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September 1999

September 29, 1999

Faux Paws Productions Premiere: FPP-501: Following the Wolf by Susan L. Williams -- The virtual season premiere episode begins immediately after the events in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Blair is plagued with uncertainty following the collapse of his academic dreams. Doubtful of his future and his place in Jim's life, he leaves Cascade on a quest to gain some much-needed focus.

We welcome Vision to the Library!

Exhaustion by Vision -- More Jim-angst.

The Cleansing by Vision -- Jim-angst.

Heatwave by TAE -- A heatwave's in Cascade, without air conditioning. (Warning: There are appearances by Mable, Cecilia, and Ronnie; if you don't like them, skip this one.)

Chills by Suzie -- A Halloween story! A ghost comes to the loft.

September 28, 1999

Caesar Rodney Rides Again! by Captain Outrageous -- Jim is pigging out. Can Blair get his attention with some info on the new Delaware quarter?

We welcome Enola Jones to the Library!

Merrow by Enola Jones -- #1 in The Merrow Series, an AU where Blair has undergone a life-altering change following the events of Sentinel Too, Part 1. This first story is Sentinel Too, Part 2 done my way.

Zone by Enola Jones -- When a bank robbery hits a little too close to home, it has a surprising impact upon Simon.

Blood Brothers by Enola Jones -- Jim finally realizes how much Blair cares for him, and how much he cares for Blair.

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Sealie -- is now up. Enjoy!

September 27, 1999

Putting Out the Fire by TAE -- Blair has to testify after being a good samaritan.

Till Human Voices Wake Us by Besterette -- An S2 epilogue.

September 26, 1999

We welcome Arcayne to the Library!

It's a Wonderful Sentinel/Guide Christmas/Hanukkah Life by Angie Harrison and Iris Wilde -- A Christmas/Hanukkah story in September.

Taking Leave by TAE -- The rules have changed and suddenly, Jim is faced with having acrued too much annual leave which he must use before the end of the year. With his partner at the academy, he doesn't have any idea of what to do, until Simon makes a suggestion.

On the Razor's Edge by Kim Heggen -- A Cypher missing scene.

September 25, 1999

Fieldwork by Toni -- After the events of Sentinel Too, Part 2, Blair and Jim get the chance to walk a mile (or so) in each other's shoes.

Animal House by Shelley Knepley -- This is Challenge #20 at Jen and Suzie's Challenge Page: Major Crimes' reaction to the taped 'howling scene' from The Real Deal.

September 24, 1999

Aperitif by D.L. Witherspoon -- Jim and his dad share pre-dinner libation and conversation following the events of The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

September 23, 1999

Blair's Reprise: Soliloquy Two by JET -- Blair's insights into his friendship with Jim. This is a companion story to Soliloquy, this time from Blair's perspective.

September 22, 1999

Bites, Bytes and Bears, Oh My by Andi Charleville -- A challenge story. Must include (1) a bon fire, (2) marshmallows, (3) tent, (4) sleeping bag, (5) fish, (6) a LIVE bear, and (7) a computer. A short, smarm story.

We welcome Shelley Knepley to the Library!

Travel Plans by Shelley Knepley -- Blair is off to visit a friend in Hawaii.

A Last Gift by JAC -- Warning! This is a death story.

Patients Makes The Heart Grow Fonder by Suzie -- Jim's sick.

September 21, 1999

The Intrepid Anthropologist by DawnC -- Just a humorous bit: Blair torments Jim.

Experimental Ramblings by DawnC -- Stream of consciousness writing featuring Blair angst.

Visions Before Dawn by DawnC -- Blair has a disturbing dream.

Mortal Combat by DawnC -- Jim and Blair and a stakeout gone wrong. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Blind Faith by Hazel -- Blind Man's Bluff as seen through Blair's eyes. Includes a lot of missing scenes.

September 20, 1999

Chop-Chop by Becky -- Jim's had a bad day and uses a sharp object to take out his aggression.

The Perfect Team by Medie -- Blair and Jim are guarding the daughter of Alexander Addington, multibillionaire and activist. Problem is? There's an assassin out to kill her. Crossover with Counterstrike.. Rated PG.

Mimsy's Wedding by Besterette -- Blair and Beau's cousin is getting married; Beau and Jim are getting better acquainted. Rated PG-15 (m/f non-explicit love scene).

