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February 2001

February 28, 2001

FPP-623: Blank Page by Mackie -- Investigating two homicides gives Blair a valuable lesson in the politics of justice.

Nine and Sixty Ways by Sheila Paulson -- When Jim goes through one of his periodic episodes of frustration with being a Sentinel, Blair gives him some breathing space -- and walks into a hostage situation. Some violence and profanity. This story was originally published in Sensory Overload 3.

February 27, 2001

The Purloined Pair of Underwear by Robyn -- The black silk boxers are missing, and Jim thinks he knows whodunit. Or does he? Rated PG for a bad word and for being about underwear.

Grasp the Sparrow's Tail by Autumn Skies -- Blair and the academy self-defense instructor have a little talk. Post-The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Ships that Pass in the Night by Susan Foster -- A stand-alone story.

The Green-Eyed Monster by Susan Foster -- The jealousy of a young boy brings trouble for a newly bonded Blaer and Jeme. #4 in the Dark Guide Series.

We welcome Elaine P. and BAW to the Library!

Getaway by Elaine P. -- This story follows The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg with the premise that Blair has gone to and completed the Academy so he can become Ellison's permanent and official partner.

Left Behind by Elaine P. -- An AU story featuring Lt. James Ellison and the young wounded prisoner he saves.

The Natural by BAW -- Simon realizes something. A missing scene/epilogue to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

But There Will Be Joy in the Morning by BAW -- Blair isn't as badly off as he sounds. Sequel to The Natural.

The Sandburg Express by BAW -- Jim reminisces about his first five years with Jacob. This is a sequel to The Natural and But There Will be Joy in the Morning.

Chance Call by TAE -- Reality bites? No, uh, "Taking a late call brings Jim and Blair into an interesting situation"... based on a real case (and the cop it happened to told it to me... heh).

The Void by Anna Rennie-Clark -- Many beautiful versions of possible Sentinel Too, Part 2 have been written. This is my stab at a sort of alternate ending... over-due as it is. It's my opinion that Blair should have had a hand in her fate, because it is him that Alex harmed. Oh well, to each his own.

Coffee Stop by Carole -- A simple stop for coffee becomes more trouble than either of the guys could have imagined.

BPP-616: Here Kitty, Kitty by Emerald -- Millennium Towers is the hot new address for the society crowd, but when a string of unexplainable burglaries occur, it's up to Jim Ellison to protect Cascade's beautiful people. But, who will protect high society from Ellison?

Missing Scene for Blind Man's Bluff by Lyn

February 25, 2001

A Curve in the Road by Robin from Florida -- Can Simon and Andy's love triumph over hate? Rated R for described violence. (Drama/Romance).

What Can I Say? by Shedoc

February 23, 2001

Frozen Assets by Kara -- Jim, Blair, and Simon get away for a ski trip. Things are complicated by an avalanche. Rated PG.

Blair Moment #4 by Kara -- Blair learns that waking up late can be painful. Rated PG.

We welcome Calista Echo to the Library!

Small World by Calista Echo -- AU. What if during Switchman Jim had not found Blair? An alternate introduction of Sentinel and Guide. Warnings for nudity and violence.

The Muppets Take Cascade by Lila Kulp -- A lark of a story, filled with laughs, car chases, squeals, barks, muppets, and of course our favorite Sentinel and Guide. Warnings: Don't drink with this one, your computer will NOT like the result.

February 22, 2001

Bound by Meercat -- Detective Brian Rafe is taken hostage after a botched raid. The detectives of Major Crimes race to rescue him--before it's too late. Rated PG-13. Angst, drama, foul language (what, you expect violent criminals or stressed-out cops to talk Barney-speak?), some violence.

N5-3: Arctic Blast by Brate and Gemini -- Mysterious murders hit Cascade, and an old enemy may mean trouble.

February 21, 2001

A Step in the Right Direction by Renegade -- Epilogue to Remembrance for those who have hopes of an eventual reconciliation between Jim and his dad. Rated PG for mild language.

