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Gil Hale

Gil Hale began providing us with highly entertaining stories in 2001. Covering a wide range of genres, her name still comes to mind whether you are looking for angst, humor or an interesting cross-over (stories listed here) We caught up with this versatile author and here is the result! (archivist's note: author email found at author's page.)

Hi Gil,

Who are you?

Do you use a pen name? If so, why, and how did you decide on the one you use? Do you have more than one pen name?

I use my own name. I think it makes me look at what I致e written more critically!

Would you tell us where you live?

We live in Oxford in the UK. We used to live in Cambridge and have had one of the kids at university there and one in York, so we get to see some of the best of English cities!

Would you tell us a little about your life?

I知 married with three kids. They were school age when I started writing fanfic, but are pretty much grown up now. I teach, mostly one-to-one with pupils who have some sort of problem with their work, but a bit of class teaching too. I also help run youth work at church.

What work, volunteer or paid, do you do? Do you have any pro-fic writing experience or aspirations?

I知 trying to move into a little more pro-fic writing. My oldest earns her living blogging, but I知 not sure that痴 the route I want to go; I知 spending more time writing original fiction. At the moment I知 looking forward to the Winchester writers conference in July.

When and how did you become a TS fan?

When did you first see or hear about The Sentinel?

I got into the fandom through the fanfic, and then an extremely generous fan in Germany made me some videos of the show dubbed in English.

Why did you decide to write fan fiction about these characters? Had you read other authors and stories that introduced you to the series and/or fan fiction?

I壇 written some Professionals fanfic, but I don稚 write slash and at the time there weren稚 so many gen writers/readers in that fandom, whereas there痴 always been great gen writing in The Sentinel. I joined the sentinelangst group, which encouraged me to get writing.

What do you think the readership finds most interesting in gen TS fiction?

I think there are as big a variety of readers as writers. I would guess hurt/comfort and case fics might be most popular, but I might just be generalising from my own tastes.

What do you appreciate most when you read TS fiction? Who are your favorite gen TS authors and why?

I appreciate good writing and authors who catch the exact voice for the character. I like people who write a 組ood Jim! I enjoy far too many authors to list them all, because I致e been reading fanfic for years. It would be fun sometime to put some 組olden oldies back to the top of the Cascade library list.

About being a writer ...?

Why do you write?

I致e always written for as long as I can remember. That and photography are my forms of creativity. I enjoy words, too I read English at university and loved all the medieval texts.

What do you think/hope readers most appreciate in your stories?

A competent standard of writing, convincing characters and in Sentinel a balance between the leading characters. And I hope some of them make people laugh! I have often appreciated the 粗scape of a good story when life has been busy or stressful, so I rate that aspect highly in my own writing too.

How do you decide whether to write in a first person POV or third person as a narrator?

The whim of the moment.

Have you ever had a writing coach?

Not for fanfic, but I致e belonged to writers groups and had some good beta readers. I usually send a story to my daughter now for an opinion because I know she値l be frank .

Do you work with a beta? Why or why not? What is your process for determining when your story is ready for posting?

I have had betas, but mostly now I rely on Jane weeding out any very British expressions before stories go up on the Browsery. I have had very good betas, but they致e always been slow, and I often have a slot for writing that I want to keep to. I致e sometimes posted stories over hastily, but I知 more careful these days.

What genres of TS fiction are you most comfortable writing, choosing from canon, AU, case and action, drama, humor, horror, slice of life, hurt/comfort? Why?

I like canon, but there are all sorts of pitfalls when you池e from another country, however much research you do, so if I haven稚 as much time I write A/U. I like humour, I love hurt/comfort and the only sort of story I wouldn稚 consider writing is one where a saintly Blair sees mean old Jim repent his ways. You have written a number of classic 'crossover' stories. Why does this genre appeal to you? Do you have any advice for writers on how to do crossovers effectively?

It appeals to me because so many stories have been written it痴 easier to devise a new plot by writing a crossover. Also I like to explore the ways characters from different shows might interact. My personal favourite in this has to be Jim with Chris Larabee. Demolition Men is probably the story I had most fun writing.

If you were to write a completely new AU for these characters, what would it demand of them?

Post-apocalypse, I think. I知 a sucker for those destroyed urban landscapes.

Which among your own works is your favorite and why?

This tends to depend on my mood! Probably the two crossovers with The Magnificent Seven, but I also had a lot of fun with the humorous stories.

Which of your stories are you less positive about, why? Have you had the urge to revise any of your stories? Which ones?

I almost always post my stories first on sentinelangst, so if I have reservations about them they never make it to the website! I don稚 very often reread them unless they池e in a series and I need to for continuity.

Is there a genre you would like to write as a way of stretching your wings as a fanfic author? Is there a type of story or specific plot that you wish you could write, but feel is beyond you? Do you think more time and/or practice in writing would allow you to tackle your dream project?

I mostly go ahead and write what I want, but I would have reservations about writing a proper police procedural story for Sentinel because I知 not confident enough of the Washington State system.

Do you create OCs and how do you use them? Do you find creating an OC challenging?

I like creating OCs, though (apart from Tibbles) I keep them in minor roles. People are much easier to create than remembering details about cars or guns!

How do you feel about feedback and concrit from your readers?

People are usually extremely generous in this fandom there are a lot more rude Professionals readers! I致e never had much concrit, except about using British expressions and I appreciate that and have learned from it

You are certainly one of the reasons for the continuing popularity of the TS fandom. Thanks, Gil!

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