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April Fool's Day 2003 (the one that wasn't)

Bored and Board by M.B. -- A long, dull stakeout. An even longer MonopolyTM game. And the eventual battle to take down the owner of Boardwalk and Park Place, Blair Sandburg.

Simon and His Merry Men by The Hooded Robber -- Much to the simultaneous amusement and horror of Captain Banks, the police commissioner has volunteered Major Crimes to assist in a fundraiser to benefit the "PD Snack Machine Fund." If that wasn't bad enough, all involved must be in costume and the theme centers around Sherwood Forest and its inhabitants.

That Song by Dodo -- Jim gets an annoying song stuck in his head and ends up humming "I'm a Pink Toothbrush, You're a Blue Toothbrush" all day long.

TPP-601: Bookmarks R' Us by Cra-Z-ier Girls -- Sixth season premiere of the Toilet Paper Productions virtual season! With the used bookstore doing well and Jim the Stock Boy being surprisingly good (if occasionally grumpy) at his job, Blair decides to branch out into bookmarks. However, the competition has other ideas and proceeds to waylay all his tassle shipments. Jim has to catch them in the act while evading a certain octogenarian who likes to pinch.

Sentinel and Mr. Sandburg by A. King -- AU. Secret agent James Ellison (codename: Sentinel) is on the run, hiding from assorted thugs who want the package he's carrying. Dashing into a local bus station he passes off the package to innocent civilian and newcomer to the Cascade area, Blair Sandburg, ("Give it to the woman with the red shoes!") before disappearing into the crowd. Mayhem follows, as does a reluctant friendship.

No Tribble at All by Scotty -- A transdimensional time distortion thingy deposits a pile of purring balls of fluff on Cascade's doorstep. Now what?

The Return of Huggy Bear by Peppy -- Set right after Foreign Exchange. Still unable to get the color of his car corrected, Simon is again stuck with pink (rather than lime green) and ends up going undercover as a suave snitch to catch a vicious gang of car paint thieves.

The One Where Jim Misplaces Sweetheart by Pheebs -- It was supposed to be a quick run through the car wash. But then a robbery of pillow feathers, the ubiquitous train tracks, a borrowed neon yellow motor scooter, and an overly friendly Great Dane intervened. Added together, they result in a new bump on Jim's head -- and the lost memory of where he left the truck.

Knights of Another Era by Katy Did -- After installing a new cable box on Jim's television, the partners find themselves *slurped* into the television itself and into the reality airing at that particular moment -- an 80s series about a well-known talking TransAm and his human partner. First in the TV Series Visit Series; crossover with Knight Rider.

Aliens Among Us by Katy Did -- A new journey of *slurping.* This time, Simon gets caught up in the action as he, Jim and Blair find themselves in Los Angeles -- where spotty-headed aliens are everywhere. Almost immediately, they get involved in a kidnapping case with two LAPD detectives, Matt Sikes and his Tenctonese partner, George Francisco. Second in the TV Series Visit Series; crossover with Alien Nation.

Yabba Dabba No by Katy Did -- Recuperating alone after a work injury, Jim is flipping channels on the television when he hears the beginning of the *slurp*. Fumbling with the remote, he's too late to turn the set off before he's *slurped* inside the set -- and is animated. As a neighbor of Fred Flintstone. Third in the TV Series Visit Series; crossover with The Flintstones.

The Collector by Midge -- The dreaded Curly Joe, aka The Collector, is back in town. He's been watching the news and catching sight of a particular police observer and decides he wants to add something to his collection -- Blair's curls. What lengths will Jim (and the female populace of Cascade!) go to protect Blair's hair?

Thirty-One Candles by Frost -- Blair has a birthday. Jim and Simon pitch in to buy a really BIG cake with plans to coerce cough*blackmail*cough a certain Aussie to jump out of it during the party. But then Jim forgets to disconnect the smoke alarm in the loft before lighting all those candles. And did I mention the newly installed sprinkler system?

The Sentinel: The Musical by J. High-Lo -- Set after Sentinel Too. After the whole floor of Major Crimes gets gassed by an unknown substance, they all break out into song, extoling their virtues and woes to visitors and each other alike. Jim and Blair hole up in the break room and hash out their difficulties and concerns over sheets of music and occasional unseen background accompaniment.

Happy April Fool's Day!