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March 1999

March 31, 1999

Always Something There...3 by Tiger Moon -- Sequel to Always Something There...1 and 2.

March 30, 1999

For a Price by Suzie

I Heard the Mountain Sing by Robyn -- On a hike with Jim, Blair wonders what it would be like to experience heightened senses.

March 29, 1999

We welcome Megan Marie Irvin to the Library!

A Visit From the Past by Megan Marie Irvin

Warm Fuzzies by Iris Wilde -- A short, "feel good" story about friendship.

March 28, 1999

The Cascade Library's second Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with TAE -- is now up. Enjoy!

Something He Ate by Suzie -- Like the title says...

Duty, Honor, Country by Shallan -- An old Army buddy of Ellison's shows up in Cascade and expects that life can pick up again from where it paused in the past. But life never follows the path you lay before it, change is inevitable, and having a partner named Sandburg always makes it interesting.

Fear of Falling by Becky -- A missing scene from Dead Drop.

March 27, 1999

We welcome Lorelie to the Library!

Wild Beasts by Lorelie -- Blair is attacked by a bear in the wilderness, and Jim must do what he can to keep his partner alive until help arrives.

Brothers in Limbo by XmagicalX -- A crossover with Quantum Leap and The Real Ghostbusters. Sam Beckett leaps into an Observer for the Cascade PD, and finds himself in whole new worlds of trouble. For the detective Jim Ellison is more than he seems, the real Blair Sandburg is missing in action, and the only hope is a team in New York with problems of their own... (Archivist's note: This story has can now be found in a fanzine published by Agent With Style.)

We the People... Except by DawnC -- Blair becomes a victim of an extremely intrusive search.

March 26, 1999

Miracles of Life by D. L. Witherspoon -- Post Sentinel Too angst.

March 25, 1999

Kid Sandburg and the Infamous Major Crimes Gang by Becky -- A bit of western melodrama with our favorite team...

March 24, 1999

We welcome Missy Comer to the Library!

Presager by Missy Comer -- #1 in the Foreshadow Series. A slightly alternate universe where Blair has a special ability that is both blessing and curse. Can Jim protect him from those that would use it wrongly?

March 22, 1999

We welcome Andromede, Katie, and Sentarla to the Library!

Energy Fix by Sentarla -- A very short story, from a Rainier student's point of view.

Grounded by Blair Kennedy -- #8 in the Southern Cross Series.

March 21, 1999

Fatigue by DawnC -- It's finals time, and Blair burns out .

Weekend Plans by Becky -- Jim's plans for a peaceful weekend get a small... revision.

March 20, 1999

We welcome Angie Harrison to the Library!

You've Got Mail by Angie Harrison

Choice by D.L. Witherspoon -- Pre-Blair Jim angst.

Truth and Technicality by DawnC -- Based on an actual Supreme Court Case. When a 'technicality' known as the Fourth Amendment threatens to free a dangerous criminal, Blair becomes a casualty in the war between Truth and Justice.

March 19, 1999

Saint Patrick's Day by TAE -- A Saint Patrick's Day drabble.

GS Cookie Recon by Wnnepooh

March 18, 1999

We welcome Nightowl to the Library!

Compromise by Nightowl -- Two Spirit Guides come to an understanding.

March 17, 1999

Spilled... Chocolate by Becky -- A drabble

We welcome Tiger Moon and Wnnepooh to the Library!

Galileo Falling by Tiger Moon -- Post Dead Drop story.

Jinx by Wnnepooh -- Well, Simon and Daryl deserved an enjoyable vacation just once. Needless to say, they got a MEMORABLE one instead.

March 16, 1999

Glimpses: What A Mother Sees by Sammi M. -- Snippets of things from Naomi.

Close Calls by Mackie -- Missing scene for The Waiting Room.

March 15, 1999

Grand Opening!

The Cascade Library's first Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with D.L. Witherspoon -- is up. Enjoy!

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