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May 2001

May 31, 2001

Sirocco by D.L. Witherspoon -- When Carolyn runs afoul of bioterrorists, she heads for the one safe place she knows -- the arms of her ex-husband. Previously published as a zine available through Skeeter Press.

May 29, 2001

Grounded by Twilight -- Missing scene from Breaking Ground, or maybe an decide. Rated PG.

Rhythm of the Rain by Carole -- Jim listens to the rain. Written in response to Kathryn's challenge on CascadeTimes.

After the Fact by Kikkimax -- Jim jumps to the wrong conclusions as Blair tries to come to terms with his feelings after an attack. This is a sequel to Obsession and takes place within about two weeks of it. Angst. Rated R for language and adult situations.

The Seed by Kikkimax -- Jim is the only thing standing between Blair and a beautiful monster. Drama; horror. Rated R for language and adult situations.

Overboard by Kikkimax -- Jim and Blair get in way over their heads on an undercover operation on a modern day pirate ship. Case story. Rated R for adult situations, implied violence, and language.

Invisible Thread by Kikkimax -- At the crime scene of a murdered child, Blair is drawn to help the tormented souls of other murdered children. Drama; horror. Takes place between Sentinel Too and The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Rated PG for dark subject matter, a few bad words.

Bridge Epilogue by Autumn Skies -- Henri hears about Jim's new partner. A short follow up to Bridge. Spoilers for Switchman. Rated PG.

The Bear Facts by Autumn Skies -- AU. An old stuffed toy and a tee-shirt jog Jim's childhood memories. An alternate epilogue to Maternal Instinct. Rated G.

May 27, 2001

We welcome Kikkimax to the Library!

Partners by Kikkimax -- What if Blair found someone who ate where he wanted to, let him drive, and didn't make him wait in the truck? What would Jim do to correct the situation?

Obsession by Kikkimax -- A student obsessed with Blair tries to take the Guide away from his Sentinel.

May 26, 2001

We welcome Twilight, Malia, D.C. Black, and Felicia to the Library!

Revelations by Twilight -- Jim makes a few discoveries.

Post-Mother's Day Horror by Malia -- A short short in honor of Mother's Day.

Mixed Emotions by D.C. Black -- Jim and Blair go undercover as a gay couple to nab a serial killer. Rated a strong R for violence.

Sense Ability by Shedoc -- Jim turns the tables on Blair and observes the observer for a change. At first, it seems to be a quiet time at the university.

The Making of a Dark Guide by Susan Foster -- For Blair, the meshing into a Dark Guide is not easy. #14 in the GDP Series. Warning for adult language and violence.

The Bet 2 by Susan Foster -- Sequel to The Bet. A canon story in which Officer Frank Doyle has a chance to see the partnership of Ellison and Sandburg pushed to the limit.

Love and Anguish by Brit -- Blair reacts to an historical tragedy.

Not on My Watch by Brit -- An AU story where Jim decides to be proactive.

Movie Tones by Swellison -- Jim and Blair see The Mummy.

Piece by Piece by Jael Lyn -- The past intrudes on the present. Written for DawnC; she requested a story that showed a dark side of Blair but stayed in character.

Full Circle by Jael Lyn -- Jim knows what he wants, but not how to get it.

By Dawn's Early Light by Jael Lyn -- The holiday season is complicated by a series of miscommunications.

Lifeline Series (aka Psychic Series) by Tate -- Jim and Blair discover that they are bonded by a mysterious psychic link. They struggle to understand it and use it to their advantage, but it may prove too volatile for them to control. The first few stories were web published, but the concluding stories were previously available only from Agent With Style in the zine Lifeline. The series is composed of the following stories: (1) Mind Over Matter -- An alternate ending to Dead Drop. (2) Fatal Flaw; (3) Remembering the Silences; (4) Severed; (5) Set Adrift; (6) Lifeline.

Feet on the Couch: Rogue by LRH Balzer -- Continuation of the Feet on the Couch episode missing scenes.

The Sacrifices We Make by Medie -- A post-TSbyBS story written in the first-person POV. Annie and Jim are waiting on a call from the chancellor that will affect all their futures. #4 of the Counterparts Series. Warning: OFC!

