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July 1999
Author Profile ~ This is my first ever fandom. I began watching The Sentinel from the first episode and have hung on for dear life ever since! I've enjoyed a lot of buddy-buddy shows but TS spoke to my heart. The friendship and caring is what it's all about. When I'm not writing TPTB, reading fanfic, talking with my list sibs at CascadeTimes, I am a busy mom and wife. I'm married to a wonderful man of twelve years who is both Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg rolled into one! He gives me tons of support for my writing and dedication to our show. This fandom has so many wonderful authors and it's been so exciting reading their work and sending them feedback. I'm still giddy from the feedback on my first piece! I NOW know how it feels when the readers write you and tell you their opinion. It's awesome! It truly is about Friendship....

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