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June 1999

June 30, 1999

Wild Dreams by Wnnepooh

We welcome Cindy Wells to the Library!

For a New Future by Cindy Wells -- Missing scene for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

The Other Side of Reality by DawnC -- This is a stand-alone sequel to When the Mirror Looks Back. Jim and Blair must face some hard challenges as Blair struggles on the path of shamanism.

June 29, 1999

Phantasmagoric Interlude by D.L. Witherspoon -- A flu-sick Jim is plagued by a nightmare.

June 28, 1999

Retrieval by Yvonne S. McCool -- Byron meets his destiny in an unexpected place. #28 in the Upgrade Series.

Angel: Desktop Clutter by Tiger Moon -- Jim is cleaning one night and some dishes remind him of something that happened the day before. Sequel to Angel: Simple Gifts.

June 27, 1999

I am a Rock by Wendy Myers -- A look at how far Jim Ellison, Sentinel of the Great City, and Blair Sandburg, his Shaman, have come since Switchman.

Volvo Stuffing by Becky -- Rhonda asks for a favor from Blair, and he agrees. And it only goes downhill from there, at least from Jim's point-of-view.

Wellspring by Tate -- Sequel to Watermark, told from Jim's perspective.

No Going Back by Alberte -- A The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg missing scene. After Jim opens up at the hospital, both men deal with the emotional consequences of the past few days.

Darkness and Light by Tara -- Blair's life is thrown into disarray when he faces a loss, but there may be a far more precious friendship waiting for him. As well, one of Cascade's finest has finally ended a long period of solitude.

June 24, 1999

Disciplined Breakdown by Sue Pokorny and Shycat -- When a popular highschool athlete is found dead, it's up to Jim and Blair to determine who are the suspects and who are the victims.

Close as a Heartbeat by MyMom -- An assassin that leaves no clues is after a department-protected witness. What he didn't plan on was a Sentinel detective and his Shaman/Guide.

He Knows by D.L. Witherspoon -- A companion piece to I Know.

All He Needed by KandaceK -- Rated G. Knowledge of The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg assumed.

June 21, 1999

Into the Mouth of Hell by Sherrylou -- An enemy's back and he's out for revenge. This story is a sequel to Keeper of the Key.

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Becky -- is now up. Enjoy!

Promises, Promises by Nickerbits -- This is my long overdue response to the Jim, Blair and JimÃs six year old niece visit Disneyland challenge that TAE, Emerald and I agreed to at the rally in January.

Angel: Simple Gift by Tiger Moon -- Jim surprises Blair one night when he comes home from class. This is the third in The Angel Series.

June 20, 1999

Angel: Puppysitting by Tiger Moon -- Blair asks Jim to puppysit one night. This is the second in The Angel Series.

June 19, 1999

We welcome Suisan R. to the Library!

Land of Nye by Suisan R. -- Response to the 'It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Challenge' found at The Loft. Rated PG-13 for mild language.

Traces: Father's Day by D.L. Witherspoon -- A Father's Day story. #4 in The Traces Collection.

June 18, 1999

We welcome Elaine and Hazel to the Library!

Stakeout One-Thousand And...? by Elaine -- The men of Major Crimes find out that you can have fun on a stakeout.

After the Fact by Hazel -- After the events in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, Blair tries to come to terms with his decision.

The More Things Change by Sue Pokorny -- Blair's first case as an 'official' member of Major Crimes concerns a death which is seemingly connected to a cult practicing ancient Peruvian rituals.

June 17, 1999

We welcome Jennie Keen and LindaS to the Library!

Edge of Seventeen by Jennie Keen -- An alternate universe story. A young boy named Blair Sandburg is taken away from his mother Naomi, and is forced to go to a military boarding school. He must find his destiny and happiness but must go through some obstacles to get there first.

After the Pain (or Operation: 'It') by LindaS -- Even though Blair is ill, he still finds himself in one misadventure after another.

June 16, 1999

Insomnia by Medie -- What happens when a Sentinel can't sleep? Mischief, naturally.

We welcome Graywulf to the Library!

You Don't Wanna Know by Graywulf -- A murder investigation goes strange when a young woman, who knows more about a murder than she should, shows up at the Cascade P.D.'s Major Crimes Unit. Rated R.

Sandburg's Sister by Besterette -- Blair's half sister comes to Cascade hoping for a family reunion... if Jim can keep her alive long enough. First in The Sparrowhawk Sandburg Series.

June 15, 1999

Class Dismissed by Alberte -- A missing scene for Murder 101.

