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~ I have been following The Sentinel for nearly a year, and loving it. I have read XmagicalX's profile, and admit that sounds like me. I am working on a Bachelor of Education, (one year to go) at the moment, and then I want to either go to America, Canada, Japan, or England to work as a Governess or Nanny. I want to see the world. The other thing I might do is spend one year here doing Virology and the rest at an American University. But I want to travel, and meet Sentinel fans. I love writing, and spend as much time as I can creating stories. I am always living in a world of my own, bouncing ideas and scenes in my head. Oh, if only I could create a real episode. I love feed back on my work, and yes, I would one day like to create a real book. I love Blair's eyes, and like everyone else, I am strongly fighting for The Sentinel. I have a major problem finishing stories that I create, because I hate to see things end. I have promised myself never to post things in parts like I did with Drugs, otherwise, I may leave the story, and I don't want to get flamed this early in life. I'm Australian, female, young, and not attached. Otherwise, I collect books, have all the Quantum Leap episodes on tape, and my best friend has written two Star Trek books under the name Melissa Scott.

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