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April Fool's Day 2002

Ellison in Wonderburgerland by Alice -- Jim drops his gun and follows the Not-So-White Rabbit down to a magical kingdom.

Lord of the Senses, Chapter 1 by Footloose -- Jim and Blair go undercover in a dance troupe.

Lord of the Senses, Chapter 2 by Hobbit-forming -- Jim and Blair go undercover in Middle Earth.

Low Expectations by MaidService -- Jim tells Blair to clean the loft.

Blair Dies and Jim is Sad by BabaWawa -- Her angsty-est interview ever. Warning: death story.

TPP-501: BSbyTS by Cra-Z Girls -- Season premiere of the Toilet Paper Productions virtual season! Forgoing both the Academy and the University, Blair opens his own used bookstore on the edge of town. Jim, unable to deal with life without his guide, quits the PD and joins him as his stock boy. The criminal element won't leave them alone, however, and in the first installment, Jim and Blair must become private detectives to unlock the secrets of The Case of the Missing Tea Bags.

The Great S-Cape by Hephaistos -- While trying on an outfit in a costume store, Blair smacks his head and regains consciousness thinking he's Superman. The E/R doctor insists that it's in Blair's best interest for the Major Crime crew to play along. Jim, Megan, and Henri take on the respective personas of "Chief," Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor, but Simon draws the line at answering to "Jimmy Olsen."

Taming of the Sentinel by BeckyB -- AU. What's a frustrated captain to do with a detective who growls at everyone he meets? Hire an expert Tamer, of course...

Kitty Litter by Full Moon -- Jim's spirit guide has the runs.

Dude, Where's My Truck by Flo -- After too many bouts with head trauma, Jim is having memory difficulties. Future AU.

SSP-01: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow by MOH -- Sentinel Schmentinel Productions presents a new TS Virtual Season! Join us in a universe where Jim, following the events of TSbyBS, decides to tell the world the complete truth concerning his Sentinel abilities. The world doesn't care. Shocked at their complete miscalculation of the world's reaction, Jim and Blair quit the Cascade PD and move to Mayberry, North Carolina, with Simon in tow. In the first episode, Floyd gives Deputy Blair a bad haircut and Simon enters a pickle-making contest.

Droplets of Anarchy, Nervous Idiots on the Side, Hiccupping by BeckyB -- Also known as D.A.N.I.S.H., this is a crossover with One West Waikiki. A villain from Jim's past returns to Cascade to take his revenge. At the same time, everyone in Major Crime contracts chronic hiccuping, which quickly spreads to infect the rest of Cascade law enforcement. Only Sandburg escapes, which leaves him in charge of the department and Simon's coffee stash. In the midst of the chaos, Mack and Holli arrive for a visit, unknowingly being trailed by a bad guy of their own. With Jim out of commission and needing a way to combat two criminals out for vengeance, Blair decides to give Mack lessons on "How to Be a Sentinel Without Really Trying."

Sand by Laurel and Hardy has been added to the Stories-in-Progress page -- Jim and Blair get sand in all the wrong places.

Toe Jamb by DawnC -- Blair stubs his toe on the way to the bathroom, and through an amazing series of events involving a rake, a spoiled jar of mayonnaise, a broken ant farm, two little old ladies, a bag of marbles, an unrewound Blockbuster tape, and Simon's favorite pants, Blair ends up clinging to life in the hospital. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, a traffic-delayed Jim discovers that Blair's podiatrist is actually the Fallen Arches Serial Killer....

Happy April Fool's Day!