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May 2000

May 31, 2000

Back Up by Lorelie -- Jim and Blair learn a lesson about the dangers of being a cop. Post-TSbyBS. Rated PG for some language.

Sands Of Time by Suzie -- AU. #6 in the Wanted series. Agent Sands gets a little closer. Jim and Blair get help.

Doors and Windows by Ihket -- Blair considers the events of TSbyBS. Rated G. Spoilers for TSbyBS and Warriors.

May 30, 2000

Role of the Guide by Techgrrl -- A guide speaks. Drama, suspense, angst, snippet.

Fall and Rise by Alberte -- A routine investigation goes horribly wrong in an instant. Rated G; drama and angst.

Case Closed by Sherrylou -- Blair is deeply distressed over the outcome of a case. This is a response to May's Theme Fic for the Sentinelangst List and was originally posted to the SA list. Rated PG-13 for a little language.

May 29, 2000

The Start of Something New by Robin from Florida -- More troubles and love for Simon and Andy. Sequel to Strength to Continue. Rated R for romance and drama.

Pomp and Circumstance by Jael Lyn -- After TSbyBS, what happens when graduation day rolls around.

Lost and Found by Jael Lyn -- Jim and Blair have a misunderstanding and go their separate ways. Unfortunately, Jim may have misplaced himself - permanently.

Immediate Family by Jael Lyn -- A murder investigation takes an unexpected and unwanted turn.

May 28, 2000

We welcome Jael Lyn to the Library!

Jet Ride by Jael Lyn -- A new and deadly designer drug is the latest case for Detectives Ellison & Sandburg. Unfortunately, an unknown player within the department makes Blair a victim as well as an investigator.

Excessive Force by Jael Lyn -- A teenager lies dead. Was the shooting justified, or was it panic?

May 27, 2000

Ariel: Rainy Day Remembrance by Azar -- Jim performs a small rescue for Blair and Ariel, and remembers the day he met the young woman. OFC Alert.

Shaman's Temple by Kaci -- An edited compilation of The Shamans' Disciple and The Temple. It starts out with Blair at sixteen but later in the story we go into present day with Jim.

Nursery Rhyme Drabble #7 by Becky -- Yep, the title still says it all!

May 26, 2000

The Sleep by Blixa -- A weird story.

You Can't Fool Me by Kimberly Workman -- Jim's going to try to fool Simon and himself in the process. #2 in the Blind Man's Bluff series.

Learning Curve: Birthday by Susan Foster -- #4 in the series. Blair's birthdays and old memories come back to haunt him.

Maddening Dark by Ihket has been added to our Stories-in-Progress Page.

Get Bambi by Ihket -- This defies explanation! A little humor, a little angst, an owie. You'll just have to read it...oh, and beware the furry woodland creatures!

Nursery Rhyme Drabble #6 by Becky -- The title says it all!

May 22, 2000

A new Featured Author Exhibit-- an interview with Kim Heggen -- is now up. Enjoy!

Episodes of Synchronicity by Mackie -- Crossover with The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, with a touch of The X-Files and Early Edition. Jim and Blair get some unexpected help to prevent the escape of a well-known terrorist.

May 21, 2000

When You Care Enough... by Carolina Moon -- Sometimes you find the perfect card...

May 20, 2000

Frozen by CarolROI -- Jim has an accident, and it's up to Blair to save him.

And You Thought Your Weekend Was Bad by Shelley Knepley -- A crossover of sorts with Frasier.

Fishing Lessons by Shelley Knepley -- #3 in the Life Lines Series.

Honor and Duty by Shelley Knepley -- #2 in the Life Lines Series.

Fun 'n' Games by Shelley Knepley -- #1 in the Life Lines Series (snippets about friendship).

May 18, 2000

Search by Jennifer Krall -- After being wounded, Blair gets confused and searches for something very important to him. My first Sentinel fanfic.

Delectable Sentinel by Robyn -- Jim, Blair, and a selection of food.

We welcome Nancy Taylor to the Library!

The Well by Nancy Taylor -- Blair takes a misstep and ends up in deep trouble.

May 17, 2000

Weardians and Witans by Cindy Combs -- When a top secret government project decides to 'recruit' Blair for his sentinel research, Jim and Mac will have to break into a high security installation to get him back. #11 in the MacGyver Crossover Series and also a crossover with Stargate SG-1.

Make a Wish by Aislinn -- Blair's been disappearing for the past few months. Jim decides to find out what he's been up to.

We welcome Jennifer Krall to the Library!

Blessed Protector by Jennifer Krall -- Short little story where Blair lives out a paranoia of mine involving the shower. No, it has nothing to do with the movie, Psycho.

Strength to Continue by Robin from Florida -- More misunderstandings. Sequel to The Journey Begins. Rated R for romance and drama.

Blair's Thoughts by Drifter -- Keeping up with Blair's thought processes is not easy. Another challenge from roommate Lisa.

May 16, 2000

Who Once Lied by DannyD -- "I'm a fraud, man!" Is Blair a thief as well?

Cleaning Up the Mess by DawnC -- A Mirror Image missing scene. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Sit, Stay, Good Guide by Wnnepooh -- This story is the result of late night TV and the last box of Thin Mints.

