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January 2001

January 31, 2001

FPP-611: Road Racer by Brenda Bailey -- Remember those driver education cars with a steering wheel and pedals on both sides? Maybe the guys should invest in one.

Communion by DC Streets -- This is set during the last season, with spoilers for earlier episodes. Warnings for coarse language.

Flux by D.L. Witherspoon -- The Elder and Blair prepare to leave Cascade. This is the 11th, and possibly the last, in the Family Series.

January 30, 2001

BPP-612: Bait and Shoot by Lori Wright -- The ethics surrounding the Bait and Shoot program are as much a problem for the community as it is for the two detectives. They need to resolve their own personal issues in order to deal effectively with both the unrest and a case of counterfeiting.

The Bet by Susan Foster -- A canon story for The Sentinel. Ever wondered what other people thought when Blair joined Major Crime? In this story we hear from a uniformed officer.

Auto Show by Autumn Skies -- Some days are harder than others, especially when it comes to juggling work and fatherhood.

Murder 101: Adaptation of Helicopter Chase Scenes and an Epilogue by JoAnn Stuart -- Spoilers for Murder 101.

January 28, 2001

We welcome JoAnn Stuart to the Library!

The Jacket by Starfox -- Spoilers for Cypher.

The Long Day by Sammi M. -- Simon-centric story.

Matters of Family by Sammi M. -- Co-authored with Blue. #1 in the Matters of Family series. Simon-centric story.

Matters of Family: The Visit by Sammi M. -- #2 in the Matters of Family series. Simon-centric story.

Ties That Bind by Lyn -- #3 in the Family Tree series. Sequel to Links to the Past.

January 26, 2001

Tender Touch by Becky -- Warm fuzzy fic.

SentinelCon by Shedoc

Knit One, Purloin by Shedoc

January 25, 2001

Journey to Destiny by Dar Hutson Scally -- While the Sentinel's away, the Guide attempts an exploration of his Shamanic abilities.

Disconnected by Dar Hutson Scally -- Alternate version of Journey to Destiny; read Journey to Destiny first.

Novation Productions Premiere! -- N5-1: The Bludgeonings of Chance by DawnC -- Blair does not join the force, but what will become of him? And what will Jim do to protect him?

January 24, 2001

Requiem by Carole -- Jim bids farewell to a friend. Spoilers for Killers. Rated G.

January 23, 2001

Angel of Death by Susan Foster -- AU. A stand-alone story, not related to GDP series. The angel of death is an elite assassin, and now he's in Cascade. Warnings: adult situation, only implied, and a few bad words.

Untitled Double Drabble by Franzi -- Jim's close to losing someone he loves...

January 22, 2001

Sleepy Simon by Techgrrl -- Poem. Short. Cute.

Throw Away Your Desires by Techgrrl -- Blair experiences "spiritual visions"... Techgrrl style.

Seasons by WhiteJazz -- With the springtime comes change and a new (or old?) adversary is the cause. 3rd in Daedalus Series. Warnings: Caveat Lector. If you must know, visit the link on the story page. Spoilers (minor though they may be) for The Waiting Room.

Controlling the Controller by KimAnne and Liz -- After a hard day, Jim and Blair try to relax and watch TV. Deciding on a program has never been so much fun. Rated PG for some bad language. Humor.

Office Musings by KimAnne and Liz -- In the immediate aftermath of Blair's press conference, other people in the bullpen get to thinking. Rated PG for minor language.

Sensitive Conversations by KimAnne and Liz -- After Siege, Simon finally gets the demonstration and explanation of Jim's senses. Rated PG for minor language.

January 21, 2001

Mall Mayhem by Kira -- Blair goes to the mall. Rated PG. Humor.

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Jael Lyn -- is now up. Enjoy!

January 20, 2001

Thanks, Jim by slery -- Missing Scene for Hear No Evil.

Processing by slery -- Can the Sentinel help his Guide work through grief? Second in the Trials of Life series.

The Gorge by Kira -- Jim owies, Blair owies, truck owies, and bad guy owies...what more could you want? Rated PG-13.

January 19, 2001

Revenge is Sweet by Starzy -- After enduring a horrible barely remembered night Sandburg grimly tracks down his assailants. Warnings: nongraphic rape, language, adult discussions of rape. Rated a strong R. (121K, in three parts.)

