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Big howdy! I live in Houston, Texas. I'm a senior Media Studies major at the University of Houston. After going to school off and on for about 20 years, I'm finally getting my B.A. degree in May (woo hoo!). My interests include cooking, gardening, making craft projects, movies, trivia, crossword puzzles, football, watching TV, and, of course, reading fan fiction. I discovered fan fiction about a year ago when I ran across a Highlander story written by Sandra McDonald (Obligations). After reading that, I was hooked. I recently switched over to Sentinel fan fiction (love those hurt/comfort/angst/owie stories!) Anyway, I discovered The Sentinel TV show very late in the game (Season 3), but thanks to all the great fan fiction out there, I've gotten caught up with back stories, character histories, past episodes, etc. Now I'm just waiting for the SciFi Channel premier so I can see it all for myself!

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