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December 2001

December 31, 2001

Angels We Have Heard on High by D.L. Witherspoon -- Michael's Warrior stumbles upon angels on earth. #5 in the Gates of Hell series; crossover with Touched by an Angel. Warning: religious content.

December 30, 2001

We welcome C.R. Chancy to the Library!

Twist of Fate by C.R. Chancy -- The Fates take aim at Jim and Blair - and miss, due to a certain covert helicopter. Follows Breaking the Jesses, a non-Sentinel tale at (but you don't have to have read that to get this). PG-13 for some language and action violence. Crossover with Airwolf and The Real Ghostbusters.

Tchapade by Red Soprano -- Somebody has a cold on New Years.

Get Bent! by Brate -- The duo are having a bad day; will Simon make them pay?

A Michigan Yankee in Captain Simon's Bullpen by Brate -- Put one fan of the Sentinel in the middle of the action and watch what happens.

December 29, 2001

Scrooge by Besterette -- A Christmas story, of sorts.

Snippet-O-Rama by Besterette -- And now for something complete different...

December 28, 2001

December Sojourn by JET -- A story for the holidays.

December 26, 2001

TSSEP #9: Attraction by Vision -- Rated PG.

December 25, 2001

Feels Like Home by Ceci -- The guys hear a Christmas song they can relate to. Previously posted to SA. (Post-TSbyBS)

December 24, 2001

And Now for Something Completely Different by Felicia -- Ellison and Sandburg investigate vandalism at the art museum. My first case story. Sort of.

Gift of the Magi by MyDad -- A Sentinel twist on the O. Henry Christmas classic.

Shop with a Cop by Suisan R. -- It's time for the annual shopping extravaganza and the Major Crime Division gets the call -- can Jim Ellison survive the experience?

December 23, 2001

Just What He Wanted by Mele -- It's Jim's first Christmas with the children, and he receives a special gift. Part of the Cascade Tribe series.

December 21, 2001

Christmas Carols? by Jennifer D'Agostino -- On the University's grounds - the Christmas after Sentinel Too. (In six parts.)

December 20, 2001

The Christmas Carolers by Sherrylou -- Blair and a Christmas tree topper -- no problem, right? A very short story previously included in last year's Christmas Cards to my SA listsibs.

Reality by Franzi -- Blair finds out what happened to Jim. Sequel to A Figment of Reality.

December 19, 2001

N5-12: Tinderbox by Linda3 and Ismaro -- When a disturbing arson case sets Jim and Blair at each other's throat, tempers flare, threatening to turn their friendship to ashes.

December 18, 2001

TSSEP #8: Love and Guns by Gina Jones -- Rated PG-13.

What is Needed by Lila Kulp -- Chapter 9 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

Boys and Their Toys by Lila Kulp -- Never leave Blair alone in the toy section. This is the result.

Santa Claus by Michka_7 -- Two little boys ask, "Is there a Santa Claus?" and get two very different answers.

A Beary Merry Christmas by Carole -- Simon and Tyler enjoy an evening of holiday specials. Part of the Second Generation series. Also part of the The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt series.

December 17, 2001

Protecting the Tribe by Jen R -- A freak snowstorm tests the young Sentinel and Guide. Part of the Second Generation series.

Attach with Love by Susan L. Williams -- A little carpentry, a little cake. Rated PG for a little language.

A Ride On Lady Nightmare's Wings by Anna Rennie-Clark -- What would you do if you had a nightmare so horrible that you couldn't just let it go?

Kindergarten Sentinel by AnneACK -- Jim and Blair get assigned special duties for a day.

Tired Beyond Reason by Gemini -- Jim must deal with a sleepy Blair.

December 16, 2001

Holding It In by Kathryn Andersen -- AU. Portrait of another universe's Blair. Part of the Fourth Sentinel Lyric Wheel, the Halloween Wheel.

Call Me by Michka_7 -- Blair gets stranded and needs a ride.

December 15, 2001

Reflections by KandaceK -- The one-year anniversary looms, and another Christmas approaches. A friend helps another cope with life changes. Sequel to God's Answer.

Home for Christmas by Kathy and Mary Ellen -- When a misunderstanding drives Jim and Blair apart, can their friends and family bring them back together again in time for Christmas?

A Really Bad Night by Kelly W -- Blair's night starts off bad and gets worse. Rated PG for language.

All Things Considered by Kelly W -- Companion to A Really Bad Night. A follow-up to Blair's really bad night, from Jim's point of view. Rated PG for language.

