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Stargazer ~ Stories found at Cat's Eye View of Cascade (grafix-lite mirror site)
Date First Story Posted: March 1999
Author Profile ~ My first TS fiction I read was Mackie's Two West to Waikiki which I found through a Hawaii Five-0 website that housed H50 fanfic. I was hooked. I read all of her stories. She sent me to GuidePosts and introduced me to some of the lists. I became involved in a few Round Robins, then ventured on to my first TSFF -- Operation White Tiger/Dust Buster Caper. Then I did a piece on Thoughts of Fraud... If Only. (Hey, what can I say? Blair whopped me upside the head one night and wouldn't let me go to bed until I had his thoughts transcribed on the computer!) I started writing when I was ten years old, but got away from writing after I got married and had a family. Then I found the Internet and TSFF! The rest is history. ~BEG~

Author added 6/11/99; last updated 6/19/03 igr