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Nicole Silverwolf ~ Stories found at Silverwolf Productions (author's site gone)
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December 1999
Author Profile ~ Well, when I'm not trying to write for the nine or ten fandoms that have caught my eye you can probably find me flying happily down a mountain on two planks (also known as skiing) or studying to become a veterinarian at Tufts University. I have a fetish for MP3's and good quotes about most anything...usually though I'm on the hunt for quotes that describe Jim and Blair and their relationship or for something that matches up with a story. I think I fell in love with The Sentinel somewhere in the beginning of the first season...I can't remember the first episode I actually sat down to watch on purpose but I was hooked almost instantly. Hey, they were in the middle of a commercial! ;)

Author added 12/23/99; last updated 6/19/03 igr