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April 2001

April 30, 2001

BPP-625: Blood and Water by Shallan -- Find out if the old saying that blood is thicker than water is true when it comes down to choices involving family. For Jim Ellison, will the blood ties of family create a problem between his duties as a detective and his position as the Sentinel of the Great City?

A Hope Amidst Sanguine Desolation by Sealie -- #3 in The Library Series and a crossover with Poltergeist: The Legacy. Rated a minimum PG-15 or R for those of a sensitive disposition.

Solitudes by Lyn -- An epilogue to Crossroads.

April 27, 2001

Toe Socks by Anna Rennie-Clark -- The Sentinel's discomfort brings him to a shocking ~snerk~ discovery. WARNING: Do not eat or drink while eating this!

Falling Rain by Autumn Skies -- Jim waits for Blair's return. This is a follow up to Sojourner and the Sojourner Epilogue.

Interwoven Strands by Loui -- A crossover between The Sentinel and Dark Angel that speculates on just who exactly is in Max's family tree.

The Evil William Story by Rachel Martin -- A typical day in the life of William Ellison. Rated R for adult language and subject matter -- child abuse, employee abuse, pet abuse, etc. etc., none of which is graphically described.

Soliloquy Three: Hidden Treasures by JET -- The third in the Soliloquy Collection. It's not necessary to have read the first two before diving into this one.

We welcome DebbyG to the Library!

Poachers Missing Scene by DebbyG -- A missing scene from Poachers.

April 23, 2001

BPP-624: Tuesday's Child by Trishbsc -- Memories of Jim's childhood return with a vengeance.

April 21, 2001

Coming Home by Calista Echo -- Sequel to Stealing Home. Blair tries to make sense of his life without his memories. The Tessuad isn't done with him yet. Drama, violence, angst, H/C.

Hand by Iris Wilde -- On the importance of touch...a couple of missing scenes for Cypher.

Heroes by TAE -- Crossover with The Greatest American Hero. Every city needs heroes. They're needed even more now, than ever before. Sometimes, they even come from out of the past, just because they're still needed.

It's All Relative by TAE -- Crossover with The District/Hunter/One West Waikiki. Simon decides to never, ever, send Jim to another seminar, not no way, not no how. One of him is generally more than enough. *snicker*

We welcome Crowswork to the Library!

Betrayer by Crowswork -- Missing scene for Sentinel Too, part 2. Jim has a problem with betrayal, in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Blair and Megan are trying to catch up to the Sentinel after he disappears to go after Alex.

Betrayer 2 by Crowswork -- Missing scene for Sentinel Too, part 2. Jim reflects on his treatment of his Guide and his experiences inside the Temple Of The Sentinels. (Also a possible explaination for all those who thought Blair seemed a bit too perky after being recently drowned.)

The Ones Who Love You Best by Crowswork -- Missing scene for Cypher. Someone evil is watching Blair through the skylight. What is it about Blair that made 'his' life so desirable.

Creature of the Wood by Jennifer D'Agostino -- Guess who's in a band?

April 20, 2001

N5-4: Upstairs, Downstairs by Hephaistos -- While Henri and Rafe investigate a bizarre serial bomber, Jim and Blair deal with a few life issues...and surprises.

Stealing Home by Calista Echo -- After TSbyBS, Blair is struggling to get through the Academy when his life gets hi-jacked. Drama, Angst, H/C, violence.

In the Line of Duty by Andi Charleville -- This story is dedicated to Seattle Police Dog Shierkhan, who was killed during a track August 25, 2000. And to his handler, Officer Mike Lewis, who lost a partner, a friend, and a member of the family.

April 19, 2001

We welcome Wolf Guide to the Library!

Cascade by Wolf Guide -- A story from the POV of the city itself. Rated G.

Observations & Hair Cuts by Shedoc -- Major Crimes gets two observers. Rated G.

