone)
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June 2000
Author Profile ~ In RL, I'm just your average, everyday, boring mother of two, with a husband, a cat and a dog. So basically I see it as having five kids. Four out of the five are well trained. LOL! My son Jeffrey is almost 10 and My daughter Kylee is 7 and has A.D.H.D. with a compulsive disorder. If you have to ask what A.D.H.D. is, you have NO idea what my life is like during the day. If you know what it stands for, you've probably been there, done that, AND got the T-shirt (and Straight Jacket) to prove it!!! Now although this is the R.L. me, it's not the REAL me. The real me spends a lot of time on line reading, and a lot of time off line writing. I enjoy making webpages, and getting feedback for my stories, since it's the only time I get any kind of credit or acknowledgment for them. I love science fiction, and I'm addicted to just about anything that has to do with Vampires. Halloween goes over REALLY big at my house and I am slightly into Wicca, but just barely. As far as I know, I'm the only one with the name LadyNiteRaven, spelt the way I have it. So if you see anyone with it, it's most likely me. I have ICQ and love to chat. Just email me with 'ICQ Sentinel Chat' in the subject line and I'll answer you. I also have my own chat room at Live Universe, which can only be accessed from my webpage, but as of right now I don't have any chats planned. Feel free to use the room though. Would you believe that I've never bought a zine? I wouldn't know one if I saw it, I'm sad to say. There are so many, I wouldn't know where to begin anyway. Well, that's enough about me I think. Hasta La Bye Bye!

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