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March 2000

March 31, 2000

Turkey Over Easy by Sis -- Sandburg wants a traditional Thanksgiving holiday. Ellison thinks he knows what that means until they actually try to have one.

Driver's Ed by Sis -- A Sentinel with one of Detroit's most powerful vehicles at the mercy of one of those annoying, unreasonable speed limits, and a nagging partner.

March 30, 2000

We welcome Blixa to the Library!

A Crow's Dream by Blixa -- A mix of The Sentinel and The Crow (the movie) for a Sentinel Too alternative ending.

Panther's Eyes by Red Falcon -- A poem.

March 29, 2000

We welcome Wolfkin to the Library!

Baseball by Wolfkin -- A snippet.

His Mother's Son, Part 2 by Charli -- Jim finally meets his mom.

Study Break by Lila Kulp -- It's finals week and Jim arranges for a study break.

Does Your Insurance Cover That? by Karly -- Spoilers for Switchman. My theory on what happened to the Land Rover after Switchman.

March 28, 2000

Forty Years of Dreams by JET -- A milestone birthday leads to a reflective Sentinel. First posted to the SentinelAngst List... angst and smarm abound.

We welcome Kristine Williams and Aislinn to the Library!

BPP-520: Hazardous Duty by Trishbsc -- A chemical spill threatens Cascade, challenging the abilities of Sentinel and Guide.

His Mother's Son, Part 1 by Charli -- Jim's birthday is just around the corner. Blair has been searching for months for just the right gift. Will Jim be happy with his gift? Or will he drop kick Sandburg into the next county?

March 24, 2000

Toofurt by Vision -- A drabble.

Bumper Cars by Carole -- A mysterious driver plays a dangerous game.

Making A Friend by Suzie -- Jim and Blair make a new home and a new friend. #4 of The Wanted Series.

March 23, 2000

Listening by Becky -- A drabble.

March 22, 2000

Walking the Cat by D.L. Witherspoon -- Blair searches for an ill Jim.

Home Again by inkling -- It's another epilogue to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Like we needed one, but hey, this is my own take on the matter. Nothing like a cup of coffee and a quiet morning to think things through.

He Fell by Sammi M. -- Simon falls...

March 21, 2000

Oh, My God by Sealie -- It's a conceptual sort of thing (humor).

Twenty-Four Hours by Sealie -- Blair battles a serious illness with help from the Sentinel (h/c -- and then some).

Guide War by Lindmere -- A dead sentinel leads Jim and Blair toward a conspiracy to cover up a shortage of guides. Rated PG for violence and language. This is a sequel to Susan Foster's GDP Series, and takes place in that universe.

Tetanus Shot by Robyn -- A drabble.

Tremor by Robyn -- A drabble.

March 20, 2000

BPP-519: Sensitive by Misha -- A new sentinel shows up in Cascade. Or is she?

The Alphabet, Sentinel Style by Sentarla -- A little fun with our ABCs. Please note: lots of graphics!

Siege Missing Scene by DawnC -- Um, a missing scene from Siege. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Depth or Doubt of Faith by Mpala -- An answer to the CascadeTimes List St. Patrick's Day Challenge. Angst ahead.

March 19, 2000

North Star by JET -- Sometimes the universe can be an overwhelming place. Beware: there be smarm here.

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Meredith Lynne -- is now up. Enjoy!

March 18, 2000

A Mother's Prerogative by Stargazer -- Keep your hankies handy -- you may need them!

Nightmare by Besterette -- Jim has a nightmare.

Cold Care by Besterette -- The Sentinel has the sniffles.

Bugged by Besterette -- The Sentinel of the Great City versus a cricket.

Merging Traffic by Besterette -- Blair's got some strange memories.

Parenthood by Besterette -- A quiet family dinner with the Ellison-Sandburgs seen through William and Naomi's eyes. #8 in The Sparrowhawk Sandburg Series.

Law of the Jungle by Besterette -- Alex is back. #7 in The Sparrowhawk Sandburg Series.

