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I'm one of those fans who discovered The Sentinel through fanfic. I read a crossover with Poltergeist: The Legacy, (written by Anne Murdoch), Innuai, and decided that I was gonna find out who these two guys were. Well, once I found out, I was hooked. Fic ideas were flying in my head even before I'd seen my first episode (which consisted of Mirror Image). Upon seeing my first episode I reached the point of no return. I am now without a doubt a total Sentinel addict. As for personal details... I'm from Newfoundland, Canada. And a total trouble magnet (how much you ask?... well Wnnepooh's dubbed me Karma Spike ~G~) whose been writing fanfic since before I had a clue that was what it was called and that more people did it. (Boy was I relieved when I found that one out.) Falling into The Sentinel fandom is quite possibly one of the best things I ever did since I have made some wonderful friendships here. I've found that most people in the Sentinel fandom follow the show's premise... It's about friendship.

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