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February 2000

February 29, 2000

BPP-516: Sandburg Squared by Zadra and Cindy Combs -- When Blair's Uncle Obie comes to town, Jim discovers just how much trouble two Sandburgs can attract.

Spring by MaBrown -- Short, introspective piece involving Blair. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Mercy by Mpala -- After the events of TSbyBS, the lives of sentinel and guide take another unexpected turn.

Processing by Starfox -- My take on how the series could've continued.

February 28, 2000

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Laura Picken -- is now up. Enjoy!

February 27, 2000

Remembrance by D.L. Witherspoon -- #7 in the Alternate Reality Series. What really happened to Grace Ellison? WARNING! This is rated a STRONG R!

Partners in Crime... And Punishment by Carolina Moon -- Captain Banks tries a new method of punishment on his best team.

Not Letting This Go by poyznelf -- Naomi's story. I am reeeeeeaaalllly mean and nasty to Naomi in this one folks. #5 in The Madness Series with spoilers for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. This story is in memory of Julie Goldwyn.

Blair Zone by MaBrown -- Blair begins to unravel as a brutal caseload and tragic accident push him over the edge.

February 26, 2000

Work Was Never This Hard by Kimberly Workman -- #7 in the Broken Spirit Series. Jim's back at work, but this will not be a smooth road for him or anyone that gets in his way.

Time to End It by Taleya -- Post-TSbyBS angst.

Penance by Becky -- Jim and Blair deal with a last bit of emotional fallout from The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg and in the process, learn to let go and move on. This is a post-TSbyBS -- but Blair is NOT a cop.

February 25, 2000

Southern Hospitality by Shycat and Sue Pokorny -- Blair's trip to visit an old friend is interrupted by tragedy and deception. When he finds incriminating evidence against the local police, it's up to Jim to make sure his friend doesn't become gator bait.

Dark Guide, Part 1 by Susan Foster -- First installment in the new Dark Guide Series.

February 24, 2000

Over-Reactions by Carole -- What happens when Jim is out of town, a news broadcast hints at trouble for the Guide, and Blair doesn't answer the phone?

On the Run by Suzie -- Jim and Blair continue to stay ahead of the game. Simon receives a letter. #2 in The Wanted Series.

All Things Come Around by Susan Foster -- Part of the GDP Series.

We welcome MaBrown to the Library!

The Tooth of the Matter by MaBrown -- Blair and Simon do a little bonding.

The Day That Shouldn't Have Been by MaBrown -- A few misunderstandings and hurtful words threaten the sentinel and guide relationship.

The Great Shake Up by MaBrown -- A little light-hearted fun for the boys involving that algae shake.

Siren's Call by MaBrown -- Blair begans to find recent events to be too much and decides to take drastic measures, can Jim help him in time? Spoilers for Sentinel Too, Parts 1 and 2 and The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

February 23, 2000

FPP-506: Wind Shift by Swellison -- It's rumored that something illegal and 'big' will be going down at the Annual Windsurfer Master's Competition. Jim is familiar with the sport and personally knows the organizers, so he goes undercover, presenting himself at the venue as a bitter, disillusioned cop who can be 'bought.'

Hangin' by Ceci -- An epilogue/missing scene from the episode Survival.

In His Own Country by Elizabeth Clarke -- Blair is asked by Dr. Stoddard to be a fill-in presenter at an anthropology symposium. Warning: SEVERE angst, absolutely NO comfort. Beware, and I mean that with all my heart!

Friendship by Lori J -- A kind of a Y2K 'what if?' story. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Now You Do by Carolina Moon -- A sick Blair discovers a side to Jim Ellison he never expected.

February 21, 2000

BPP-515: Soft Kill by Laurie Borealis -- While investigating a suspicious death, Blair engages in some useful anthropological studies, Jim discovers a new sensory ability, and they both realize the dead man may not have been crazy after all.

Car Wash Guppy by WindDancer -- Jim entrusts Blair with the hayseed. Ever have one of 'those' days? Rated PG for one mild dirty word.

Perchance to Dream by Dar Hutson Scally -- What is real and what is a dream? That's what Blair is trying to figure out.

We welcome Lisa Morrissey to the Library!

A Matter of Trust by Lisa Morrissey -- A snowstorm and Blair's own trustful nature teaches the pair one of life's hard lessons.

February 20, 2000

Blackout by DawnC -- Blair wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of how he got there. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

February 19, 2000

Granny by TAE -- A simple fax gets delayed, leading to an embarrassing situation for Megan.

Silent Justice by Sherrylou and LindaS -- An attack on Blair unites several members of Major Crimes into executing an unusual plan. Rated PG-13 for a little language and a minor sexual situation.

February 18, 2000

Five Men by Carole -- Five men share a crisis. Rated PG.

February 17, 2000

We welcome Sparky and Ihket to the Library!

February 16, 2000

FPP-520: The Kindness of Strangers by Hephaistos and Mackie -- Every season must have its obligatory 'In the Woods' episode. This is FPP's...

February 15, 2000

Once for Who You Were by Elizabeth Clarke -- #2 in the Coda series, which is part of The Undivided Universe. Blair faces his first trial during his dreamwalk.