BPP-526: Secrets of a Shaman by Paula and Robin -- Cascade Virtual Tales' Season Finale! Blair knows that there is no easy path to becoming a shaman, but has he finally found the one who can help him?

Blair's Practical Revenge by Lisa Morrissey -- Blair decides to get Jim back for a practical joke. There is lots of humor here and a smidgen of h/c. This is a sequel of sorts to A Matter of Trust.

Friendship by Lisa Morrissey -- Blair decides to enjoy the unusual warm fall day and finds that his usual luck holds out.

Cybergerms by Lisa Morrissey -- Blair catches the flu and passes out in the bullpen of Major Crimes. This story, my first Sentinel story, was first written as a Gift Fic for Julie Goldwyn, an SA Listsib who was ill for a long time, but, sadly, is no longer with us.

The Journey Begins by Robin from Florida -- Simon loses the girl. This is a sequel to A Fresh Start. Rated R for romance (and drama). This has been edited for Cascade Library.

The Price of Friendship, II by Lyn -- Blair must decide whether to press charges against a vicious gang of thugs, exposing a friend's deep secret. Sequel to The Price of Friendship, I.

The Price of Friendship, I by Lyn -- Blair shows just how good a friend he can be.

May 15, 2000

Homebound by Autumn Skies -- At the end of a trying week, Sentinel, Guide, and captain share a meal at the loft. This is a slightly revised version of the story originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Time-Out by Drifter -- This is an answer to a challenge from my roommate, Lisa. She asked me to write a story that was under ten (10) pages. This story has SentinelAngst (for Jim), some quiet, thoughtful time (for Blair), and some exasperation (for Simon). No real violence, but some yelling on both Blair's and Jim's part.

May 13, 2000

Kind Words by Becky -- A missing scene for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, set right after the "hospital talk."

Fairy Dust: Blair by Becky -- A companion piece to Fairy Dust; the same scene, just this time from Blair's POV, rather than Jim's. A warm fuzzy tale with a sleepy, incoherent Blair.

Imprinting by Carole -- Jim relives a moment from an early case.

Rules Are Made to Be Broken by Sherrylou -- Blair gets up close and personal with proper procedures. A response to the April Theme Fic, originally posted to the SentinelAngst List. Rated PG.

May 12, 2000

Guide by Yvonne S. McCool -- A Gelvan Sentinel is not willing to wait for a Guide to be trained for him, he wants Blair Sandburg to bond with him. #2 in the Stargate: SG-1 crossover series, Allies.

May 11, 2000

Stolen Time by Azar -- Two old soldiers, a completed mission, and a final irony that was never meant to be. This story is an alternate universe, crossover, MAJOR angst, DEATH story.

May 9, 2000

For the World is Hollow by Shallan -- The murder of several homeless men are only a small part of a larger problem affecting the detectives. An old enemy has come to town and Jim, Blair, and the rest of the gang from Major Crime work together to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself.

Blair Zone IV: Night Terrors by MaBrown -- Nightmarish visions torment sentinel and guide.

May 8, 2000

Lost Weekend by Alberte -- Blair becomes the unfortunate pawn in a plan to take over the streets of Cascade. Drama and angst, rated R for violence and some language.

BPP-525: Check and Checkmate by Cindy Combs -- What happens when the watcher stops watching? Ellison and Sandburg must finally come face to face with their adversary in order to prevent the deaths of several VIPs in Cascade.

Herald-Sentinel, Chapter 4 by Trishbsc

Police Academy - Cascade Style by Trishbsc -- Theme Fic for April on the SentinelAngst List.

May 7, 2000

Get Ellison by Dar Hutson Scally -- A paranoid sentinel and a spirit walking guide with a kidnapping case gone wrong.

Code of Silence by JET and MegaRed -- Sandburg becomes the object of a father's wrath. Pre-The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. A response to Challenge #4 on Jen and Suzie's page. Rated PG.

May 6, 2000

Samaritan by Donna Gentry -- Early first season. Sentinel and Guide take a tentative step toward friendship.

May 4, 2000

Conversations in Cascade by Ronnee -- Blair and Henri go to an FBI special convention and guess who they run into?

We welcome Susan Monica to the Library!

Monday by Susan Monica

May 3, 2000

The Very Ordinary Day by CarolROI -- Blair meets the new original female character or OFC. Humor.

May 2, 2000

The Woods of Sleepy River by Blixa -- The Blair Witch Project. Same situation... different characters. Death story (at least for now).

May 1, 2000

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with JET -- is now up. Enjoy!

We welcome Lori Wright to the Library!

BPP-524: Determining The Right Path by Lori Wright -- Uncertain about his role as a shaman, Blair seeks enlightenment from an unusual source. After making some wrong choices, he finally realizes that understanding comes from within.

Watching by Ihket -- A little Jim POV. Rated PG.

Clearing the Way by Ihket -- My response to a challenge from the SentinelAngst List. An owie fest of titanic proportions. Rated R for violence and language.

Shaman of the Great Store by Kittie Verdena -- Sequel to Sentinel of the Great Store.

Price of Friendship by Norcumi -- A poem. Rated G.

A Soldier in the Rain by Fidus Amicus -- Things are not always as they appear. Extreme angst. Rated Pg-13.

The Thirteenth Victim by Fidus Amicus -- A serial rapist-murderer comes to Cascade with an FBI agent hot on his trail. Rated R.

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