It Runs in the Family by Besterette -- Jim and Beau have a little accident. #6 in The Sparrowhawk Sandburg Series.

The Snow Came Down by Fidus Amicus -- Jim puts Blair on a plane bound for Jerusalem to spend the holidays with Naomi, but Blair had made a promise to his sentinel and friend that he has no intention of breaking. This is #3 in The Sentinel Trans-Siberian Christmas Collection. Rated PG-13.

The World that She Sees by Fidus Amicus -- Jim and Blair are involved in a traffic pile-up three weeks before Christmas, which leads to some interesting revelations for Blair about his ever-stoic partner. This is #2 in The Sentinel Trans-Siberian Christmas Collection, which started with Between Brothers. Rated PG-13.

A Sign of Darkness Dawning by Blair Kennedy -- Warning! Something a little experimental.

Dash of Conspiracy, Enemy on All Sides by Becky -- A dangerous and lethal new drug has found its way into Cascade. Major Crimes' best team (aka Jim, Blair, and Megan) is on the case. Along the way, they get some unexpected assistance from Mack and Holli who come to Cascade for Holli to speak at a conference. Meanwhile, Jim is having some disturbing dreams and Blair hopes to figure out what they mean with some help from a dream interpretation course. A crossover with One West Waikiki and a sequel to Dose of Confusion, Murder on the Side.

We welcome Anne Murdoch (Kareila) and Kathryn Andersen to the Library!

Falling by Kathryn Andersen -- When Blair sees a girl vanish in golden light, he's sure he's had a Golden flashback. When he goes missing the next day, Jim is sure it happened again. They shouldn't have been so sure. This is a crossover with Tomorrow People (no knowledge necessary), with spoilers for Blind Man's Bluff and references to a few other episodes.

March 17, 2000

Sixty Seconds of Eternity by Hazel -- One of the guys is injured.

I Can Be Him by JAC -- An old fear, thought long past, resurfaces. Is Jim up to the challenge? Previously posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Something About Sandburg by Shelley Knepley -- Blair is in a car accident in a bad part of town.

We welcome Holly Lyn to the Library!

Raindrops by Holly Lyn -- Blair has a unique way of dealing with the blues.

Bit o' Green by Becky -- A little St. Patrick's Day fun in the bullpen.

Last Request by Carole -- Jim's worst nightmare comes true. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

March 16, 2000

Power Outtage by Robyn -- A drabble.

March 15, 2000

FPP-522: Trust by Sue Pokorny -- Season Finale! Jim goes on a date and stays out past his bedtime, Blair hitches a ride and gets lost, and Simon may have to change his name to Benedict Arnold. Who's behind the plot to destroy Cascade's finest? Warning: This is a cliffhanger! (The conclusion shall be posted when Faux Paws Productions premieres Season 6 in September.)

March 14, 2000

Voices in the Sky by Mpala -- Reflections on all things Sentinel.

Now and Forever by Suzie -- Can Blair find Jim before it's too late?

March 13, 2000

BPP-518: Of Shadows and Light by StarPlaza -- A series of mysterious drownings lead Sandburg and Ellison into a supernatural encounter with an old enemy.

Fever Dream by Kathy P. -- Jim suffers an unusual reaction to Blair's herbal remedies.

Deluge by Sherrylou -- A response to Mackie's February theme fic request that was originally posted to the SentinelAngst list. Jim and Blair are sent on a team-building exercise.

We welcome GW Katrina to the Library!

Starlight, Starbright by GW Katrina

March 12, 2000

Zonked by Becky -- A little sleepy-Blair drabble... or rather an "asleep Blair" drabble.

Jubilee by JET -- There's a time and a place for everything, including forgiveness. Set shortly after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. First posted on the SentinelAngst list.

We welcome Margie Ferguson to the Library!

Healing Touch by Margie Ferguson -- Spoilers for Spare Parts and Cypher.

March 11, 2000

And The Winner Is... by Kathy P. -- Blair wants to be popular.