We welcome Red Falcon to the Library!

The Accident by Red Falcon -- Jim and Blair witness an accident that turns very bad.

June 14, 1999

We welcome Trish to the Cascade Library!

Soul of Mine by DawnC -- A true 'science' fiction story that tugs hard on the heart strings. (Note: This is a tear-jerker. No real violence. Just a lot of h/c and 'real science' principles). Rated PG-13 for strong emotional content.

Genesis by Yvonne S. McCool -- Jim discovers a relative he knew nothing about. #27 in the Upgrade Series.

June 13, 1999

Shiyoganai by Sammi M. -- It's inevitable. #5 in the It's About Family Series.

Losing the Bet by Toni -- A bit of humor. Best if read after Flashes of Clarity.

Flashes of Clarity by Toni -- This takes place following Blind Man's Bluff.

We welcome Mpala to the Library!

Ordinary Days: Chronicles of a Sentinel and His Guide by Mpala -- This is the first entry in a study of the famous bond between our favorite sentinel and shaman/guide partnership and how this bond evolves through everyday situations. This one is written from Jim's POV and takes place sometime after Sentinel Too, Part 2.

June 12, 1999

Pen Hunt by Becky -- A drabble.

Daybreak by Becky -- This is a companion piece to Nightfall, though each story stands on its own.

Changing Lives by MegaRed -- After the Switchman case is wrapped up, the guys go to Carolyn's for dinner, and Jim begins to get used to having someone in his life again. Obvious spoilers for the pilot, Switchman.

June 11, 1999

We welcome Stargazer to the Library!

Thoughts of Fraud... If Only by Stargazer -- Missing scene for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Dear Diary by Joey Freeman -- What happens to everyone in the future? This story is told by one of Blair's daughters. This is in script format.

June 10, 1999

Hilltop Hour by JET -- Jim must become Blair's guide to help him recover after a serious accident. Plenty of h/c and angst, with a touch of plot thrown in for good measure...

Mail Bonding by Shelly -- The boys communicate.

We welcome Magnetic North and Malu to the Library!

Dyad by Magnetic North -- Recent events have laid bare insecurities, hopes, and fears. The thoughts of both men are expressed in one soliloquy. Follows The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

The Days That Are No More by Malu -- Smarm... smarm... and lots of smarm. Warm, emotion-filled fuzzy stuff.

June 9, 1999

Possession by Virginia Foster -- Jim and Blair reflect on the events surrounding Blair's 'death' and their relationship after the interference of Alex Barnes.

The Gift by Tiger Moon -- Jim gets Blair a gift.

Old Wounds by Wnnepooh -- There's a new detective in the CPD Major Crimes bullpen; someone who's bringing their own secrets and opening up some old wounds -- for lots of people. And to top it all off, Simon's got his hands full with three decapitated bodies. This is a crossover with Highlander.

Diamond Ring Turned Brass by Robyn -- A collection of baby vignettes starring Jim, Steven, Blair, and their parents, written around a famous lullaby.

June 8, 1999

Character Debate by Tiger Moon -- Jim and Blair discuss a couple of their favourite TV shows...

June 7, 1999

Sticks and Stones by JAC -- A shooting at Rainier brings back some painful memories for Blair.

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with K. Ryn -- is now up. Enjoy!

June 6, 1999

Sculptor of Souls by JET -- An unexpected package in the mail leads Jim to reflect on the many changes in his life. Spoiler for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, minor reference to Switchman.

Confessions by Taleya -- #8 in the Babe in Arms Series.

June 5, 1999

Random Happenstance by Eagle Eye -- Just a bit of introspection with me using the guys to work my feelings out.

June 4, 1999

High Rise by Mackie -- A plotless serving of Blairpain for a friend.

We welcome Alberte to the Library!

Most Definitely Wanted by Alberte -- A Most Wanted missing scene. What happened after Jim found Blair unconscious and the baby missing?

June 2, 1999

Angel by Tiger Moon -- The boys help deliver a litter of puppies with heart-wrenching results. This is the first in The Angel Series.

We welcome WhiteJazz to the Library!

From Out of the Shadow by WhiteJazz -- When Chicago's finest team of US Marshals track an escaped bomber to Cascade, the hunt becomes personal for the men and women of Major Crimes.

Rona by Sentarla -- A friend of Blair's goes through a cyclone and we get front row seats.

June 1, 1999

This Can't Be Happening by Virginia Foster -- Jim's thoughts as he realizes Blair is in danger at the end of Sentinel Too, Part 1 and fights to save him. Yet another Sentinel Too story.

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