December 12, 2001

A Capra Cascade Christmas by Donna M. Smith -- After Blair is seriously injured while helping him on a case, Jim regrets constantly dragging his friend into his dangerous world. When Jim wishes Blair had never met him, a spirit appears to show the Sentinel how differently things might have been. (This takes place less than a year after TSbyBS. Blair is a consultant with the police department.)

December 11, 2001

TSSEP #7: Rogue by CarolROI and Suisan R. -- A rogue CIA agent threatens Cascade with a deadly disease. Can Jim and Blair stop him before he releases it? Rated PG-13.

We welcome Rimilod to the Library!

Forgiven by Rimilod -- Forgive: To give up resentment against or the desire to punish; to stop being angry with; to pardon. Rated G. Not a happy story.

He Understood by AnneACK -- What does the Sentinel watch at Christmas?

Eye of the Tiger by Susan Foster and Maedoc -- #4 in the Reflections in the Mirror series.

My Guide Has Fleas by Susan Foster -- While in the break room, Commander Slater has a rare insight into the sentinel world.

Be Sure Your Sins: Who Am I Now?, part one by Susan Foster -- A murder in a GDP facility brings Jim and Blair into the investigation. Set during Sentinel Sanctuary.

Sentinel Christmas by Susan Foster -- Christmas is a time for Sentinel and Guide to be together and a time of change.

December 10, 2001

Perilous Dreams by Eli Hayes -- Blair searches for the meaning of his disturbing dream before it is too late. Rated R.

Jedi Dreams by Virginia Foster -- Blair dreams of being a Jedi Knight. Crossover with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

December 9, 2001

Moments by Shedoc -- A series of moments over the next few months. Seventh in the Tommy series.

Sleeping Sickness by DCStreets -- Jim listens.

December 8, 2001

A Different Sort of Chapter by Medie -- Semi-sequel to Into The Lion's Den. Crossover with Earth: Final Conflict. Original Character warning.

Asunder by Kikkimax -- Blair gets one more shot at being an anthropologist after Jim inadvertently pushes him away. Takes place immediately after TSbyBS. Some bad language.

December 6, 2001

Trials by Shedoc -- Someone threatens the children, sending Sentinel and Guide into a desperate chase. Sixth in the Tommy series.

The Art of War by Saul -- Chapter 5 of the Nightmare Realized series.

December 5, 2001

TSSEP #6: Night Train by Terri Thomas -- Rated PG.

December 4, 2001

N5-11: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery by Brate and Gemini -- Brackett is back.

I Can't Hear, But You Aren't Listening... by Jen R -- Simon and Tyler make a new friend, and have an adventure. Plus someone finally gets what's coming to her. Part of the Second Generation series; takes place a few months after Keeping the Promise.

Warding Off the Tiger by Autumn Skies -- Blair turns to the past when he runs into a little trouble with his self-defense class. Takes place after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg and prior to an earlier story, Grasp the Sparrow's Tail. References to Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

Covert Operation II by Olwyn -- Sequel to Covert Operation I. In which Sandburg performs a routine reality check, and comes up with the wrong answer.

I Fought the Law by Charli and Andi Charleville -- The ATF boys of team 7 follow a lead that leads them to Cascade. There, they meet the Sentinel of the Great City. Will they be able to catch the work together to catch the bad guys? Crossover with Magnificent 7 ATF universe. Rated PG-13 for some language.

December 3, 2001

Stray Shots by Chryssalys and Grania -- There's a killer in Cascade. #8 in the Stray Thoughts series; sequel to Straying Cool.

King of Hearts, Part 2 by WhiteJazz -- An old arrest surfaces, a friend falls and Jim is faced with more questions than answers as he moves closer to uncovering the mystery of the suicide king. #9 in Daedalus Series. Rated PG-13.

Quarters by Jen R -- Takes place during The Debt. Blair realizes an advantage to living with Jim.

December 2, 2001

Dead Bolt by Crowswork -- In this sequel to The Key, Jim and Blair go in search of secrets, long hidden in a remote mountain cabin. They find an unspeakable evil that will make them doubt their sanity - and even each other.

Housetraining by AnneACK -- Housebreaking Sandburg is nothing compared to housetraining a sentinel. And how exactly does one bathe a cat?

December 1, 2001

Capsaicin Capers by Tany Z -- Food-related H/C. Originally posted to Sentinel Angst.

Vestige of Honor by Carole -- A stake-out goes terribly wrong. Drama/Angst. Rated PG.

Another House Rule by Lila Kulp -- As if there weren't enough. Another house rule gets added to the list.

Big Things, Small Packages by Lila Kulp -- Chapter 8 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

I Remember When by Nightowl -- An unexpected drive down memory's lane.

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