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July 2000

July 30, 2000

A Hollow Within by Sue Kelley -- A misunderstanding causes Blair to move out of the loft -- into a house where rather strange things keep happening. A slightly different version of this story was first printed in Sentry Post 3.

Thoughts by karly -- Rated G.

Wednesday by Susan Monica -- Next installment after Monday and Tuesday. Rated PG-13 for language.

Another story written for the First Sentinel Lyric Wheel:

Running Man by MaBrown -- Three months after being kidnapped from Rainier, Blair is found, much to everyone's relief. But important questions remain unanswered. Where was he? Who took him, and more importantly... why?

July 29, 2000

It's About Friendship by Hazel -- Five missing and extended scenes. Spoilers for Switchman, Flight, Warriors, Sentinel Too, Part 2 and The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Rated G.

July 27, 2000

Easier Said Than Done by Sue Kelley -- Blair and Jim meet a young runaway from Seacouver named Richie Ryan. Crossover with Highlander. Originally published in Highland Blades 4.

Tammy's Knockers by MaBrown -- Humorous sleepy Blair snippet, originally posted to The SentinelAngst List.

What Lies Within by MaBrown -- Angsty short story, originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Comforts of Sleep by Jennifer Krall -- Jim is tired and longing for bed, but when he gets to the loft, he finds a surprise that delays his rest.

Patrol by Jael Lyn -- Sandburg's assignment with Major Crimes is challenged and he is forced to transfer. Updated version of a story originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

July 26, 2000

E!Mail by Sue Kelley -- The events at the fountain--as seen by someone NOT a member of Major Crimes.

Missing by Ronnee -- Sequel to Conversations in Cascade. Everyone wanted information about the envelope. And what happened to Naomi.

Passing Time by Ronnee -- Wolfshy's themefic and Sarah's requested Blair owies with Rafe on the side.

Coffee Break by Vision -- A little humor piece.

We welcome Toshua to the Library!

When Secrets Fall From the Sky by Toshua -- A witness for the FBI has to be delivered. A helicopter chase and crash follows. Rated G. (Can be considered AU, just because it has a different background for Blair.)

July 25, 2000

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Shallan -- is now up. Enjoy!

July 24, 2000

A few more stories written for the First Sentinel Lyric Wheel:

We welcome Carla to the Library!

Collision Course by Suzie -- Blair is attacked while trying to help a couple hiking. #8 in the Wanted Series.

July 22, 2000

We welcome Linda3 to the Library!

Driving Rain Trilogy, Parts 1 and 2 by Linda3 -- An alternate universe trilogy... Jim and Blair first meet when Jim picks up a hitchhiking college student while driving back to Cascade during a severe rain storm. Each part is a complete story, in and of itself.

Food for Thought by Linda3 -- This story takes place shortly after Blair moves into the loft. Blair's strange behavior puzzles, then worries Jim.

Lean on Me by Linda3 -- This story takes place early on in the relationship. As Jim tries to help Blair through a devastating personal crisis he begins to realize how much the young grad student has come to mean to him.

July 21, 2000

Food for the Soul by Carole -- Jim provides for a hungry Guide. Rated G.

True Confessions by Autumn Skies -- A short piece. Jim grumbles, Blair observes and both come to their own separate conclusions. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Stories written for the First Sentinel Lyric Wheel:

We welcome Carolyn Claire to the Library!

July 20, 2000

The Bar by DJ Fraser

Second Chances Epilogue by Ceryndip -- An epilogue to Second Chances.

Headache by Ceryndip -- A drabble. Jim helps Blair get his homework done.

It's A Sentinel Guide Thing by Ceryndip -- A flu-ridden Blair needs some comfort.

An Herb A Day by Ceryndip -- Jim has ideas about keeping his guide healthy.

July 19, 2000

Refuge by Cindy Combs -- When an ATF agent is on the run and believes his teammates are dead, who else is he going to call but his former Ranger C.O. -- James Ellison. This is a crossover with the Modern-Day Magnificent 7.

Ultimate Sacrifice by Nickerbits -- Introspection from Jim's 'partner.'

Drabbles by Nickerbits -- A series of drabbles about the different members of Major Crimes.

July 18, 2000

Death Comes Stalking by Danae -- Beware! Heavy angst ahead.

July 15, 2000

Power Struggle by JET -- Sequel to Breaking Bread. Rated PG for mild language.

Interlude in the Life of a Guide by ElaineH -- Blair gets to do some things that he missed out on while growing up.

July 14, 2000

Home Is by Becky -- A drabble.

One of Those Days by Ihket -- My friend Gina asked for a story with the following things, depressed Blair, at wits end Jim, ticked off Simon, over protective Joel and Megan carrying coconuts. This Fic-On-Demand is the result. PG-13 for liberal use of strong language.

Blitzkrieg by Jael Lyn -- Cascade PD is turned upside down. What's the real agenda? Takes place after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Blair is Jim's official partner on the force.

Through a Glass Darkly... by Jael Lyn -- The case no one wants turns Cascade upside down.

Water Music by Jael Lyn -- Just a nice quiet weekend in the wilderness. After The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, but you wouldn't really notice.

Ruby Tuesday by Shelly -- As always, it's about friendship.

Darkest Hour by Jmas -- Cliches are cliches... but often true.

Loss by DawnC -- Smart Alec missing scene.

July 13, 2000

Traditions by Toni Rae -- A grandpa Ellison story, sort of. Maybe more of a William story. Let's just go with some reflections on Jim and Steven's childhood.

The Bond of Friendship by DannyD -- This is the final part in the series which started with Who Once Lied and Memories and Pain. Spoilers for many, many episodes. This story happens after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg but Blair is NOT a cop. (Warnings might include angst, owies and smarm, a few swear words.)