May 22, 2001

Revelations & Explanations by Loui -- What happens when the Guide is fatally injured? WARNING: Death Story!

Holiday Weekend by WhiteJazz -- A masked man terrorizes female students over Easter Break. Two friends come closer together. #4 in the Daedelus Series.

May 19, 2001

Garden of Memories by Mele -- Blair learns a sad secret from Henri's past. Rated PG for minor language; warning for death of non-canon character.

May 18, 2001

N5-6: And the Password Is...? by Hephaistos and DawnC -- Jim and Blair protect a witness, and the mayor decides to make some changes with Major Crime.

May 17, 2001

End of Exile by Jen R -- Finals are over and it's time for Blair to return to Jim's side. Rated G.

Dealing With Dials by KimAnne and Liz -- Missing scene for Out of the Past. Rated PG for language.

May 16, 2001

The Tail Begins: The Panther Adventures 1 by Brate -- AU. What if superheroes were real? Cascade has one...

Poker Night by Sheffield -- Kincaid is in a federal prison. But he still has followers, and they have a plan to get him out. A plan which begins with persuading Jim's father to join them, in arranging the kidnap of his own son... Warning: Rated R for violence and language; contains characters with racist, sexist, and homophobic views.

May 15, 2001

Too Old For It? by Franzi -- Drabble; humor.

Pluck by Lyn -- Missing scenes for Cypher.

May 14, 2001

Apocalypse by Techgrrl -- A weird and symbolic epilogue to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Drama/angst.

May 13, 2001

A Bad Day by Franzi -- Someone has a *really* bad day after a b-day party. Humor.

May 12, 2001

Bid Time Return by Crowswork -- Jim and Blair are drafted as security at a conference on germ and chemical warfare. A terrorist attack on the remote island dooms the isolated group to certain death. Sentinel and Guide must face this horror, unaware that secret forces are working to rewrite the last week of thier lives. Crossover with Seven Days.

May 11, 2001

Silent Witness by Medie -- The first story in a Charmed/Sentinel crossover series. (OFC Warning) A young witch, Hannah Russell, has a vision of Blair Sandburg's death at the hands of Alex Barnes. But is she supposed to prevent it? Or witness it? (Not a death story) A Sentinel Too, part two missing scene.

May 10, 2001

Divided We Fall by Lyn -- Blair's keeping secrets and both men pay the price.

May 9, 2001

Commercial Break 2 by Lila Kulp -- Remember that Sentinel commercial? Well, Simon just saw it, after a long hard week at work. Serious fun and laughter.

May 8, 2001

Detour on the Way by Alberte -- A relaxing day off is rudely interrupted by bank robbers, and Blair's ingenuity must meet the test.

Music of the Heart by Alberte -- A tale set in the Christmas season. Friends remember the gifts they are truly thankful for.

Closer Than You Think by Alberte -- After a member of Major Crimes is injured, Blair discovers that the Internet brings people closer than you'd think.

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best by Jamie Ritchey

Flash Bang by DawnC -- Jim and Blair run into minor trouble at the hands of their fellow officers. H/C. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst list.

Second Impact by DawnC -- Missing scene for Out of the Past.

Pain by Dar Hutson Scally -- A study in human pain management.

May 7, 2001

A Most Unusual Use of Senses by Carole -- Jim hears something odd. Humor.

May 6, 2001

Taggert Says by Shedoc -- Reality has stepped out to lunch!

May 4, 2001

N5-5: Clarity by CarolROI -- Jim and Blair investigate the source of a new and dangerous drug that has hit Cascade.

Partners by Lyn -- Blair makes a sacrifice for all the right reasons.

We welcome BethB, Chryssalys, and Gil Hale to the Library!

I Liked That Toothbrush by Gil Hale -- Blair is already juggling studying, teaching, observing, and two blondes and a redhead... when Jim becomes the housewife from hell.

May 2, 2001

Designated Driver by Crowswork -- Blair is the designated driver on poker night.

An Eye for an Eye by DawnC -- A Vow of Silence pseudo-epilogue.

May 1, 2001

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Susan Foster -- is now up. Enjoy!

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