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CL's response to GP's closure...
posted January 7, 2002

In the wake of Guide Posts' closure, some readers have naturally been wondering where future Sentinel adult/NC-17 stories will be archived, since the Library does not currently archive those stories.

To avoid any confusion, I just wanted to clarify that the Library's archiving policy will remain the same as it always has, which is that we choose not to archive adult/NC-17 or domestic discipline stories. CL will not be creating a separate adult section or adult archive.

To those who do write and read non-slash NC-17 fiction, we direct to 852 Prospect, the Sentinel adult archive. Although the archive is predominantly slash, it also accepts non-slash adult stories per the rules in its FAQ. In fact, before Guide Posts had an adult section, these stories were archived at 852 Prospect.

If someone wants to create a new archive for non-slash adult fic, the Librarians certainly don't mind. Interestingly, the number of stories the Library has been unable to archive due to our NC-17 policy has been small -- 6 stories by authors archived at CL, about a dozen stories by one author not archived at CL, and 5 domestic discipline stories.

In any case, the Library plans to continue archiving gen Sentinel fic as it has for the past 2 1/2 years, as long as readers find the Library useful, as long as the writers keep writing, and as long as the Librarians aren't run over by Mack trucks. :-)

All of us at the Library send a heartfelt thanks to Kareila and the Elves for their years of hard work and wish them well in their new endeavors. We will miss our big sister, Guide Posts, very much.

Robyn and the CL staff

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