24 Hours by Blixa -- In less than 24 hours, an innocent man is going to be executed. Can Jim and Blair save him before it's too late? (Please read the warning at the top of the story.)

Peace and Happiness by Trishbsc -- An additional epilogue/scene to DawnC's story Soul of Mine. (Posted with permission from Dawn.)

Trials by Trishbsc -- An injured Blair is comforted by the Major Crimes detectives as Jim is struggling to get home. Originally published to the SentinelAngst List.

July 12, 2000

And Dream That I Am Home Again by LRH Balzer -- What actually occurred when the panther and the wolf merged briefly in Sentinel Too, Part 2, and how did it affect Ellison and Sandburg? This story follows No Center Line. It is assumed the reader has also read Primary Focus and A Different Way of Seeing, and has watched the two-part episode Sentinel, Too. This story is a minor crossover with Nash Bridges, and is written for an adult audience.

The Camera by DawnC -- Blair gets an unexpected reminder of that night in the garage. Spoilers for Blind Man's Bluff and The Girl Next Door.

The Better Half by Besterette -- Jim figures out another title for Blair.

Ring a Bell? by Besterette -- A crossover with Xena: Warrior Princess.

The Ridiculous and the Obscure by Besterette -- A colleague's view of Blair's actions in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. This is a crossover with Stargate: SG-1.

The Grocery List by Besterette -- Jim's making out a grocery list.

Home Invasion by Besterette -- Kick-ass Blair... er, one of Jim's old adversaries comes to visit.

Jimmy and the Easter Eggs by Besterette -- An Easter snippet.

Spring Cleaning by Besterette -- A hopefully humorous snippet and an experiment in telling a story in mostly dialogue.

July 11, 2000

Home is Where the Heart Is by CarolROI -- Blair tells a story about his childhood in Australia. Originally written for the SentinelAngst List.

Dance of the Wildman by Christina -- Blair wins a bet. Humor.

We welcome Nikki to the Library!

Stuck by Nikki -- Just a bit of fluff.

Inner Voices by Suisan R. -- A bit of angst poetry.

Recitative Rainbow (aka The Boogin' Bass) by Suisan R. -- A little fun for Simon on his special day.

The Tale of Saint Germaine by Suisan R. -- He might be small, but he's a big character. A new way of looking into the Nye series, from a rather unique point of view.

Dark Enough by Toni -- An amnesia story.

Blair Zone VI: The Distancing by MaBrown -- A snippet in which Blair reflects upon the destruction of the sentinel/guide bond due to Alex's interference.

July 9, 2000

Etchings by Becky -- The past isn't always left behind. A Blind Man's Bluff aftermath story.

Unsleeping by Martha -- Rated R for violence and language.

July 8, 2000

Just Another Rainy Day by Jael Lyn -- Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List. Not all goes smoothly while Blair is at the Academy.

In the Loop by Jael Lyn -- Takes place after Sentinel Too. Blair is still a graduate student.

In the Absence Of... by Jael Lyn -- Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

July 7, 2000

Vrrrooommm II by Skyepony -- Jim and Blair and the 4th of July.

Spirit Walk by Jennifer D'Agostino -- This takes place sometime during the second year after Blair becomes a detective. This is a companion piece to Demonstrating Wisdom, though you don't need to read that to understand this, and is rated PG-13 for some violence, references to torture, good fight scenes, and non-canon character deaths.

July 6, 2000

We welcome Kira to the Library!

Papercut by Kira -- Serial killers make things difficult for Major Crimes. This was originally posted to the SentinelAngst List and contains spoilers for and actual dialogue from TSbyBS. Rated R for some violence.

July 5, 2000

Shallow Regret by Juliet Benson -- My take on Blair's new haircut.

Ten Short Minutes by Medie -- Another challenge story with original characters, Maggie and Chely.

Simon Says by Techgrrl -- Even a police captain has his secrets.

Disney Daze by Nancy A. Taylor -- Jim and Blair in the Land of the Mouse. (A personal rant.)

The First Autopsy by MaBrown -- Blair attends his first autopsy. Warning: graphic descriptions.

July 4, 2000

Welcome, Madness by Anne Murdoch -- Jim, Blair, and the gang meet someone and something happens.

Circle by D.L. Witherspoon -- This is a sequel of sorts to Extreme Possibilities, a crossover with The X-Files. What's the connection between Jim, Mulder, and a certain Cigarette Smoking Man? (This was previously published in a zine.)

The Object of My Affection by Kimberly Workman -- #9 in the Broken Spirit Series. Jim thinks he's ready to go forward, but he has to reconcile his past first.

July 3, 2000

Unexpected Allies by Alberte -- Jim and Blair receive help from an unexpected source in resolving a tough case.

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Susan Williams -- is now up. Enjoy!

Sentinel through the Gate by Trish -- #3 of the Sentinel-Stargate SG-1 Crossovers. Can the Sentinel and Guide save Major Carter on another planet?

Battlelines by Trish -- #4 in the Sentinel at War: Guadalcanal Series. First posted to the SentinelAngst List.

July 2, 2000

Living Without You by Carole -- Written in response to DawnC's story challenge on the SA List.

July 1, 2000

Tummy Rub by Kathy P. -- Blair gets an unexpected visitor. Sequel to Fever Dream in a new series called Playful Spirits.

Just a Second... by Becky -- Missing scene for The Rig. Set after Blair stops the bomb and Jim comes looking for him.

It's About Time by LadyNiteRaven -- It takes great patience to wait for something you KNOW is going to happen. It's just a matter of time. Crossover.

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