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Looking for a beta reader? The people listed on this page have volunteered to beta-read gen Sentinel fan fiction stories. Beside each person's name is email contact information and details on the aspects of a story the volunteer will beta read. Authors, you may contact these volunteers directly to see if they are available to beta read your stories. If you would like to volunteer to be a beta reader, just contact us at and include your email addy and the specifics on what you will and will not beta (grammar, spelling, characterization, plot, continuity, crossovers, AU's, death stories, etc.). We'll be happy to include you on the list! A big thank-you to all the people who have volunteered so far!

Archivist's note: Please let me know if you reach bad email addresses from this list. Although I can't find new ones, I can remove the ones that don't work.

Alizea -- I love reading and I am very interested in becoming a beta reader. I am great with spelling, great with grammar, plot holes, and structure. I'll read anything, it can be a death story or AU, it really doesn't matter to me. I would encourage any writer to make these Sentinel characters their own by adding their own personal style. As this show is over ten years old, it's ok to be flexible. Hope to read something soon

AmyS -- I'd like to volunteer to be a beta readeer. I've done a lot of technical editing, so hopefully I can help with grammar, spelling, structure, etc. I'm usually pretty good at spotting irregularities in continuity as well. I've also spent way too many years in academia, so I can provide information on getting degrees and office politics.

Angela -- I would love to be a beta reader for anyone who needs help. I'm good with spelling, grammar and sentence construction. I'm willing to work with any type of story except slash and I prefer not to do death stories with major character deaths.

Anne -- I'd love to volunteer as a beta reader, I read a lot, particularly fanfiction.  My genres include Supernatural, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, NCIS, BtVS, Angel, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY, Harry Potter, Star Trek:TOS, Dark Angel and can happily provide continuity advice as well as characterizations.  Ironically, my continuity with The Sentinel would be a little more shaky.  I'm happy to provide spelling grammar and phrasing checks on any type of story including crossovers, but particularly enjoy epics and am a fan of slash pairings too.  I would appreciate a heads up before taking on death stories - let me brace myself with tissues! 

Annie -- My sister, Lyn,who has written some Sentinel stories suggested I offer to beta. I love The Sentinel & Stargate. I am just starting to do some writing. I've done manuscript editing before for novelists and non fiction writers, mostly forensic pathology and biographical texts. I'm good at grammar, spelling and medical terminology. I'm an RN and medical records typist.

Bianca -- I would love to be a beta reader. I am kinda new at this game but there isn't anything that I wouldn't read, except for death stories. That's about it. I am good at spelling and plot and okay with grammar. Glad that I can be of some assistance to someone.

Bruce Alan Wilson -- I would like to beta read. As a former HS English teacher I could help with grammar, etc. Also, for non-US writers, I would be willing to help "Americanize" the English. (For example, in the US we say "flashlight", not "[electric] torch"; "radio", not "wireless", etc.) I would rather *not* do AUs or crossovers. The former because I do not like them, the latter because I frequently do not know the other universe well enough to comment. Be warned, I am hard on character deviancies, and one of my pet peeves is not allowing the characters to display the brains their creators gave them. If you make Jim act like a dolt or Blair act like a ditz, I'll come down hard on you!

Charlotte -- I would like to volunteer as a beta reader. I am a avid reader, and would like to help out. Often pick up on an awkward phrase or event in reading.Also would enjoy reading the authors efforts and be a small part of their success.

Connie Green -- I like crossovers, alternate universe stories, series, and drama fiction based on episodes.

Cynthia -- I am new to beta reading but I have beenn reading Sentinel fan fiction for two years now. I would be willing to help out with plot, characterization, spelling and grammar. I love crossovers the best but I would like to beta read any type of story.

David -- I would love to be a beta reader. I would be happy to read anything non-R rated and slashers. I am a big fan of fantasy and fiction especially. I'm a great speller, fairly good with grammar, and very good with plot and characters. I am very much in touch with the younger audience (only just having left that crowd myself). My credentials include scoring a 690 on the SAT's in seventh grade and winning many writing and poetry contests.

Dinah -- I'd like to do beta-reading. As my native language is not English, I'd rather not do grammar, but I'd love to help out with characterization, plot, etc. I can also do crossovers (could get tricky when I don't know enough about the other show; Highlander, Stargate, Star Trek are no problem, but others are also okay).

