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November 1999

While the actual daily log for November 1999 was lost, here is a list of stories we believe were archived in this month.

Virtual Season episodes:

BPP-504: Something Wicked This Way Comes by Paula -- Celebrate Halloween with the guys and gals of Major Crimes as they track a serial killer on the most horrifying night of the year.

BPP-505: Family Ties by WhiteJazz -- A runaway is witness to a murder, and Jim and Blair must find him before the killer does.

BPP-506: Never Give Up by TAE -- The smell of C4...a timer counting down...the click as the detonator is activated. All the Sentinel has time to shout is a quick warning. BOMB!


FPP-505: Rock and a Hard Place by Eddie -- Following the stress of academy training, Jim and Blair head for Yosemite to see Naomi, who is there on a retreat. Shamanistic visions, bad guys, and a place called "Sentinel Rock" disrupt their plans for a peaceful vacation. (Note: Sentinel Rock really exists in Yosemite National Park.)

FPP-524: Donut Run by Captain Outrageous and Wildeskind -- Blair's first day on the job is fraught with danger when he's assigned a task routinely undertaken by every new detective in Major Crime: the donut run.

FPP-507: Cordon Bleu by Kim Heggen -- An old, unsolved robbery and a released convict result in Jim and Blair in one of their most unusual undercover assignments... a culinary competition.

FPP-509: 5 Point Shot by Sue Pokorny -- The death of Rainier's star sophomore forward takes Blair back to the University and his former colleagues. Orvelle Wallace (of Three Point Shot and Four Point Shot), now head coach, asks Jim and Blair to investigate the kid's death.


The Library welcomes these authors:
Bonnie, Ceryndip, Dar Hutson Scally, Darwin's DAMeS, Debby, Ella, Fidus Amicus, L. Sharkey, Monica Massey, Santana, Toni Rae, Trekkieb


Featured Author Exhibits: XmagicalX and Yvonne S. McCool


Stories by author:

Heart in the Right Place by Aubrey Robin -- Sandburg dreams up the perfect birthday gift for Ellison--but planning and execution are two different things...

Centering -- Changes Drabble by Becky -- Post-The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Renewal -- Changes Drabble by Becky -- Post-The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Hearth by Becky -- Response to the 1999 CascadeTimes Thanksgiving Challenge.

Night's Vision by Becky -- During a brief fishing trip, remnants of Jim and Blair's encounter with Alex pop up in an unexpected fashion. Set sometime after S2, but before TSbyBS.

Traditional Christmas by Becky -- Written in response to the 1999 CascadeTimes Christmas Challenge.

Snapshots by Besterette -- Bits and pieces, scraps, scenes that might make it into a full fic someday.

WWII Drabbles by Besterette -- Angsty drabbles.

Last Rites by Bonnie -- Her first fanfic. After a bust goes wrong, Blair must go through the hardest test.

Murder in Mind by Bonnie and Shycat -- Blair has temporary amnesia. What's worse -- he may have witnessed a murder.

Horse Sense by Captain Outrageous -- Blair is having a bad hair day and it's all Jim's fault. #1 in Horseplay series.

A Bestowed Gift by Ceci -- Blair receives an e-mail that makes both Jim and himself think about some of the deeper things in life.

A Little Thanksgiving Story by Ceryndip -- An answer to Angie's Thanksgiving Challenge (on the CascadeTimes List).

Sibling Rivalry by Charli -- Jim's brother Stephen is jealous of his relationship with Blair. Will Jim be forced to choose between his blood brother and his Guide?

Waiting by Danae -- Everyone is waiting...

Please Don't Shoot the Turkey! by Dar Huston Scally -- A little Thanksgiving Day tale.

Street Kid by Dar Huston Scally -- New Detective Blair Sandburg takes a little unexpected trip into his past.

Redemption by DawnC -- Alex Barnes' psychiatrist realizes she's a sentinel, forcing Jim and Blair back into the media spotlight. Spoilers for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg and Sentinel Too.

Zones of Privacy by DawnC -- Blair gets arrested for a crime he often commits.

Loss of Innocence by Deana A. Jamroz -- After his time in Peru, U.S. Army Captain and Sentinel James Ellison is sent to Bali on R&R, and continues to look for answers. Follow-up to Limbo.

Lost and Found by Debby -- Five years ago, James Ellison had to become lost to become found.

It Can't Rain All the Time by Ella -- A crossover of The Sentinel and The Crow (no Crow characters, just the bird). Spoilers for Sentinel Too, a cliffhanger episode now infamous for having the longest flatlining character in television history.

Between Friends by Fidus Amicus -- When Blair goes out of town for a week, Jim comes to realize just how much he's coming to rely on his new partner. Takes place after the episode Second Chance.