September 19, 1999

My Empyrean by Robyn -- A short, gentle smarm piece from Jim's POV, especially for those who enjoy a thoughtful Jim and sleepy Blair.

Contrition and Absolution by Aubrey Robin -- Snippets from the angst list.

September 18, 1999

We welcome Rachel Martin to the Cascade Library!

Leave It by Rachel Martin -- AU. Captain James Ellison inadvertently chooses his Guide before going to Peru. Rated a very STRONG R for language, adult situations, adult themes. Please be aware of this before reading.

September 17, 1999

Hurricane Blair by Calie -- Every cloud has a silver lining. Humor. Rated G.

Touche, Cliche by Captain Outrageous -- The boys are not acting right, what's wrong with them?

Jim, Don't Eat That Twinkie by Wildeskind -- Blair is sleeping. And dreaming. (This was previously titled To Sleep Perchance to Dream, the story has also been updated.)

September 16, 1999

The Vigil by KandaceK -- Jim's cover is blown, and he pays the price. Tiny spoilers for Night Train and Sentinel Too, Part 1.

Rome by Calie -- Blair embarks on a long and challenging journey.

September 15, 1999

By a Thread by D.L. Witherspoon -- A simple case story set in the first season.

Summer of '99 by Lorelie -- Post-TSbyBS. Blair takes a trip to attend Woodstock, and the boys talk when he gets back.

You'll Still Be in My Heart by Eagle Eye -- A companion piece to Suzie's You'll Be In My Heart. A little angst, a little smarm, a little h/c.

September 13, 1999

You Set Me Free by Ceci -- A smarmish epilogue for Prisoner X.

September 12, 1999

We welcome Trudy Goold to the Library!

September 9, 1999

Invasion Cascade by Trish -- Reunites the Sentinel and Guide with the team from SG-1 when aliens come to Cascade. This is #2 in the Sentinel-Stargate SG-1 Universe.

Dangerous Shopping by Starfox -- The boys need some groceries.

Reflections on Friendship by Becky -- A few momentary glimpses of the boys.

September 8, 1999

We welcome Calie to the Library!

Mirrors by Calie -- Jim faces the truth about himself.

September 7, 1999

We welcome M.G. Burton and Shar to the Library!

Get It? Got It? Good! by M.G. Burton -- Jim's having a nasty deja vu experience when he suspects another Sentinel is in Cascade....

You Needed Me by Shar -- Jim and Blair have a stressful day at work.

September 6, 1999

You Haven't Lived Till You've Walked in the Rain by Medie -- On a rainy afternoon, Blair takes Jim on a romp through the Sandburg Zone.

Blair's Surprise by Hazel -- Blair plans a surprise for Jim, but Jim's not the only one surprised. (Edited version of the story posted to the SentinelAngst List).

Shock Waves by JET -- A tragedy threatens to destroy Jim.

September 5, 1999

We welcome Andi Charleville, and EJKatz to the Library!

Dimples Can Be Deadly by Andi Charleville -- This was written for the August challenge on the Hetskateers Page. It required four things: (1) a lead male character in a dress, (2) paint, (3) a tumble in the hay (either a fall or sex), and (4) a pie in the face (accidentally or on purpose).

The Return of Alex Barnes by EJKatz -- This story is in answer to Jen and Suzie's Challenge #19.

September 4, 1999

We welcome Sleepy to the Library!

Blair's Weekend by Sleepy -- This story is in answer to Jen and Suzie's Challenge #5, and is archived on their Challenge Page. This story has not been betaed.

September 3, 1999

Go, Macarena! by Captain Outrageous -- Blair makes a bet with the guys in Major Crimes. Can he deliver?

You Are My Home by Aubrey Robin -- A moment of understanding.

September 2, 1999

Who You Gonna Call... When Your Butt's Hanging Out? by Red Soprano -- An epilogue to Blind Man's Bluff.

You'll Be in My Heart by Suzie -- Lyrics by Phil Collins, story by Suzie. ~Grin~

Nightowl's (Kay Lynne's) author Page now has a complete listing of her stories.

We welcome Starfox to the Library!

Simple Comforts by Starfox -- My first fanfic. Blair has a migraine and Jim tries to help.

September 1, 1999

Into the Drink by WhiteJazz -- Jim, Blair, some raw chicken... that's all I'm saying.

Shamanic Ecstasy by D.L. Witherspoon -- In the aftermath of TSbyBS, Blair goes in search of his true self.

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