A Glimpse of Hell by Renegade -- Takes place some time after Sentinel Too. Major angst-fest, but not as dark as it seems at first. Rated PG-13 for mild language and some images that some readers might find disturbing. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

February 20, 2001

The 3 Blairs by CarolROI -- A parody of Sentinel fanfic characterizations.

We welcome Kara and Renegade to the Library!

Garage Door by Kara -- The first Sentinel fic I ever wrote, this was a response to a challenge from Wolfshy to write a story based on something that happened in real life. Rated PG. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

TKO by Kara -- Blair is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rated PG. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

On the Edge by Kara -- A snowstorm and a mountain road. Rated PG. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Bottled Aggression by Kara -- Response to a challenge from DawnC. Rated PG. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Beneath the Surface by Kara -- A surprise party ends in tragedy for the Major Crimes gang. Drama. Dedicated to the memory of Julie Goldwyn. Rated PG. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

Damage Control by Renegade -- Alternate ending for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Rated PG for mild language.

February 19, 2001

BPP-615: Proper Procedure by Hephaistos and Alberte -- After Jim and Blair ignore procedures one time too many, Simon decides his best detective team needs to be taught a lesson. He assigns them a civilian ride-along, and a very safe, very boring task to help prepare for Cascade's upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration. Safe? Boring? Simon should have known better.

Vibes by Kathryn Andersen -- Something's bothering Blair, and Naomi wants to know what. (ObSenFic)

February 17, 2001

The Mohs Test by Sheffield -- Sequel to Bugg. Bugg is back, and this time he has arranged for some subcontractors to kidnap Blair. But what does he want? And, even if he gets it, will that be enough?

February 15, 2001

Mistaken Identity by Lyn -- It's early in the friendship but when Blair finds trouble, he turns to the only person he trusts.

The Eldest Son by Vision -- The death of Rafe's mother creates a bond between himself and Jim.

One Thoughtless Act by Starzy -- You're safe with your friends, aren't you? Well, aren't you? Rated PG-13.

Snow by KandaceK -- Smarm. Birthday gift for D.L.

February 14, 2001

FPP-612: Fire and Ice by Swellison -- Blair's latest sentinel experiments lead Jim to an ability to see in greater detail than ever before. Meanwhile, jewels on loan from Russia are stolen from a local museum.

Retrieved & Restored (Part One) by Loui -- This is the first part of the sequel to Calls for Help and is the fourth story in my ongoing crossover between The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1.

Tea and Sympathy by D.L. Witherspoon -- Jim has "one of those days."

We welcome Michka_7 and Maverick to the Library!

E-Mergency by Michka_7 and Maverick -- Blair has a slight crisis and e-mails Jim for help. Jim is amused, and somewhat less than helpful. Rated G.

February 13, 2001

Murder 101, Epilogue by LindaS -- Epilogue for Murder 101. Spoilers for Sentinel Too, Parts 1&2 and Murder 101. Rated PG.

February 12, 2001

We welcome Evermore to the Library!

BPP-614: Lead Pipe Cinch by Evermore -- A reality-tv crew comes to film at Cascade General, but unbeknownst to them, there's more trouble behind the scenes than they might be prepared to handle.(Warning for some minor graphic hospital scenes.)

Digging Up the Past by Susan Foster -- For a Sentinel and Guide even an archaeological dig can be far from relaxing. Part of the GDP Series. Conclusion to Buried in the Past: Instincts.

February 11, 2001

We welcome Tany Z to the Library!

The Scentinel by Tany Z -- Inspired by a Christmas-time visit to a candle store that nearly saw me fleeing in sensory overload.

The Alley by Shedoc -- Things aren't what they seem. Something very horrible is implied here -- be warned. Rated R for adult themes.

Electronic Bottle by Shedoc -- Set immediately after The Simon Says Series.

February 9, 2001

We welcome Brate and Ismaro to the Library!

N5-2: Fear-Based Responses by MaBrown, Brate, and Gemini -- Jim and Blair face off with Alex.