Bite Me by Fitz Steelshot -- Blair falls victim to a police K-9 unit.

Blind Justice by Hazel -- Blind Man's Bluff from Jim's POV. Companion piece to Blind Faith (Blair's POV). Lots of missing scenes! This story is a sequel to Blind Faith.

Breaking Bread by JET and MegaRed -- Blair encourages Jim to try to work things out with his father over a special Thanksgiving dinner.

A Matter of Perspective by JET -- The events after TSbyBS become too much for Jim.

Little God of My Heart by Juliet Benson -- The depths of Naomi's love.

So I Married an Anthropologist... by Juliet Benson -- It's about a squirrel.

Stranger to the Rain by Juliet Benson -- Missing scene for Sentinel Too, Part 2. #1 in the Close to Eden series.

Dance Before the Lightening by Juliet Benson -- Blair thinking. He and Jim talking. Sort of. #2 in the Close to Eden series.

Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts by Juliet Benson -- Alternative ending to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog by Juliet Benson -- Blair takes Jim out in the woods to do a test. They find trouble.

For Laughs by WhiteJazz -- Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. #1 in the Instructions for Life Series.

Silence by WhiteJazz -- Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. #2 in the Instructions for Life Series.

You Are Protected by WhiteJazz -- Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality. #3 in the Instructions for Life Series.

Everything by L. Sharkey -- Although I liked the way that The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg was done, I would have preferred something a little different. So this is my take on how things should have gone down. The story picks up a few days after Jim's secret is out. There is no Zeller or Megan in my story (this is a Megan-Free zone).

Skating on Lake Balaton by Laurie Borealis -- Jim helps Blair with a slippery problem.

The Bridge by Lucy Hale

Brotherhood by Lucy Hale

Fresh Bread by Lucy Hale

Hearts and Lungs by Lucy Hale

A Reason by Medie -- Response to the 1999 CascadeTimes Thanksgiving Challenge.

Survival Tactics by MegaRed -- Missing scene for Survival.

Circumstance or Fate by Rivanna Michaels -- AU. The jungles of Peru can be an unrelenting place, and sometimes one small decision can change the course of a lifetime. #1 in the Footpaths Through Peru series.

Forever by Robyn

Neighbors by Ronnee -- A short piece set after TSbyBS, with few spoilers.

Picnic by Ronnee -- A quiet day in the life of the Cascade PD. Smarm alert. Spoilers to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Also, you don't have to read my other stuff, but it is helpful if you’ve read The Protests and Moving Day.

Lifetime by Sammi M -- The burdens of sadness and guilt and lifetimes.

Split Second by Sammi M -- So much can happen in so little time.

While There Is Still Time by Sentarla -- Snow, Christmas Eve, accident, blood and words that need to be spoken while there is still time.

Thanksgiving by Stargazer -- Response to the 1999 CascadeTimes Thanksgiving Challenge.

Thoughts of Death (Near Death Experience) by Stargazer -- A missing scene for S2P1/P2 at the water fountain.

A Little Sense-Work by Swellison -- A late-night conversation at Rainier leads to further understanding of the Sentinel's abilities. First season story, with minor spoilers/references to Night Train and Rogue.

Short and Sweet by Swellison -- Jim helps Blair run an errand in Chicago.

Button, Button, Who's Got the Friggin' Button! by TAE -- For Cascade Times, a practical joke doesn't go quite as planned, and the usual suspects had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Justice by TAE -- Please, be responsible and don't drink and drive, or allow anyone you're with to do so, either.

The New Roommate by Tiger Moon -- Jim gets a new roommate.

Weekend Giggles by Tiger Moon -- Blair comes home to find a surprise guest. Humor.

Cause and Effect by Toni -- Blair makes a terrible discovery, and reacts in a terrible way.

Smile by Toni -- A strange twist of fate saves Blair from a campus shooter.

Miracle Ball by Toni Rae -- The boys have the opportunity to spend a relatively mild evening on the town, and it's all for a good cause.

Another One Bites the Dust by Trekkieb -- Jim's truck gets totaled...yet again.

Collision by Vision -- Fear and lies threaten Jim and Blair's relationship. Will Blair discover the "truth" before it's too late? This story is a sequel to Wreckage.

Fowl Play by Vision -- Response to the 1999 CascadeTimes Thanksgiving Challenge.

Vision by Vision -- Missing scene for Blind Man's Bluff.

Allies (Allies # 1) by Yvonne S. McCool -- Crossover with Stargate SG-1. SG1 discovers a planet of Sentinels and need the help of an expert.

Running With the Pack by Yvonne. S. McCool -- Carolyn Plummer reunites with her son, and Jim and Blair take the young Sentinel/Guide pairs for training. Upgrade #29.

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