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October 1998
Author Profile ~ I vividly remember my first sight of The Sentinel. This really gorgeous guy was standing in the middle of the woods, yelling to someone about waiting for him while he stood there and unzipped his pants! As if one handsome man in the woods wasn't enough, the camera shifted to reveal another blue-eyed Adonis, standing there looking slightly amused. We all know what happened next. I was hooked in the space of 35 seconds. Within a few days, I'd found the fandom and it's been heaven ever since. I've been writing fanfic for a while, like most, long before I knew it was called fanfic. I try to write whenever I have a chance, which is rather difficult sometimes. I'm a single mom to a really great (and inspiring) 8 year old daughter and I actually work in a college library! I just finished a Masters in Education not too long ago, and continue to learn in random classes. I think my greatest influences are Shakespeare and Monty Python...
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