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 May 2002
Author Profile ~ I had little interest in Sentinel until I discovered the fanfic (through an HL crossover), which sparked my interest in the reruns on SciFi. Episodes and fanfic reinforced each other and whetted my appetite. I have since become an avid fan, addicted to both the episodes (lovingly saved on tape) and the fanfic (carefully printed and saved in binders). I read voraciously for two years, but yearned to *discuss* the show with somebody, so I finally joined a couple of lists -- a first for me. SentinelAngst requires a story as dues. I was sure that I'd have to unsubscribe after the initial two months; I was absolutely certain that I could never produce a story. I've never had any story ideas crowding my brain, or any desire to write... but to my astonishment, here I am! Personal info: Firmly ensconced in middle age -- not only am I too old for Blair, I'm also too old for Jim, daggone it! I'm single, a speech therapist at first grade and sixth grade in a small southwestern town. I have two horses, and am currently between dogs. I'm soft-hearted enough to feed the feral cats around (and have learned not to hyperventilate when I find a skunk sharing the largesse), and am now owned by a cat that I rescued as an abandoned kitten. I've discovered that there are not enough hours in the day to accommodate both Real Life and a fanfic addiction. I'm hoping to find a way to live without sleep; I'll let you know if I succeed.
"If you have trouble with the LJ site, StarWatcher will send a Word document of any of her stories; email to request it."
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