Requiem by D.L. Witherspoon -- #6 in the Alternate Reality Series. Jim learns some disturbing news.

February 14, 2000

BPP-514: Tales from the Heart written and compiled by Susan Hicks (Contributions by several other authors.) -- With almost no criminal activity due to a blistery winter front, the members of Major Crime reminiscence about their experiences surrounding a certain holiday.

February 13, 2000

Memory's Tears by Becky -- A possible reason for the break-up of Jim and Carolyn's marriage. Set after Neighborhood Watch, but before Sentinel Too. Rated PG.

February 12, 2000

We welcome Lindmere and Marilyn to the Library!

The Last Experiment by Marilyn -- It's Dissertation Eve, and all through the loft... Warnings: AU (one alternative to TSbyBS); liberal use of the f-word and other assorted profanities. Rated strong PG for language.

February 11, 2000

We welcome Susan Foster to the Library!

Toy Spirit by Kathy P. -- Blair plots, Jim gets a surprise, a normal occurrence in the life of Sentinel and Guide. Rated G.

February 10, 2000

Found and Lost by Debby -- This is a companion piece to Lost and Found -- Five years ago, like Jim, Blair's looking for his path. Rated PG.

February 9, 2000

The Human Heart by Juliet Benson -- The aftermath of a grisly case. Smarm alarm and angst abound. Rated PG-13, maybe R to be safe. Pretty descriptive of a gory situation.

FPP-519: Speak No Evil by Eddie -- Jim and Blair protect a murder witness -- a small boy with autism who seems to have a lot in common with Jim.

February 7, 2000

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Donna Gentry (Ysone) -- is now up. Enjoy!

Gruesome by Becky -- A drabble.

Coyote Boy by Kathy P. -- A small vignette of the guys during their down time. Rated G. Humor.

Backache by Ceci -- #1 in the AU series, Self-serving, spineless goober.

February 6, 2000

Fatigue by Carole -- Jim doesn't listen to his partner. Rated PG.

Deadline by JET -- Blair is kidnapped, and Jim must find him before time runs out. Two illustrations by MegaRed are included. Rated PG-13.

Get Up, Get Out by Kimberly Workman -- The morning before Jim's first day back, the self-pity rears its ugly head. #6 in the Broken Spirit series.

Right Place, Wrong Times by Alberte -- As Y2K approaches, "Millenium Madness" brings unexpected consequences to Jim and Blair. Is friendship enough to see them through? Previously posted in parts on the Sentinelangst List. Rated G.

It's Her Again, Blair by TAE -- Sequel to It's Me, Again, Blair, it continues with Ms. Edwards' release on bail....

Sometimes, Your Best Just Isn't Good Enough...And Sometimes, It's More Than Enough by TAE -- Just a little warm fuzzy thing where the crew from Major Crime go out to dinner and, due to circumstances beyond their control, decide to find a new restaurant for future celebrations.

How Dumb Can You Get? by TAE -- It's poker night at the Taggart's and the evening winds down with some of the more outlandish escapades our favorite cops have had. Warning: OFC ALERT, if you don't like them, don't read this.

Variable Number 07734 by Nicole Silverwolf -- One thing that would change everything. Spoilers for TSbyBS and a blink-and-you'll-miss one for S2P2.

February 5, 2000

Escape by Suzie -- Jim and Blair leave their life in Cascade behind. #1 in the Wanted Series.

Breakpoint by Trishbsc -- A story about an exhausted Jim and a protective Blair.

February 3, 2000

FPP-518: Deal's Way by Mackie and Gina Martin -- Vince Deal (of The Real Deal) is up to his neck in trouble on the set of his new television movie.

Vate by Kathy P. -- Jim and Blair explore some ancient ruins and run into another situation.

Left Behind by poyznelf -- A missing scene for Cresting the Wave, part of the Madness Series, an alternate ending to TSbyBS.

Millennium Angels by Dar Hutson Scally -- Most likely candidate for being kidnapped by crazed cultists calling themselves the Millennium Angels? Adult content.

Mark of the Beast by Donna Gentry -- AU. What if Blair had found another Sentinel before he met Jim? PG13 for language and violence.

February 2, 2000

Moving On by Shelley Knepley -- Rainier isn't as prepared for Y2K as it thought. Post TSbyBS and spoilers for same.

Girl Guide by Besterette -- #3 in the Sparrowhawk Sandburg series. Blair goes to London to follow up some obscure sentinel references and Beau is called upon to play temporary guide.

Tribal Guardians by Blair Sandburg by Besterette -- #4 in the Sparrowhawk Sandburg series. Blair finishes his dissertation and decides what he really wants to do.

The Deep by DawnC -- An explosion at sea puts Jim and Blair in danger. Originally posted to the Sentinel Angst page.

Cresting the Wave by poyznelf -- #4 of the Madness Series, an alternate ending to TSbyBS. Contains Evil Naomi so if you like her, don't go there.

Brotherhood by Danae -- Hate crimes at Rainier teach hard lessons in tolerance and the true meaning of brotherhood.

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