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April 1999

April 30, 1999

We welcome Sherrylou and Donna Kirking to the Library!

Keeper of the Key by Sherrylou -- A key unlocks trouble for Blair.

Matrix of Pain, Matrix of Healing by Donna Kirking -- Crossover with Matrix (the tv show). Yet again, the crash in Peru comes back to haunt the Sentinel, his Guide, and a former mob hitman who has been assigned to protect them.

April 29, 1999

Puddle Hoppin' by Robyn -- The story behind the two pairs of boots seen in Hear No Evil beneath the loft's coat rack.

The Stepford Guide by Meredith Lynne -- In which we learn that there is nothing more frightening to a Sentinel than a Guide on his best behavior! Originally published in Scared Senseless #1.

April 28, 1999

We welcome Katherine Lehman to the Cascade Library.

Traces I by D.L. Witherspoon -- This is a sequel to Miracles of Life.

April 27, 1999

We welcome Kim Heggen and Jackie Lang to the Library!

Who Shall Guard the Guardians Themselves? by K. Ryn (This slightly revised version of K. Ryn's story is now archived.)

Rough Housing by DawnC -- A short, smarm-laden piece: Jim, Blair, Simon and Daryl are playing a game of water polo that turns sour. Rated PG.

Prepared (The Best Laid Plans Gang Aft Agly) by TAE -- SMALL WARNING FOR ANIMAL LOVERS! Jim, Blair, and Simon go fishing, only this time, they're prepared... at least, they think they're prepared.

OJ by Besterette -- A drabble.

April 26, 1999

We welcome Grey Bard to the Library!

Sore Loser by Grey Bard -- Not your average hurt/comfort story. (#6 in The Everyday Life Series).

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Cindy Combs -- is now up. Enjoy!

Special Times by Suzie -- For our Munchkin (~ December 1979 to April 1999 ~)... We will always love you and miss you lots.

April 24, 1999

Lest We Forget by Sentarla -- This is related to a holiday Australian's have. (I hope the topic does not upset anyone, and if it does, then I'm sorry.)

Storm by Becky -- When it comes to friendship, actions speak louder than words.

April 23, 1999

The Art of Self Preservation by Sue Pokorny -- Sandburg has a date.

Tug of War by Sorcha -- Jim, Blair, and Jim's father -- the title says it all.

The Cascade Rodeo by Joey Freeman -- Jim and Blair go to a rodeo; needless to say, bad luck strikes again for our heroes. NOT A DEATH STORY!

April 22, 1999

Acquainted with the Night by D.L. Witherspoon -- An enemy from Jim's past comes back to Cascade.

Excuses by SierraBJ -- More silliness!

April 21, 1999

We welcome JAC to the Library!

The Library by JAC -- A gunman is terrorizing the Library, and Sandburg is nowhere to be found.

Excess Energy by The CascadeTimes Crew -- What happens when you cross Jim and an 'all natural energy drink'? Chaos!

Heartsongs by Becky -- If you can't guess by the title, yes, this is smarm. Though I would categorize it as melancholy smarm if you want to be specific.

April 20, 1999

We welcome Stacia Mcgourty, Joey Freeman, and Killash to the Library!

The Saran Wrap Incident by Stacia Mcgourty -- A bit of fun posted to CascadeTimes.

Fight by Joey Freeman -- A Sentinel Challenge Missing Scene for Foreign Exchange. What happened to Blair at the Mint while Jim and Megan went after Burnette?

Hearts by Joey Freeman -- A house explodes and Jim thinks Blair is dead.

Until It Sleeps by Killash -- Jim is trapped, alone and in danger, and what's worse, his spirit is trapped as well. And Blair?... Angst galore.

Wild World by Killash -- Really, really silly. Just a short thingy my Mom and I wrote together. I swear, we knew NOT what we were doing. Please don't hold it against us, therapy doesn't come cheap. In response to Challenge #7 on Jen & Suzie's page.

Lost and Found by Suzie -- A response to Challenge #7 on Jen and Suzie's page.

