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 September 2002
Author Profile ~ A part-time library aide approaching my first half-century, I've been writing fanfic of one form or another since 1972, actually starting with comic books, before I knew the word "fanfic" existed. I'd had stories published in Star Wars and Dr. Who zines long ago, and only recently returned to fic with an X-Files/Forever Knight story. Like many TS writers, I was drawn into the universe backwards through online fic without having seen an episode first, and the writer's background and comments you read in the story "New Kid in Town" are based on actual experiences (except, of course, for the part about the magical pen and notebook). Be warned: I am not a fill-in-character's-name-babe of any kind, and I don't do overt smarm, so readers with favoritism issues are advised to look elsewhere for their jollies.

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