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September 2003

September 30, 2003

Knight and Fool by Rhyo -- Sometimes life is like a stately clockworks dance.

Really Bad Days by Ami -- Who had a worse day? Jim or Blair?

September 29, 2003

Just What the Doctor Ordered by Lila Kulp -- Chapter 24 of The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt.

September 28, 2003

Second Thoughts by JudyL -- Does Blair really want to be a cop?

Simon's Stint by JudyL -- Simon takes the first shift with Jim. Part 2 of the Sentinel Duty series.

Rafe's Ride by JudyL -- It's Rafe's turn. Part 3 of the Sentinel Duty series.

Grace, Naomi, Sally, Mary Margaret by Helen W. -- A short play about what happens when all the mother figures in Jim's life share Chinese take-out. Rated G.

Aiming Straight by Helen W. -- A drabble (100 words) set right after Storm Warning.

September 24, 2003

Roles by Rhyo -- Blair thinks about the roles he once held and the roles he has now. Pre-TSbyBS.

No-Zoning Zone: Blair by Rhyo -- In a tight spot, Blair has to use a new ability in front of the rest of Major Crime. Blair is a detective.

No-Zoning Zone: Jim by Rhyo -- Jim has a problem in a bad spot and it's Rafe and Brown to the rescue. Blair is a detective.

Earned by Rhyo -- Very early in the partnership and everyone's roles in the drama are new. Simon has to decide how far he trusts Blair to look out for Jim.

The Shaman That Never Was by Rhyo -- Jim learns that some things are meant to be, whether he likes it or not. Post-fountain, pre-TSbyBS. Looks like a death story but isn't.

Breath by Rhyo -- Problems can't be solved in one night, but you can start working on them. Spoilers: Sen2, P1 and P2.

Lucky Star by Rhyo -- Anthropology undergrad Blair Sandburg's first big field expedition doesn't exactly go as planned. Fate has something to teach him, but Jim's not the only one who can do denial and repression.

September 23, 2003

Goodnight, Professor by Michelle Gussow -- A little mindless fluff with some smarm on top. Third story in my Blair Gets his Degree Trilogy.

We welcome Rhyo to the Library!

Coping by Rhyo -- Missing scene for Cypher. We all have rituals that help us cope, and part of friendship is knowing the other person's rituals.

Tribal Rites by Rhyo -- Early in the partnership and Blair is learning to fit in at the PD. Slight spoilers for The Killers and The Debt.

D-E-T-E-C-T-I-V-E by Rhyo -- An outsider thinks about her role and observes Jim and Blair discussing Blair's new role as a detective in Major Crime.

September 22, 2003

Breaking the Fast by Michelle Gussow -- Just a little something for Yom Kippur.

Sometimes, Mid-Afternoon... by KimAnne and Liz -- An under-the-weather Blair and a conversation. Warnings for mild language.

Memories and Mementos by Orion -- Jim copes with Blair's death. Sequel to "Do not stand at my grave and weep..."

September 21, 2003

Treacherous Dreams by Eli Hayes -- Sequel to Perilous Dreams and Killer Week.

Unwilling Assassin by JudyL -- Blair goes undercover. by JudyL -- The sequel to The Start of Something. Part of The Series.

Instruction Manual by JudyL -- A few tips from Blair on how to manage a Sentinel. Part 1 of the Sentinel Duty series.

September 20, 2003

Latchstrings by Becky -- AU. In a world where sentinels and guides are known but rare, things don't always turn out the way they're supposed to. Rated PG.

September 18, 2003

Forging Friendship by Annie -- When an injured Rafe and Blair are taken captive by thieves, Rafe tries to take the place of Blessed Protector until Jim can find them.

Color My World by Allison -- Just a little back to school fluff! Originally posted on SentinelAngst.

September 16, 2003

Headline News by JudyL -- Answer to a CascadeTimes mailing list challenge.

The Edge of Discovery by JudyL -- Part 5 of The Vet Series. Jenny and Jim go shopping and end up at the hospital.

September 15, 2003

Chance Encounters by Clea Saal -- My mandatory contribution to the 'Blair discovers his father's identity' category... and a little game of 'spot the crossover'.

September 14, 2003

We welcome Ami to the Library!

What Are Friends For by Ami -- Blair's computer crashing leads to a deeper understanding of his and Jim's friendship.

September 13, 2003

Orphan Soul by Audrey Lynne -- The choices we make in life can have long-lasting repercussions.

Relating by Audrey Lynne -- Part of The Sandburg Chronicles. A couple of months after Maggie's death, Blair and William have a chat. William surprises the hell out of Blair.

Best of Both Worlds by Audrey Lynne -- Part of The Sandburg Chronicles. Jamie, Blair, a car accident, and a wolf. Sure, it sounds odd, but what's NOT odd in the Sandburg Zone?

That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It by Rimilod -- Wherein we see why Simon makes the big bucks.

September 10, 2003

The Compassion Trap by Gil Hale -- Blair and Vin are lost to a secret from their past, but Jim and Chris find formidable help in each other in their search for their missing friends. A crossover with modern-day Magnificent Seven: ATF.

Sitting Shiva by Lyn -- Part Five of The Family Tree series. Blair receives bad news and is betrayed by a member of his own family.

September 9, 2003

Inheritance by Victoria May -- Part of Genesis series. Naomi visits Blair and has some surprising news. Rated PG.

The Big Three-O by JudyL -- A companion piece to Picking Up the Pieces. It's Blair's birthday.

Non-fic FYI: Update on TS on DVD.

September 5, 2003

Forsaken Child by Quiet Wolf -- Ellison and Sandburg try to protect a young murder witness before she becomes the killer's next victim.

September 4, 2003

Coming Through the Fire by Trishbsc -- AU; last chapter of the Herald-Sentinel series. Last in the series ... when everyone gets what they truly deserve.

Finding Peace by Sam Mallory -- Jim struggles to deal with Blair's death on the job. Set in the future, 6 years post TSbyBS. Somewhat AU.

September 3, 2003

Spellbound by Suisan R. -- While waiting anxiously for the latest release by a favorite author, someone falls into very strange circumstances. Not your usual crossover with this particular universe. Crossover with Harry Potter, Fifth Year Alternate Universe Fic. Rated PG-13 for language.

September 1, 2003

Dreaming with Borges by Delilah -- AU; #9 in the Coming Up for Air series. Blair feels like he's disappearing, Jim's drifting further away, and Stephen makes an astounding proposal.

Dials by JudyL -- Jim discovers something about Blair.

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