Dealing by Ismaro -- When Blair is arrested for drug smuggling, will the tragic consequences tear apart Sentinel and Guide? An alternate ending for The Girl Next Door.

Vengeance by CarolROI -- Blair's in the hospital as the result of Jim's actions. Will he ever be able to trust his friends again? This is a sequel to Ismaro's Dealing. Spoilers for The Girl Next Door.

Disappearance by Suzie -- On the road again. #10 of The Wanted Series.

A Taste of Life by Medie -- Laurel McKennon, an Immortal friend of Blair and Jim, loses an old friend in the Game then Blair and Jim reflect on what they've seen and how it has affected them. A crossover with Highlander. OFC warning!

February 7, 2001

Equal Partners by Shallan -- Work stress, an unexpected incident and harshly spoken words cause tempers to rise and emotions to take control. But old friends with a dangerous occupation arrive in town and Sentinel and Shaman find out it is never too late to learn about themselves or their partnership.

Goodbye My Friend by Aislinn -- This story is dedicated to, and in loving memory of, Sabine.

February 5, 2001

BPP-613: Shaman of the Great City by Trishbsc -- A drug bust goes terribly wrong, resulting in the death of a DEA agent. The resulting media frenzy targets Blair and the Major Crimes Unit.

You Call This a Chase Scene? by TAE -- Blair gets to drive Jim's truck while chasing a stolen car... heh,heh, heh.

It's About Friendship by TAE -- A smarm request for Carole's birthday.

A Death in the Family by Paula -- A Sentinel Too, part 1 missing scene. This is not a death story, even though we all know what happens at the end. Simon decides that he can't idly stand by and watch Jim and Blair self-destruct.

A Home for the Holidays by Medie -- A Counterparts Christmas 2000 story. #4 in The Counterparts Series.

Silent Observer by DawnC -- A Cypher missing scene.

We welcome 3peasinapod to the Library!

The "Awful" Epic by 3peasinapod -- Written in response to the following challenge: Announcing the CascadeTimes TS Awfulfic Christmas Gift contest!! Your assignment is to write the most horrible, terrible, badly written TS story ever, dedicate it to someone as a 'gift,' and then post it to the list.

Introspection by Ronnee -- Someone asked for Henri fic. I don't remember who, and it was before my last computer died.

A Decision Made by Ronnee -- A short little piece about the past and Jim's spirit guide.

Cascade Meetings by Ronnee -- Everyone comes to Cascade to get the answers. Nothing is sacred in the race for information. #6 in The Envelope Series.

The Bonds of Friendship by Toni Rae -- The forging of a friendship. Warning: OC's are the main characters here.

If Only by Toni Rae -- A triptych on the meaning of life, the possible future, and the impact on their partnership. Includes (1) If Only Longing, (2) If Only Forever, and (3) If Only Fear.

In the Cards by Toni Rae -- A friendly little game of cards at the loft.

February 4, 2001

Synchronicity by Vision -- Written in answer to the Groundhog Day Challenge on CascadeTimes. NOT a death story.

February 3, 2001

The Simon Says Series by Shedoc -- This mini-series goes hand in hand with my previous story Graduation. I wanted to give some realism to what Jim would be doing while Blair was at the Academy and answer the all-important question -- why would Blair, the gentlest, most peaceful person in Cascade, decide to take a job that made him carry a gun? Originally, I was going to focus on different detectives in the department, but Simon was so indignant that I had to let him have his say. I hope I was listening correctly. The series includes five stories: (1) Worth It, (2) Three a.m., (3) How Many Does It Take..., (4) Pet Hate, and (5) And Finally...

February 2, 2001

Paved with Good Intentions by Fidus Amicus -- AU. Jim and Blair go back to Cascade to pursue both the Switchman and their destiny as Sentinel and Guide. Major spoilers for The Switchman. This is a sequel to The Road Not Traveled.

February 1, 2001

Letting Go by Starzy -- A carnival ride ends in tragedy.

Resolutions by Kathryn Andersen -- Jim comes back from the hospital and faces reality. #2 in the True Dreams series.

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