January 17, 2001

FPP-610: Scents and Sensibility by Wildeskind -- A perfumer is murdered after developing a scent guaranteed to create attraction.

We welcome Fran Cross to the Library!

Journal Entry #1 by Fran Cross -- #1 in the Journal Series. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Forging Ahead by KimAnne and Liz -- After the revelations of his father in the episode Remembrance Jim needs some guidance on how to deal with his emotions. Rated PG for some bad language. Spoilers for Remembrance.

Reflected Images by KimAnne and Liz -- An epilogue to Sweet Science as the guys try to come to grips with Roy's death.

January 15, 2001

BPP-611: In the Blink of an Eye by WhiteJazz -- A new Seattle-based drug makes its presence felt, with crippling effects on a friend of Major Crime. This news sends the detectives out in full force to cut off the pipeline.

We welcome Kelly W to the Library!

Friendship by Kelly W -- A missing scene from Flight. Rated PG.

Second Thoughts by Kelly W -- A missing scene from Love and Guns. Rated PG.

First Love by Kelly W -- Blair's thoughts during Second Chances. Rated PG.

Boom Goes the Weasel by Kimberly Workman -- It's time to get back to work, so why isn't Jim happy? #10 in the Broken Spirit Series.

Coma Blair by Kimberly Workman -- Blair's POV after an accident but this ain't happy.

Soldier Jim by Kimberly Workman -- Jim's muses as a young man, discarded for being different.

Poetic Sentinel by Kimberly Workman -- A poetic overview of Jim's life up to the point where he met Blair.

True Dreams: Dreamshatter by Kathryn Andersen has been revised.

Overheard at the Movies -- Unbreakable by Kathryn Andersen -- If Jim and Blair went to see Unbreakable, what might they say?

January 13, 2001

Epilogue to The Girl Next Door by DawnC -- How was Blair really feeling at the end of the episode?

January 12, 2001

We welcome Datalore, Shedoc, and Starzy to the Library!

Genetic Destiny by Datalore -- Blair's mysterious lookalike draws Blair and Jim into an incredible adventure and a shocking surprise. An AU crossover with Sliders.

Graduation by Shedoc -- Like the title says...

Flip the Anthropologist by Starzy -- 1 Smart-Mouthed Anthropologist + Bored Cops = Silliness.

Missing Scene/Alternate Ending: Spare Parts by Debra Baschal -- This was inspired by Missing Spare Parts, by James Walkwithwind and Song Bird's Family and Blank Page. Thank you for the inspiration.

Links to the Past by Lyn -- Sequel to Shelter.

It's About Friendship by Lyn -- After Sentinel Too but before The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Smarm alert.

Instincts by Lyn -- Response to a SentinelAngst List challenge.

Possible Loss by Sentarla -- #3 in The Fallen Series. Slight spoilers for The Rig.

January 8, 2001

BPP-610: Happy New Years, Cascade Style by Virginia Foster -- It's New Years, 2001. Cascade is preparing to ring in the New Year. An old adversary appears as a technology conference prepares to get under way and makes life complicated for Major Crimes.

The Gift of Christmas by Nancy Taylor -- The Cascade Police Department celebrates Christmas for a group of needy kids.

Calls for Help by Loui -- Crossover between The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1. Sequel to Steps Along a New Path.

January 6, 2001

Resolutions by JET -- A New Year's story.

The Feast by Sentarla -- A drabble.

The Wall by Besterette --Jim visits The Wall.

Unboxing Christmas by Linda3 -- Blair's attempt to surprise Jim turns into unexpected turmoil for both of them.

While You Were Sleeping by Linda3 -- Jim unexpectedly realizes something very early one morning.

January 4, 2001

We welcome Mele to the Library!

Who Am I? by Mele -- Jim and the detectives of Major Crime search for a missing Blair. Rated PG-13, no warnings, spoilers for first season eps, especially Siege and Cypher.

Cold Season by Autumn Skies -- Not even a bad cold can dampen the holidays. Rated G.

Darkest Hours by Sentarla -- A short, very angsty poem.

Simon's Thoughts by Brit -- Simon mulls over a thing or two.

Home Front by fyresong -- Blair talking to imaginary friends? Jim, an expectant father? Jack didn't "Just Say No?" All this and delusions of wanton property destruction. Sequel to Broken Soldiers. Alternate Universe. Part 4 of a longer series. Crossover with Stargate SG-1. Rated PG-13ish. Swearing. Minor violence.

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