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LKY is an author who has offered us a succession of well-loved stories with the unusual distinction of having earned awards in nearly every category of creative endeavor. Her 'Loft' stories and many case/action tales showcase her own unique view of the characters of Jim, Blair and Simon. LKY is very skilled at creating original characters as evidenced by how much readers have come to love her 'Uncle Buck', who has appeared in a number of stories. She has had similar success with her popular 'miniBlair' stories, in which Blair is 'taken' for tutoring on the spirit plane with Incacha, and a younger version is left in his place. (archivist's note: author email found at author's page.)

Welcome, LKY, and thanks for listing your stories with CL at your page here.

I. Who are you?

Do you use a pen name? If so, why, and how did you decide on the one you use? Do you have more than one pen name?

Yes. Only one; I didn't feel comfortable using my real name.

Would you tell us where you live?

I live in Western Washington. If Cascade were real, I'd be a two hour drive southeast.

Would you tell us a little about your life?

Married to a great guy. No kids. Work for the government. Spend my free time writing, reading and fishing.

What work, volunteer or paid, do you do? Do you have any pro-fic writing experience or aspirations?

Volunteer for the local fire department and my church. All my writing is just me goofing around, though I do like to tap into real life experiences when writing. (I've never jumped on the skids of helicopters, thank goodness.)

II. When and how did you become a TS fan?

When did you first see or hear about The Sentinel?

I watched the show in its first run. Loved the fast action pace and adored the actors and how they interacted. I'm very much hooked on the 'buddy-buddy' aspect.

Why did you decide to write fan fiction about these characters? Had you read other authors and stories that introduced you to the series and/or fan fiction?

I loved TV growing up, spending hours each day dreaming up new plots. When I found fanfic online, I slapped my forehead and shouted, 'Holy COW! There are others who use TV shows in fiction!' First I found X-Files, then SG1. I found Dawn C's site, noticed her link to TS.

Bang! Holy Grail time! The Jim and Blair characters grew as I devoured each story. They were more three-dimensional than we *ever* got from TV. The idea of tossing my hat into the ring with a story made my stomach twist. But I did it.

What do you think the readership finds most interesting in gen TS fiction?

Oh, man. Wow. do you realize we could spend years discussing this?

I think... TS talks to us, invades our thoughts when we go to work and our dreams at night. We identify with that original idea of a man, when reluctantly dropped into the role of hero, had the grit to fill those shoes and the luck of finding help from a pipsqueak, annoying know-it-all guy ten years his junior. The two men are as Felix and Oscar as they can be. What's not to love?

What do you appreciate most when you read TS fiction? Who are your favorite gen TS authors and why?

I appreciate an honest summary and a consistent story flow. If you could sneak a peek at my hard drive you'd find my favorite authors by their file name. Some of them are gone, left before I even got into the fandom. Others have become close friends (waves). No way am I going to try and list them all.

III. About being a writer ...?

Why do you write?

Because I'm crap at drawing pictures. No, I'll behave. I write because... when I have a choice between sleeping and writing, my brain picks writing. Seriously, it's not like I'm really in charge around here.

What was the first story you wrote, and how did it feel to first place it into the public eye? Do you write in other fandoms besides TS?

You're not counting the short story in the first grade? My first TS story was <goes to look...> a stand-alone called 'Apart.' And I just realized the link to it isn't working. I'll try to fix before you post this interview. Lyn Townsend was my beta (she rocks) and I was a complete wreck when it was posted. TS is my only obsession, I mean fandom, in writing.

What do you think/hope readers most appreciate in your stories?

I'm just thrilled when they stay to the last line, I guess. Frankly, I write what I want to read. Even when I say I'll write for another person, it's selfishness that guides my plots.

How do you decide whether to write in a first person POV or third person as a narrator?

Third person seems easy. I don't enjoy reading first person much. I might just play around with it, but I'll always go back to third.

Have you ever had a writing coach?

Nope. Like to read books on writing and go to seminars, if I can afford it and the fishing is sucky.

Do you work with a beta? Why or why not? What is your process for determining when your story is ready for posting?

I write. I get stuck and I email Sealie and she: a) tells me I'm thinking like some lame writer from the Dallas TV show (stop it! You *so* did!) or b) help a pal out. Then I finish and ignore it for awhile. Then I look at it again, and do a re-write until I can't stand to even read it one more time! Then I send it to my awesome beta team. When the last beta is done, I post it. The story has to be up for months before I can read it without screaming. I wonder sometimes if this is normal. But, hey, it works for me. And when have I ever been normal?

What genres of TS fiction are you most comfortable writing, choosing from canon, AU, case and action, drama, humor, horror, slice of life, hurt/comfort? Why?

Errrr, I might not be that deep of a writer. I rather feel all my stories read the same. I guess the rare times I did horror stories I had to work harder than my normal stuff. It goes back to who I write for, and that's me. Sheesh, I had no idea I was this shallow. No wait, yeah, I did. Forget that part.

If you were to write a completely new AU for these characters, what would it demand of them?

Completely new AU... I guess they'd have to educate me in their new universe. Because I'm clueless.

Which among your own works is your favorite and why?

So, the answer to this question is tricky. If the story gave me cause to research and help me expand, then I love it. If I got to interview people, read books about the subject, google, I felt like getting up on my desk and shouting, 'Hey everyone! I'm a writer!' So the stories that made me feel this way were: Ghost Front, Attribute of the Stong, Scales of Justice, Beach House, Casa Piedemonte, Family Name, Bone Talk and The Keeper.

Which of your stories are you less positive about, why? Have you had the urge to revise any of your stories? Which ones?

So, to follow up from the earlier question, if I just opened a file and wrote a story, I feel like I'm cheating because I didn't 'work' at it. Weird, isn't it? I told myself I'd never look back except to check a story point if I was writing in a universe or long story arc. So no, I don't let myself revise once it's posted. The cheating stories are: Enemy Action, Awakened (in Lineage of Lies universe), and most of my snippets.

Is there a genre you would like to write as a way of stretching your wings as a fanfic author? Is there a type of story or specific plot that you wish you could write, but feel is beyond you? Do you think more time and/or practice in writing would allow you to tackle your dream project?

Maybe someday, but right now I'm content in my genre (whatever that might be). I have plenty of areas here which need improvement. ;)

You have created some wonderful OCs, amongst them the beloved Uncle Buck. How do you go about creating an OC and how do you decide when and how to use them? Do you find creating an OC challenging?

Uncle Buck... what a scene stealer. Truthfully, the guy is real. I took four men who I admire greatly and rolled them into one and plunked him down in my most favorite place ever, Dry Falls.

If you're going to use an OC, he needs to add to Jim and Blair's story. I'm serious when I say Buck tries to steal the scene. I have to beat him back with a large stick or the story would be about him. In 'Education in Character', I allowed Buck to be more than just an OC. Readers wanted to know more about him. I made a deal with myself that, unless I could work Jim into the story, it wasn't happening. So I have this fic where the timeline jumps back and forth so Jim can play. And I had to give Buck chest pains to pull it off.

Your MiniBlair is a huge hit. Writing children can be challenging, particularly in not making them too cute or perfect. What's your secret for keeping MiniBlair real?

I can't tell you. It's a secret.
Okay, I'll spill. I only have my own childhood to draw from.
cute or perfect.
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha. And, although I may be getting older, I'm never going to grow up.

How do you feel about feedback and concrit from your readers?

Love it. Want more.

You needn't risk life and limb by climbing up on any tables! Your stories and a large, loyal audience have already 'proclaimed' you to be a 'real' writer. Thanks LKY!

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