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Janaury 2002

January 31, 2002

Lines and Spheres by Auntie Hill -- An important discussion between friends.

January 30, 2002

TGIF, part two by Jen R -- Title says it all. ~grin~

January 29, 2002

TSSEP #14: Reunion by Lyn -- Rated PG.

January 28, 2002

Genesis by Donna M. Smith -- Alex Barnes is awake and on the loose in Cascade. This time, she has a Guide of her own. Will Jim and Blair be able to catch her while also trying to stop the serial killer terrorizing the city? (Takes place about two years after Sentinel Too.)

January 27, 2002

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Sherrylou -- is now up. Enjoy!

January 26, 2002

Determination by Carole -- A planned hiking trip takes an unexpected detour.

January 25, 2002

Callow Youth by Auntie Hill -- A father passes hard-learned wisdom to his son. Set years after TSbyBS. (10K)

January 24, 2002

Learning Curves: The Reclaiming by Susan Foster -- Part of the GDP Series. After Blair is rescued from an unbonded sentienl he must be reclaimed in front of the newly formed clan. This story starts just before the end of Sentinel Conference. Warning: Intense bonding scenes.

January 23, 2002

We welcome Auntie Hill to the Library!

The Poetry of Mundane Things by Auntie Hill -- A journal entry, some time after TSbyBS.

Fathers and Sons by Lila Kulp -- Chapter 12 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

Only in Your Dreams by Swellison -- Chapter 12.5 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

Trouble by ferryboat George -- A dribble and a half. Part of the Second Generations series.

Misunderstandings by ferryboat George -- Another camping trip. Part of the Second Generations series.

Fishing by Windrider -- What the title says. Part of the Second Generations series.

January 22, 2002

Rewards of Virtue by Danae -- The nightmare is not over. Sequel to Wages of Sin. Rating: PG-13 to R for violence and language. Crossover with my original characters from The Agency.

TSSEP #13: Deep Water by Melinda Holley, Megan O'Shaughnessy and Vision -- The past returns to haunt Jim Ellison as he struggles to prove his former partner's honesty. Rated PG.

To Run, To Chase by Jael Lyn -- Jim runs into a crime -- literally.

Hide and Seek by Jael Lyn -- Detectives Ellison and Sandburg pursue a drug operation that doesn't want to be found.

Spot the Star by Swellison -- A short Christmas story.

Spell by Swellison -- Halloween conjures up some bad memories (spoilers for Sentinel Too). Part of the Fourth Sentinel Lyric Wheel.

The Triangle by BAW -- Part of the Jacob's Ladder Series.

January 20, 2002

We welcome GryphonLady to the Library!

Cascade Safe House by GryphonLady -- What happens when out favorate Cascade residents come across the GSA and Mutant X? One things for sure, it is never a dull moment. Crossover with Mutant X. (Found under "Cascade Directory" link.)

"Do not stand at my grave and weep..." by Orion -- Jim copes with Blair's death.

January 19, 2002

Harry's Promise by Cindy Combs -- The pride of a grandfather is tested by a messenger from the past. Part of the Roachia Series.

A Place To Call Home by Trishbsc - Jim and Blair leave Peru to return to Cascade, but things have drastically changed.

Overdue Penalties by Rimilod -- A Starsky & Hutch crossover with The Sentinel (or at least a ten-year old Blair). Blair witnesses a murder. Can Starsky and Hutch get to him before the killer does?

January 16, 2002

Now You See Me, Now You Don't by Jen R -- A Christmas story, among other things. Part of the Second Generation series.

January 15, 2002

TSSEP #12: Out of the Past by Lyn -- Rated PG.

Santa Squared by WhiteJazz -- All they wanted was some eggnog... #10 in Daedalus Series.

January 14, 2002

Aftermath by Franzi -- After his undercover job in Starkville, Jim needs some time alone to think. Epilogue to Prisoner X.

January 13, 2002

It's Hard to Convince the Heart by Rebel

Brass Ring by BethB -- Part of the Poetry Evolution Set.

Good Morning, You Two by Wolf Guide -- Sequel to Operation Goodnight.

January 12, 2002

We welcome Hercat and Jan Monroe to the Library!

Tell Me Your Dream by Hercat -- A short drabble inspired by a Blue Rodeo song. Rated G.

The Campus Game by Jan Monroe -- Jim finds out that driving on a major university campus is not as easy as chasing the bad guys.

January 10, 2002

Acheron by Iris Wilde -- Someone is lost.

We welcome Peggy to the Library!

The Submissive Sentinel by Peggy -- Jim is acting strangely and it has Blair wondering and worried. Rated PG for one bad word.

January 8, 2002

TSSEP #11: Flight by Vision -- Season Two opener. Rated PG.

The Listening Game by Carole -- Jim and his son play a game before bed. Part of the Second Generation series.

You Watch the Hippy, I'll Take Goldilocks by Gil Hale -- A crossover with The Professionals. This is definitely AU, or to borrow a metaphor from Terry Pratchett, down a different leg of the tight jeans of time.

New Year, Old Sentinel by Gil Hale -- New Year's Eve at the loft.

January 7, 2002

Into the Mouth of Hell by Lyn -- An old enemy of Jim's is back for revenge.

New Year Blues by Lyn -- New Year is no fun for a sentinel. Pre-Sandburg, that is.

Immolation by Suisan R. -- Poetry in motion, Blair's POV of the events leading up to and after the Diss-aster of TSbyBS. Part of the Poetry Evolution Set.

Inner Honor by Suisan R. -- Tortured thoughts, follow-up to Immolation, this time it's Jim's mind we get a glimpse into. Part of the Poetry Evolution Set.

January 6, 2002

Home for Christmas by Danae -- Blair hates Christmas, and Jim has issues. Rated PG-13 for language.

New Years and New Beginning by Jen R -- A child is born, and promises are made. Part of the Second Generation series.

Dreaming by Becky -- A drabble.

Secret Santa by Sherrylou -- A holiday gift exchange -- harmless, right? A response to the 2001 December Themefic, originally posted to the SentinelAngst List. Rated PG.

January 5, 2002

Lessons to be Learned by Lila Kulp -- Simon and Tyler learn a painful lesson. Part of the Second Generation series.

Dharma and Jim by Sheffield -- An old friend of Blair's is in town along with her lawyer husband. But when Greg is mistaken for Jim and kidnapped along with Blair, will Dharma be able to help Jim with the floopiness of his aura in time to save the day? Crossover with Dharma and Greg.

Chatfics by TAE -- A collection of short stories written in a chatroom.

The Shirt by TAE -- Part of Lila Kulp's The Sweatshirt series.

To the Rescue by Lila Kulp -- Chapter 10 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

Family by Lila Kulp -- Chapter 11 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

Whose Family by Enola Jones -- It's amazing what can happen in the middle of the night.

Stories are now available from the Fourth Sentinel Lyric Wheel:

January 4, 2002

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Sue Pokorny -- is now up. Enjoy!

Christmas Spirits by Autumn Skies -- A holiday snippet. Two spirits meet and discuss Jim's past, present and future. Takes place before Switchman. Rated G.

Clinging to the Wheel by Dasha -- Warning: Death story ... but as usual, nobody is actually dead at the end of it.

January 3, 2002

Untwisting by C.R. Chancy -- Epilogue to Twist of Fate.

January 1, 2002

TSSEP #10: Vow of Silence by Melinda Holley -- A Sentinel - A Guide - A Murder - A Monastery (a monastery?) All they wanted was a peaceful vacation. But this is Cascade, remember? Rated PG-13.

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