The Ides Plus Two by Swellison -- It's tax time. Do you know where your W2 has gone? Rated G.

April 19, 1999

A Study in Flannel by Becky -- Jim comes home to find Blair on a 'seek and discover' mission.

April 18, 1999

Maggie by Marianne Edison -- Blair has a secret. (This one came to me this morning while I was reading a book. Somehow I can just see Blair doing this!)

Avenging Angel by DawnC -- A sequel to Mirror Image. Chapel's back, and he's out for revenge!

Beggar's Ride by inkling -- It's late March, 1998, and things are a bit slow in Cascade for the guys. Between dreams and late night phone calls, Blair's beauty sleep is suffering. Jim is digging through old files looking for a case to solve, and no one is surprised when his trek through Cascade PD's archives turns up a bit more than dust bunnies...

April 17, 1999

Black Cat by DawnC -- On Halloween, Blair encounters a mysterious black cat. (This is a re-post of a previously available story from Halloween 1998).

Life Is Uncertain by Kay Lillibridge -- A bomb scare at Rainier University's library interrupts an afternoon of study for Blair. Note: This story is based on an actual event at the San Francisco main library.

April 15, 1999

We welcome inkling to the Library!

Cupboard Search by Becky -- Drabble. Answer to a CascadeTimes challenge.

Hero Du Jour: Major Crime -- The Race by TAE and Danawheels -- Primarily a Mable piece, so those who don't like her can skip this one. Mable enters a 10K race and is told she needs an 'attendant,' much to her annoyance. Joel volunteers to ask his coworkers for a volunteer to accompany her with predictable results.

There's Always a First Time for Everything by Eagle Eye -- Smarm, Jim owie, smarm, Blair owies, smarm, hospital scene, smarm... I think you guys get the idea, huh?

April 12, 1999

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with LRH Balzer -- is now up. Enjoy!

Mug Shot of an Anthropologists by DawnC -- A short missing scene from The Girl Next Door, when Blair gets arrested. A touch of angst. A touch of humor.

April 11, 1999

Cherry Bombs by DawnC and Hephaistos -- An accidentally inebriated Blair gets involved in one of Simon's cases.

Hope by Carolyn -- #6 in Reflections On the Human Condition.

April 10, 1999

Spirit Talks by Megan Marie Irvin

Grief by Carolyn -- #5 in Reflections On the Human Condition.

April 9, 1999

We welcome Elli McGrath and KandaceK to the Library!

Silver Cloud, Dark Lining by KandaceK -- That last mission to Peru once again rears its ugly head. Will Jim survive? Can his Guide help him?

I Know by D.L. Witherspoon -- Blair's thoughts when Jim is shot.

April 6, 1999

Platinum by Swellison -- A Christmas story. Jim gets an unusual undercover assignment during the holiday season, and Blair gets an early Christmas present: Sentinel tests...lots and lots of Sentinel tests. Rated PG.

We welcome Brenda Knodle and Sue Pokorny to the Library!

Treasure Hunt by Sue Pokorny -- An old friend of Blair's sends him a package which leads both him and Jim on a dangerous hunt for a long lost Incan treasure.

Angel of Mine by Sue Pokorny -- When Naomi is critically injured in a car crash, Jim must find Blair before it's too late.

April 5, 1999

We welcome Besterette to the Library!

The Path by Besterette -- Death story, well, Afterlife story, whatever.

April 4, 1999

Book Covers by MyMom -- An unsuspecting police officer finds that Jim Ellison isn't the only one who's protective of a certain long-haired, neo-hippie anthropologist police observer.

We welcome Meredith Lynne to the Library!

Domesticity II: The Infinite Circularity of Donuts by Meredith Lynne -- In which the native superiority of eggs is called into question. More sweetness and light. What can I say? It's a sickness.

April 2, 1999

Sight by Sentarla -- #2 in the Fallen Series.

April 1, 1999

We welcome Kay Lillibridge to the Library!

Peaceable Kingdom by Kay Lillibridge -- Blair takes on a simple baby-sitting job, only to have things go wrong almost from the start.

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