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April Fool's Day 2004

Lucky Seven by Sister Thea -- After returning from Peru, Jim and Blair decide to take that vacation to Las Vegas. With a special pair of blessed dice.

Sentinel and the Peapod by Princess Charming -- Jim can't sleep.

Three-Hour Tour by Ginger and Maryann -- Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. Major Crime goes on a weekend boat trip and makes the mistake of letting Blair navigate. Oops.

Some Sort of Caveman by Grr -- AU. The Sentinel ... a long, long time ago ... fewer clothes, manners, and language skills ... but with considerably more hair.

Undercover Trilogy #1: Kinda Musicians by Mary, Carrie, and Shari -- To ferret out imitation electric guitars, Jim is required to go undercover in a struggling rock bad as a drummer. To keep Ellison's senses stable, Blair joins the group as an up-and-coming guitar player.

Undercover Trilogy #2: Cooking Made Deadly by Mary, Carrie, and Shari -- After the mayor and his top advisors contract a nasty case of food poisoning from a banquet at a high-class restaurant, Simon sends Jim and Blair undercover as a chef and waiter, respectively. While Sandburg flirts with the customers and the waitresses, Jim enters into a friendly cooking competition with the other chef - a tall, beautiful redhead - who also happens to be their prime suspect.

Undercover Trilogy #3: Black Velvet by Mary, Carrie, and Shari -- One last time into the breach as Blair agrees to go undercover as a male model as a favor to the local feds to make contact with a deep-cover agent hiding with the fashion model industry. Ellison insists on accompanying Blair as a bodyguard to protect him from "hordes of drooling females."

Can You Tell Me How to Get... by Miss 'Moi' Piggy --As part of a public relations campaign for Cascade PD, Jim, Blair, and Megan find themselves as guests on Sesame Street. Jim commiserates with Oscar, Megan flirts with Kermit, and Blair entertains children with Elmo. Later on, roommates Jim and Blair meet up with roommates Bert and Ernie to talk about sharing and bottle-cap collecting. Brought to you by the letters E and S and the number 2.

The Greatest Red-Suited Hero by Pamela -- AU. Take one curly-haired teacher and one special red superhero suit given to said teacher by aliens, mix in one gung-ho balding fed, and let simmer until you've got a great crime-fighting team. Sorta. If only the teacher hadn't lost the instruction book to the suit and could figure out how to land without crashing.

Good Ol' Boys by Katy Did -- Jim and Blair realize too late that they just shouldn't watch TVLand when they get *slurped* into the world of car chases galore with the General Lee, Daisy Duke in short-shorts, a hound dog, Rosco P. Coltrane, and Boss Hoggs. Fourth in the TV Series Visit Series; crossover with The Dukes of Hazzard.

Sensing Steele by Katy Did -- While waiting at 852 Prospect for his best team to find the correct shoes, Simon unthinkingly turns on the TV. In the background, Sandburg has no chance to warn the captain before he is *slurped* into the private detective offices of Laura Holt and her mysterious partner. Jim and Blair join him moments later, knowing they won't find a way out until the Case of the Missing Tie Pins is solved. Fifth in the TV Series Visit Series; crossover with Remington Steele.

Stupid Dog by Katy Did -- Home alone again, Jim is flipping television channels and pauses to chuckle at a cartoon featuring a pink dog, a crochety old man named Eustace, and his wife, Muriel. And then he hears the dreaded *slurp*. Muttering rudely, he finds himself animated and in the middle of Nowhere. Literally. Sixth in the TV Series Visit Series; crossover with Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Orbicular Plentitude by Hannah -- In which circumstances happening at the end of a string of events return the players back to the beginning. In other words, Blair plays loop-de-loop with time travel and finds himself back in an oddly familiar hospital room, dressed in a doctor's coat, holding out a business card to a not-quite-so-familiar-anymore Jim. Will Blair do anything to change the future? Does he have a choice? And what happens if he does? And why is the frisbee no longer red? And why does his business card have the middle initial of "J." on it?

Sweetheart's Lament by MaryLou -- Epic poem from the hayseed's POV on her owner's insistence on evil U-turns, reckless speeding after bad guys, and general putting her in harm's way of bullets and occasional trees.

Happy April Fool's Day!