Elaine Powers -- I would love to volunteer as a beta reader for the talented, creative folks who post the stories I've come to love and admire. My major was history, minor in English, and I love to figure out which spelling of similar sounding words is correct, sort of a challenge to me. Let me know if I can help.

Falton -- I would love to be a beta reader. I can do some spelling and grammar corrections. Other than that I'm willing to read anything death included. I am not squemish in the least. Give me your best shot. I am good at characterization and plot.

Gabrielle Bessey -- I have been a technical writer for years and know my way around a comma. I can correct grammar and spelling, read for plot holes, and ask questions about continuity. I'm mostly familiar with Highlander, but am willing to read other crossovers (except anime). I prefer not to beta death stories, but I can if needed.

Hayley M. -- I'd like to offer to be a Beta reader for somebody. I'm a real bear for spelling, punctuation and grammer - I can't stand it when stories are published that mix up their/they're/there or have incorrect punctuation and grammer. I'm Australian, so you might just have to tell me where you're from, so I don't mess that up (eg changing around 'z' and 's'). I'm also happy to help with characterisation for Stargate SG1, Lord of the Rings (although not all the characters) Star Trek The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise, Harry Potter and NCIS.

Hercat -- I am a third year university student who tries to write fanfic, but seems to make a better nitpicker than weaver. I don't read slash or detailed sex scenes. There is nothing I like better than a good AU or crossover. I also watch SG-1, Early Edition, some BTVS, Trek, and B5.

JAC -- I'm willing to volunteer to be a beta reader. I think I am very good at spelling and grammar. I am willing to read crossovers, with a few conditions. I would like to be asked if I am familiar with the crossover before having the story submitted.

Jeannie -- I would love to volunteer my services as a beta-reader. I can beta-read for spelling, grammar, plot, characterization, and continuity.

JJ -- New beta reading volunteer here! I'm branching out into reading other fandoms besides Sentinel and M7, and am familiar with most U.S. scifi shows, so crossovers are as enjoyable as regular stories. I'm a proofreader of teacher's guides professionally, but I never seem to get enough to read, so don't be afraid to dump on me. If you'd like help with characterization and I'm familiar with those characters, I will. I'm much better at spelling, continuity, details, and logical progression and am fairly familiar with British, Australian, and Canadian terms if you need them Americanized.

Karen Rumpler -- I would like to help out with the beta reading. I consider myself a great proofreader and usually catch the mistakes after everyone else has read something over 5 or 6 times. I prefer reading stories that are not crossovers or death stories. If anyone needs help, anytime is good, except until the first week in May, I won't be on a computer on Thursday nights (history class).

Katie -- I'd like to volunteer as a beta reader. I have a B.A. in English and taught it at the high school level for 3 1/2 years, so I'm good with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I'm also good at catching point of view shifts, continuity problems, and questions about characterization. I'll read anything (death stories, crossovers, etc.) and am somewhat familiar with many TV series.

Kimberly Workman -- I can volunteer as a beta reader. I am working towards my BA in American History and Creative Writing, so I have a strong grasp of grammatical procedures. I cannot beta AUs or slash, but I can handle pretty much anything else. I can also help on chracterizations if the writer is unfamiliar or has a weak grasp of it.

Kristina Smith -- I will beta read anything . I am good with coming up with ideas and emotions. I'm not good with spelling and gramar . I like AU, slash, and just about anything else. I am open to supernatural. I have TONS of time!

Lauren -- I would love to be a beta reader. I'm rather new at it, but have been reading and reviewing fan fiction for a lot time. I will read anything and am good at spotting grammatical and spelling errors and can help with plot and continuity as well.

Lauren Freeman -- I will beta gen, short or medium length stories, for basic spelling, grammar and of course plot. I do crossovers with Stargate SG-1, Star Trek Voyger, Harry Potter and a few others, e-mail me and I will let you know if I can beta your story. I work as fast as possible, the longer the story the longer it will take. Willing to work a chapter at a time. -- I'd like to volunteer as a beta reader. However I need to warn you, English is not my native language. But I'm good with characterization and can help when stuck with the plot. I do all kind of stories and will be honest. I don't like stories too corny and will fight to keep them credible.