Link by Becky and Robyn -- Epilogue for Cypher.

If the Fates Allow by Paula -- It's an awesome responsibility to be the master of your own fate or destiny. But what if the fate of one you hold dear is placed in your hands?

Cookie Overload by TAE -- Girl Scout Cookies...who can resist them?

Valentine's Day-Jim by TAE -- The original version...

March 10, 2000

We welcome Kay De'Vil to the Library!

Hotmail Headaches by Kay De'Vil -- Blair suffers e-mail problems. Rated PG-13.

Upgrade #30: Predators by Yvonne S. McCool -- Members of the military are brought to justice. Payback is a Bitch. Rated PG-13.

Recital by WhiteJazz -- Memorize your favorite poem. #6 in the Instructions for Life series.

March 9, 2000

We welcome Azar to the Library!

A Novel Solution by Azar -- Crossover with Quantum Leap (found under Quantum Leap section). Sam leaps into Blair Sandburg to change the ending of the episode The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Blair Zone II: Overload by MaBrown -- Jim and Blair try to come to terms with Blair's new gift, while trying to solve a murder.

March 8, 2000

The Tricks of the Trade by Brenda Bailey -- Blair gets a lesson in the tricks of the cop trade. Part two of the And in the Beginning... series.

Blind Trust by Hazel -- Another Blind Man's Bluff missing scene, through the eyes of Simon.

We welcome Myrna to the Library!

Choosing Life by Myrna -- Simon visits Jim and Blair who have left Cascade to continue recovering after an accident. This story was originally published on the Sentinel Angst list. (Alternate universe and adult for language.)

March 7, 2000

Something to Talk About by Hephaistos -- A fine example of how rumors get started. (Please remember -- if warnings were necessary, I would include them!) This was originally posted to the SentinelAngst List. Rated PG (Really).

Learning Curves: Lesson One by Susan Foster -- Part of the GDP Series.

Learning Curves: Lesson Two by Susan Foster -- Part of the GDP Series.

March 6, 2000

Restoration of Trust by JET -- An answer to Challenge #19 on Jen and Suzie's page regarding the return of Alex. First posted on the SentinelAngst list. Rated PG.

BPP-517: Cat and Mouse by Katie -- A mysterious enemy challenges Jim's senses and Blair's ingenuity in a game where the stakes are the life of one of Major Crimes' own.

Letting It Out by Carole -- Prisoner X alternate ending. Rated PG.

March 5, 2000

Vacation by Robin from Florida -- It's all Blair's fault this time.

March 4, 2000

We welcome Jmas to the Library!

Discordance by Jmas -- Jim discovers something about himself when Blair falls ill. Rated PG.

March 3, 2000

We welcome CC to the Library!

Bandwidth by CC -- Spoilers for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Trepidation by MoonDew -- Takes place two days after Cypher. Deals with the psychological implications of the whole Lash incident on Blair, and how Jim and Blair's friendship manages to benefit from it.

One by One by Lori J -- Random silliness that took hold during a onelist chat and wouldn't let go.

March 2, 2000

FPP-526: Bad Desire by Kim Heggen -- Jim stands accused of an unspeakable crime; will he and his partner be able to clear his name?

Over-Booking by JAC -- Just a harmless piece of humor (I hope). You ever wonder how Blair finds time to get hurt and still have a life?

March 1, 2000

A Time To Say Good-bye by Suzie -- Part three of the on-going AU series Wanted. Simon and Megan clean out the loft. Jack Kelso receives his letter from Blair, and William Ellison contacts Simon.

The Ride by Trishbsc -- A new drug on the streets of Cascade causes trouble for Major Crimes and their trouble-magnet observer.

Alternative Endings for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg Rejected by TPTB by Trishbsc -- A comedic look at the episode selection process.

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men by Lila Kulp -- If a Sentinel's greatest fear is to be lost and alone without his Guide, how would Captain Banks respond to it? And can he fix the problem?

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