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August 2001

August 31, 2001

The Warmth of Home by Carole -- A quiet evening in the loft.

Homecoming by KandaceK -- A man comes home.

In Contempt by Sentarla -- A short humor story.

August 29, 2001

As We Gather Here Today... by WhiteJazz -- When you're living in Cascade, not even a wedding can go on without a few glitches. Humor. #6 in the Daedelus series.

The Echo by WhiteJazz -- After new budget cuts, Blair gets creative to keep Connor in Cascade. (Note: This is an old story I dusted off and thought would fit nicely in this universe. I blame Toni Rae.) Humor. #7 in the Daedelus series.

Beautiful by Carolyn Claire -- Is there a future for Jim and Carolyn? (Jim/Carolyn romance; Blair-as-cop mentioned in passing)

August 28, 2001

Breaking In by KimAnne and Liz -- Jim and Blair deal with the aftermath of Jim's sensory episode. This is a direct sequel to Breakdowns and Breakthroughs and is necessary to have read those first.

August 27, 2001

Baptism By Fire by JET -- Blair survived the fountain, Alex is in custody, and Jim must deal with the fallout. Rated PG. Epilogue to Sentinel Too, part 2.

August 25, 2001

Basic Trust by Autumn Skies -- As Jim runs out of time, he turns to a grad student for help. A short missing scene to Switchman. Rated PG for language.

August 24, 2001

Model's INC by Alicia -- There's more to being partners than having a Sentinel/Guide connection: and it's put to the test when the Feds 'pose' Rafe with a 'striking' undercover assignment.

Guide by Lyn -- Epilogue for the episode Rogue. Both Jim and Blair begin to get an idea of what a guide is.

The Lords of the Jungle by Susan Foster and Maedoc -- AU. When a guide is kidnapped, it's up to Jim and Blair to rescue. For Hunter, he has to learn to trust other people, a hard lesson for him. #3 in the Reflections in the Mirror series. Warnings for adult language and situations.

August 23, 2001

Catch as Cat Can: The Panther Adventures 2 by Brate -- AU. Every superhero needs a sidekick... whether he wants one or not!

August 22, 2001

Relapse by Kikkimax -- Blair has a relapse of malaria, which complicates Jim's undercover operation.

August 20, 2001

Soul by Ihket -- Short SHORT introspection. Rated PG.

Messes by Ihket has been added to the Stories-in-Progress Page.

August 18, 2001

Stupid Fines by AnneACK -- Jim and Blair face the price of some stupid choices.

Healthy Level Of Insanity by AnneACK -- Jim's acting weird -- is it stress, drugs, or something else?

Retreat Series by Crowswork -- Sentinel and guide reflect on just how their partnership was destroyed and their lives torn apart. Crossover with The District. Stories: Retreat, Reproach, Reunion, and Resolution.

The Shrek-inel by Crowswork -- Jim and Blair on the drive home from the movies.

Anything by DebbyG -- It's the day of Blair's final firearms test and everyone is dealing with their own fears.

August 17, 2001

Survival Missing Scene by Alicia

Blind Man's Bluff Missing Scene by Alicia

Sons by Alicia -- Simon and Naomi share a bond - parenthood.

August 16, 2001

The Nature of Man by Meercat -- A terrorist bomb destroys a large chunk of Cascade--including the 800 block of Prospect Avenue. As Simon leads the search for his missing friends, he can't help but wonder: Are they dead, or in a situation even worse? Drama, angst. Rated PG-13 for violence and language.

The Hardest Part of a Miracle by Meercat -- Spoilers for Night Shift. Angst. Rated G.

Forever by Meercat -- Jim's thoughts during a standoff at Hargrove Hall. Rated PG.

Seal by D.L. Witherspoon -- It's about choice. Who dies in twenty-four hours...and who mourns? (Previously published in a zine by Skeeter Press.)

August 15, 2001

Dog Years by Kikkimax -- Blair joins a band to find out why a friend was murdered, which leaves Jim afraid that he will be the next target.

August 14, 2001

Or the Leopardess Her Spots by BAW -- Part of the Jacob's Ladder Series.

In Soggy Old Cascade by BAW -- Part of the Jacob's Ladder Series.

I Hate This... by Carole -- Missing scene for Blind Man's Bluff.

August 13, 2001

Small Protectors by Jen R -- An incident on the playground proves just who the true protectors really are. Rated G. Part of the Second Generation Series.

August 12, 2001

Dial Tone by Kira -- Cell phones, what wonderful things. (Based on a G vs E episode, kinda)

After the Beep by Kira -- After the events of Dial Tone...

