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~ "Jim look at this, The Cascade Library has asked Missy to do an author profile." "A what?" "An author profile, you know -- tell a little something about herself, why she watches the show; stuff like that." "Really?" "What are you doing, Jim?" "She's busy now, what with college and all, you know how it is. I thought I'd just help her out." "Uh, big guy, I don't think she'll appreciate you saying she has an extreme addiction to chocolate eclairs. " "But, she does." "Well that's true, where'd she go anyhow?" "Out walking the dogs." "She really loves those guys, doesn't she?" "Yeah, almost as much as she loves us." "Why do you think she watches the show, Jim?" "I asked her once, she went on for an hour, reminded me of you. What it came down to was the way we care for each other, and something about you being cute." "Cute? Really?" "Maybe it was knock out gorgeous with a charming mix of worldly innocence." "Yeah?! What 'd she say about you?" "That you were good for me -- wipe that smile off your face, there's more -- and that I was downright adorable when I wanted to be. But mostly it was the strong bond between us and the unabashed way in which we show it, she says that makes us very special to her." "Aw, I like that." "Yeah, me too, Chief."

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