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Sharif ~ Stories found at Susan Foster's Sentinel Fan Fiction Site
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 September 2001
Author Profile ~ My husband and I live in Wisconsin, only a couple blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan. We have four children (2 boys, 2 girls) one grandaughter, and several four-footed, furry type, feline children. I found The Sentinel after the fact, when SciFi ran a Sentinel Marathon Day. I was hooked and promptly set out to enlighten several friends about my find. Now we are all in it together. Thanks to The Sentinel, I am another friend richer in Zamlo and together we decided to try our hand at writing and then actually posting a story. Since that first story we've added a couple more and will hopefully continue. Love the h/c stories best of all.

Author added 10/9/01; last updated 6/20/03 igr