Matilda -- I would like to volunteer as a beta reader. Since English isn't my native languge, I don't correct grammar or spelling. But can help out with characterization, plot holes and continuity. I like AU's and crossovers best but can beta most anything. I know my history and classic literature.

Michelle or -- I'm new to beta-reading. I'm strong on grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and etc. However, I will try my best to alter as little of your plot and characters as possible but am willing to give my ideas and opinions on it. I will read anything except stories that contains homosexuality and characters ending up dead (really hate that). Hope I may be able to help any writers out there.

Misty -- I am very interested in becoming a beta reader volunteer. I have been helping Shadow Poetry Poets since June of 2002 and I love it. I am trying to find other Writers or Poets who may be in need of some assistants with Writing, Poetry, Short Stories, Articles or whatever the case may be. There is no job too big or small that I can not help with. I have been named Poet of the year for 2 years in a row. I am a Registered Author. I have won lots of awards for my work. I have won several Editor's Choice Awards and have received the highest Merit Award for my Poetry. I have had lots of my work published in books, anthologies, magazines, ewspaper and online.I have received a couple songwriting contracts as well. I even have my own web site at:

MoonDew -- I'd like to volunteer to be a beta readeer. I'm good with grammar, and some of my appropriate areas of expertise include the type of drumming/earth music Blair likes, and various forms of holistic medicine. I don't do AU, death, or crossovers, but am very strong with canon and h/c. ~grin~

Nikki or -- I would like to volunteer my services as a beta.

nyssa -- Need someone to beta your stories? I am willing to beta The Sentinel and SG-1. Please, don't hesitate to ask. I can either look for continuity problems or how the entire story flows together from start to finish. I can also help with grammar and spelling.

Ray Stewart -- Willing to work with plots, characterizations, continuity; can also do spelling. Would love to help.

Rona Pierce -- Thinking that I don't have enough to do with what little spare time around, I can help with being a beta reader. While punctuation and sentence structure are *not* my skills, I've got a great spellchecker program. I would only need to know if the writer is American, Canadian, English or Australian. I also can say that I can beta for characterization, plot and some crossovers.

Shelley Knepley -- I volunteer to be a beta reader! I will read anything except death stories (just can't do justice to the writer) I will check characterization, plot, continuity, grammar, spelling, the whole ball of wax. If it's a crossover let me know ahead of time so I can get familiar with the crossed show.

Spring Candy -- I will beta anything; not squeamish in the slightest. I'll check for continuity, spelling, grammar, or anything that looks out of whack. I'm familiar with most American scifi shows and children's shows. My main fandoms are Power Rangers, Dark Angel, Buffy&Angel, Final Fantasy (all), and Harry Potter, but I tend to wander on my own, so anything will be great.

Sheryl -- I would love to be a beta reader. I willl read anything. I have a BA in Business and I work as a technical editor and writer. I am good at spelling, grammar, plot holes. I don't do slash. I would be glad to help out anyone.

Sue Pokorny -- I'd be glad to help out anyone I can. I can read for content, plot, continuity, characterizations, grammar and spelling. I can't help much with legalities. But I'd be glad to help!

Vickie Ward Gillespie or -- I am willing to help with spelling, puncctuation, grammar, crossovers (ask if I am familiar with the show before sending). Very familiar with Seven Days, Star Trek all but DS9. X-Files. Star Wars. No death or permanent injury stories. Series, ok. Long stories no problem. I'm a systems analyst and a database administrator for a state university in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Victoria Coady -- I am familiar with many fandoms besides TS (Highlander: The Series, HL:The Raven, Buffy, Tomorrow People), *love crossovers*, and am well-learned in grammar, spelling, and characterization. I am a writer myself. Will beta anything (death stories, etc.)!! Except slash, and I have lots of free time!

Wendy -- I'm willing to volunteer as a beta readeer. I'm familiar with Kung Fu:The Legend Continues and Stargate SG1 for crossovers, and pretty good in grammar and spelling (I have A.S. in Secretarial Sciences and a B.A. in English). I'm also good at continuity, hopefully okay at characterization, and like good plots. I don't do death stories.

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