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February 2002

February 28, 2002

Juanita and the Cowboy by Kikkimax -- Blair is both hunter and prey as he joins up with Jay Brady (original character) to track a bank robber in Mexico. When they get arrested for murder, it's Jim and Megan to the rescue. Or not.

February 27, 2002

Coming Up for Air by Delilah -- An AU Blair tells of finding a Sentinel a little too late. Blair's an observer with the Cascade PD. Jim is Ö well Ö not the Jim you know. Rated PG for language.

Added a brief FAQ to the Site Info page.

February 26, 2002

TSSEP #18: The Rig by Sherrylou and LindaS -- While investigating a mysterious death on an offshore oil rig, Ellison and Sandburg find themselves, along with the rig's crew, cut off from the mainland. Is there a killer aboard the rig? And, will an incident from Ellison's past hinder the investigation? Rated PG-13.

Last Resort by JET -- Jim faces the loss of his guide.

Beginnings by Carole -- Drabble. A quick look at an early bullpen conversation.

Warm Fuzzies by Crowswork -- Cold guide - warm hearts. How Blair got freezer burn and Marvin the Martian. The title says it all.

February 25, 2002

Trouble Magnet by Rimilod -- Jim learns that Blair may have been a trouble magnet before they ever met.

February 24, 2002

A new Featured Author Exhibit -- an interview with Autumn Skies -- is now up. Enjoy!

We're Off to See the Wizard by Meercat -- Jim, Blair, and Harry Potter... I couldn't resist...

Top of the Food Chain by Meercat -- Spirit cat visits his human ... or does he?

Officer Down by Meercat -- The most dreaded call of a copís life.

The Notification by Meercat -- Jim and Blair must visit Daryl.

February 23, 2002

Inherent Dangers by Scardee Cat -- Dangers are around every corner. ~grin~

February 20, 2002

Evolution by D.L. Witherspoon -- What if no one believed Blair's lie at the press conference? Another post-TSbyBS tale.

February 19, 2002

TSSEP #17: Iceman by Helen -- Rated PG.

Fast Forward by Shedoc -- Next in the Tommy Series. We're going ahead in time a few years.

February 18, 2002

The Art of Miscommunication by Alicia -- If you thought Jim and William had trouble communicating, wait until Blair and William try to come to an understanding about their place in each otherís lives! This takes place about 10 days after Reconciliations.

February 17, 2002

Comeuppance by Felicia -- Missing scene for The Girl Next Door.

Integration Process by Mele -- How did Jim and Blair end up with a home full of orphans? Part of the Cascade Tribe series.

February 16, 2002

Venom by DawnC -- The name sort of gives it away. H/C.

Voir Dire by Martha -- Blair goes undercover. The usual ensues.

February 13, 2002

Life's Path by Lila Kulp -- Chapter 13 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

Family Traits by Enola Jones -- Life with Sandburg's family is never simple or normal.

February 12, 2002

Say It With Flowers by Sherrylou and LindaS -- It's been six weeks since Sarris made her last appearance. Is she gone or just biding her time? Spoilers for Switchman. This follows Secret Santa and is the second installment in the Death Takes a Holiday Series. Rated PG for language.

TSSEP #16: True Crime by Crowswork -- Rated PG-13.

February 11, 2002

The Choices We Make by Medie -- Jo and Blair react to news of what Jim and Annie have done. Sequel to The Sacrifices We Make. Part of the Counterparts Series. Original character warning.

Sacrifice Denied by JET -- A bomber threatens to destroy the buildings of Cascade. Rated PG.

The ABC's of My Guide and James Joseph Ellison (Cooper's) Journal Entry for Feb. 10, 2003 by Fran Cross -- Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List.

February 10, 2002

A Face in the Mirror by EJ Katz -- An AU in which Blair meets Jimmy during a very difficult time in his childhood. Blair is 14 and Jimmy is 17. Naomi's current boyfriend has a thing for tormenting and abusing the young guide. Can Jimmy actually help or is his own situation to problematic? Warning: Rated R for language and violence.

February 9, 2002

Transitions by Saul -- Chapter 6 of the Nightmare Realized series.

February 7, 2002

Reconcilations, Part Two by Alicia -- Itís time for Stephen to learn the family secret. Is he ready to reconcile with *two* brothers? Takes place the night after the events of Reconciliations.

February 5, 2002

Reconcilations, Part One by Alicia -- When Jim and his father try to reconcile their father son relationship they are confronted with bigger issues than Jimís senses. Rated PG for language. Spoilers for Brotherís Keeper and Remembrance.

Another Auld Lang Syne by Rebel -- Rated PG-17 for language.

TSSEP #15: Payback by Carla and Jewelle Sprite -- Rated PG.

Once Upon a Time by Sharif and Zamlo -- Both partners must relearn a lesson. Follows TSbyBS.

Added CL's Response to GP's Closure and Common Fanfic Queries to Site Info page.

February 4, 2002

Synchronization in Chaos by Cindy Combs -- When a photojournalist gives a federal agent a lift, what could happen? When it's Sam Malloy and Ezra Standish, it will take all their friends and family to settle the resulting chaos. Crossover with MacGyver and the Modern-Day Magnificent 7.

Guardians Through Time: Egypt by AnneACK -- A story about an ancient egyptian sentinel and his jewish guide.

Uno Attacks by KimAnne and Liz -- Blair finds a game and invites the Uno players back for more. This is a direct sequel to Draw Four and Draw Eight, but you donít need to have read those to enjoy this.

Limits of Trust by Lyn -- Just a few months into Jim and Blair's partnership, Sentinel and Guide are almost split apart when Blair is accused of something he didn't do.

February 3, 2002

Boobytrap by EJ Katz -- A blast from the past has returned and it looks like not everyone will survive the encounter.

While Sentinels Sleep by Vision -- Epilogue to Love Kills. Originally posted to SentinelAngst.

February 1, 2002

Instincts by Shedoc -- A few of the guys go camping. Do they ever get a break?

The Longest Journey Begins... by Shedoc -- The longest journey begins with a single step. Warnings: Bad words are used in this story (namely the 'f' word). But they were under stress so it's ok, isn't it?

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