Inhabiting a Dream World by EJ Katz -- Strange happenings and an even stranger case make it difficult to tell what is real and what is not, An even bigger question is what is happening to the Sentinel and his Guide?

Drabble series by EJ Katz -- A series of five drabbles all revolving around a practical joke: The Joke, Punishment, Retaliation, Jim's Revenge, and Muddy Trucks and Short Sheets.

Legend of the White Dragon: The Meet by EJ Katz -- For generation upon generation the tales have unfolded. The tales of a mythical hero with armour of white, a sword of gleaming gold, and a shield of purest fire, possessing eyes of the hawk, hearing to rival the bats, a gift of scenting that the wolves alone may boast, to be able to taste the smallest amount of poison and to be able to sense the existence of the enemy with only the feel of his body heat. The hero is unknown, he has no name. But every boy from the age of understanding is taught of him.

Out of Debt by Donna Gentry -- Coda for The Debt. Blair searches for a solution to his housing problems.

Grail by Martha -- A camping trip mishap leads to a long, uncomfortable night, and instant noodles for breakfast.

We welcome Alicia to the Library!

Camping by Alicia -- City boy Rafe canít seem to catch a break when he and Brown go on a camping trip with sentinel and guide. If the Ďforestí doesnít get him the bad guys will. Not much plot but plenty of owies.

Vendetta by Alicia -- Someone's out to destroy Rafe's life and the evidence points to Jim. Major spoilers but to say more would give it away!

August 10, 2001

The Day of James Ellison's Demise by EJ Katz -- An explosion blows Blair's life apart. Will he ever recover?

Midnight on Prospect by EJ Katz -- A nasty murder case and declining health cause problems for the Sentinel and his Guide. When Blair disappears, will Jim be able to find him before it is too late or will Simon have to die first?

Fight for our Lives by EJ Katz -- What is Jim willing to do to save his life and the life of his Guide?

A Smattering of Understanding by EJ Katz -- Simonís thought on his men and their place in his life.

Operation Goodnight by Wolf Guide -- A sick Jim and a tired Blair.

Two Candles in the Darkness by Wolf Guide -- Sometimes you need someone to hold the darkness at bay.

We welcome Donna M. Smith and her stories to the Library!

August 8, 2001

Tests of Sentinel and Guide by Jen R -- Another story set in Marianne Edison's AU. Again this one is after First Day, but still before Keeping the Promise. Rated PG.

Reoccurring Nightmare/Reoccurring Dreams by TAE -- Cecilia Taggart is having a birthday and her father comes up with a most unusual gift for her...Blair.

August 7, 2001

Demons Fought by Lyn -- Sequel to Seasons of the Heart.

August 6, 2001

Decoy by DawnC -- Blair gets caught up in a bank robbery. Based on an actual "fact pattern."

One Cold Night by DawnC -- The title says it all.

First Day by Jen R -- Another story set in Marianne Edison's AU. Again this one is after Some Things Never Change, but is before Keeping the Promise. Rated G.

August 5, 2001

For the Cause by Sherrylou -- Jim does his part for a good cause. Rated PG-13. Humor.

August 4, 2001

Blair 2K by Mackie -- It's New Year's Eve, and everyone is on duty, even a lowly police observer who can't seem to stay out of trouble no matter what!

Dismal in Cascade by Mackie -- Pointless and plotless; just Blair and an icy road.

Momentary Glitch by Mackie -- A bomb goes off in Major Crime.

The Shield by Susan Foster and Maedoc -- For Sarah the future in uncertain; for Blair the past is about to return. And two sentinels must learn to work together. Second in Reflections in the Mirror series, a crossover between the GDP series and The District. Warnings for adult situations and angst.

Paid in Full by Lyn -- Blair's attempt to repay a debt almost ends in tragedy.

August 3, 2001

N5-9: A Shaman's Soul by Nickerbits and Chaz

August 2, 2001

Hook, Line, and Sinker by Kikkimax -- Blair is stalked and then abducted by the killer he went undercover to catch. Sequel to Bait. Sorry, but it won't make any sense if you haven't read that one first! Rated R for adult themes, foul language, and dark subject matter.

August 1, 2001

Scent of Rain by WhiteJazz -- A vengeful fugitive, a shy college student; two investigations into one brutal attack. Noah Newman wanted a peaceful vacation...he should have known better. Sequel to From Out of the Shadow; crossover with US Marshals.

The Intrepid Sentinel by Hephaistos -- An epilogue to DawnC's story, The Intrepid Anthropologist, written and posted with her permission. (She wouldn't write it, so someone had to!)

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