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Sentinel gen fan fiction mailing list subscription information

Senfic -- the oldest mailing list for Sentinel general fan fiction. It allows posting of gen TS stories and fanfic-related discussion.
Website for subbing/unsubbing:
To send email to list:

Cascade Times -- a general discussion list for The Sentinel. Also allows posting of gen TS fan fiction.
Subscribe here: Website:

Sentinel Angst List -- mailing list for the discussion and posting of TS fanfic stories involving angst, hurt/comfort, and/or smarm. To be a member, you must be willing to post a piece of Jim or Blair angst, smarm, or h/c at least once every two months. Subscribe here: Website:

Sentinel Thursday -- LiveJournal community (LJ link) with story challenges; includes both gen and slash. Website:

Sentinel_UK List -- mailing list intended primarily for UK fans of TS; mainly intended for chat. Subscribe here:

TS Story Finders List -- mailing list to find that *one* story you maybe haven't been able to find, though you've searched for it; list accepts both gen and slash "looking for" requests so long as they are labeled. Subscribe here: Website:

Tape Search List -- Have you been searching for that one TV show you never taped? Need to find the episode you missed? Willing to help people fill the gaps in their videotape collection? Whether you're trying to finish your collection, or you've got tapes you can copy, or both, this is the group you've been looking for. Subscribe here:

Tape Trading List -- List for tape trading. Subscribe here:
Also check out -- newsgroup for tape trading.

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