Hide and Go Seek by Terrijo -- A promise broken in the heat of an argument pits Jim and Blair into a battle of wits against the Svengali-like Director of Cascade’s new Aquarium. Rated PG, mostly for language. This work contains Original Fiction Characters. You’ve been warned. The major one is female, in a non-romance relationship. And Blair is still a cop. Spoilers: Maybe a few, in regards to TSbyBS, Remembrance, and The Debt, but nothing major.

April 16, 2001

BPP-623: Mishaps with Dinner by Cindy Combs -- While Jim really tries to impress his auction date, the whole evening ends up being controlled by Murphy's law.

The International Law Enforcement Conference by Shedoc -- On a conference, Jim and Blair meet another sentinel and guide pair.

Procedures by Starfox -- Missing scene from The Girl Next Door.

Night Eagle: Homecoming by Donna Gentry -- AU. A sequel to Night Eagle. Blair accompanies Jim home to his ranch, where both men must deal with the ugly realities of prejudice and intolerance.

We welcome Qwerty to the Library!

Blairpunzel by Qwertyuiop -- Sentinelized fairy tale; formerly Rapunzel.

April 15, 2001

Some Enchanted Evening by Sue Kelley -- After one of his students is murdered, Blair goes undercover in an escort agency. Takes place in aired season three. Originally printed in Sentry Post 4.

April 13, 2001

Random Thoughts: Jim by Jen R -- A look at Jim's thoughts at the end of Secret while he is watching Simon and Sandburg arguing. Rated PG.

Comfy Couch by Jen R -- Jim searches for Blair in the library. Rated G.

Milk and Cookies by Jen R -- Not gonna tell you! But the title is a hint! Rated G.

Packing Up by Lyn -- Epilogue to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Excuses, Excuses by Carole -- Four students attempt to outwit their teacher. Humor. Rated G.

Hard Time by Suisan R. -- What should have been a routine "jail house" interview goes horribly wrong. Does Detective Sandburg have what it takes to handle the situation?

A Friend To Me by Suisan R. -- Song inspired story, based on a Garth Brooks song, title pretty much sets it up. First serious attempt at a song-fic.

April 11, 2001

Flashback by Lyn -- Epilogue to Blind Man's Bluff. Flashbacks from Golden haunt Blair.

This Is Not About You by Jael Lyn -- Jim's disappointment sends Blair into the path of an enemy.

New Year's Surprise by Jael Lyn -- Blair celebrates the New Year in downtown Cascade. Written to fill a special request: Blair displays an unusual and previously unknown talent.

April 8, 2001

We welcome JoeyWit to the Library!

BPP-622: Divided We Fall by JoeyWit -- When an ex-student seeks Blair's help, a difference of opinion sends Sentinel and Guide investigating in opposite directions. Meanwhile, a scandal half a world away has a Cascade effect.

April 6, 2001

Damage Control II: The Other Side by Renegade -- A companion piece to Damage Contol. Contains spoilers for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

April 4, 2001

Musings by Loui -- A postscript to the episode Dead Drop.

First Times by Shedoc -- Caveat Lector! If you're not sure about reading the story, there's a spoiler at the bottom.

April 2, 2001

BPP-621: Backwater by WhiteJazz -- Jim and Blair fly to Louisiana to extradite a wanted felon in a very by-the-book assignment. The kind that includes gunfire, helicopters, swamp boats, snakes, kidnappings, and a mysterious young woman with a healing touch.

Charming the Hawk by Cindy Combs -- When Sam is targeted in San Francisco, Blair and Jim will need a little magical help to protect him. #12 in the MacGyver Crossover Series and is also a crossover with Charmed.

Warm Fires of Home by Java Head -- Blair gets kidnapped. Jim to the rescue. (Hey, who said it was original?)

Midnight on Prospect by EJ Katz -- A nasty murder case and declining health cause problems for the Sentinel and his Guide. When Blair disappears, will Jim be able to find him before it is too late or will Simon have to die first?

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